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  • Me-me

    I wonder if either of them will realise how easy fuses are to extinguish.

    • pingo1387

      But it seems to be a MAGIC fuse. Perhaps it’s not so easily-extinguishable as ordinary flame.

      • Eagle0600

        They should certainly at least try.

        • fwknight

          or perhaps cut the fuse instead.

          • Rulebook Lawyer

            That would be too easy.

            • David Argall

              That depends. We seem to need to milk this a little, so we can’t have the heroes put it out right now, but fuse burn rates are pretty variable, and that means we can assume a rate just slower than a running man. So the rescue party can race after the burning fuse, and possibly get ahead enough to cut it, or possibly not be quite in time.

              • TrueWolves

                So… this IS Widdershins, Envy has a dramatic flair.. why not imbue the fuse with the essence of plot/drama? It burns exactly as fast as you need it to.

                • Qwefg Lockheart

                  Considering how tricky magic can be. That’s exactly how it can work. I mean we have a thief arm band that can only be removed by death… unless stolen by a sprit of theft. even then it might not be safe to say that cutting it will stop it. If it is run by drama then the other end could simply light up when sliced off.

                  Wow… Only Widdershins can make us wonder about the technical aspects and the magical aspects that manipulate it. The only place where the Narrative is stronger than the physical laws of the world.

                  • =Tamar

                    [whisper] Discworld [/whisper]

    • If it were Herr Wolfe, it would take a frame to put out the fuse. With Mr Thackeray and Mr O’Malley I’m estimating two pages.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • AJ

    I’m in love with V-Envy’s face in that first panel. The sinister cleverness, the slight dishevelment… I just really like it, okay?

    • Me-me

      It’s the hair.

  • ThisCat

    Voss looks a lot better as envy than as himself. The man truly has nothing going for him, I just can’t bring myself to hate him despite his total assholeness.

  • Apvogt

    Wolfe, thank you for having the sense to grab the gun. It bugs the fire out of me when in a movie or game or whatever when the protagonist is held at gun point, manages to disarm the opponent, and consequently ignores the existence of said gun. Every time it happens in a movie I’m just like,”Grab the gun you idiot.”

    • I can’t imagine really Wolfe actually shooting someone, though. Its such a not-very-nice-at-all thing for a person to do.

      • AJ

        Well, he DID join the army… so he’s got to have some kind of “shooting at people” experience. Besides, given the choice between shooting at someone and letting a building full of innocents die, I kind of see Wolfe soberly apologizing as he puts a bullet between someone’s eyes.

        • As we saw at the beginning of the comic, his army service record consists entirely of refusing to shoot someone.

          • Frances K R

            I am, belatedly, chiming in to say that I love so much that this is true.

  • Del

    I have lost track of half-summoned Wrath. Did he get the Gift that satisfies his summoning?

    My family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, Kate! I hope your holiday was just as wonderful. (And Christmas should be a “thing” for anybody who has even heard of Dickens….)

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I’m guessing that killing all those people will do the trick.

    • svartalf

      Noo… And it’s not good.

  • Lady of Birbs

    Ben has a severe phobia of fuses. Jack has a slightly less severe phobia of lit fuses… They’re ded. Liek so ded.


  • Sanjay Merchant

    You know, it just occurred to me that Envy’s probably quite put out at not being on the cast list for this page.

    • svartalf

      I know he is… But he’s been a bad boy…he’ll have to wait a bit, I suspect… >:-D

  • reynard61

    Pull on it! HARD!!! (That’ll either break it, or pull it away/out from whatever it’s attached to.)

  • kuku

    Just want to say thanks again for this SO FUN comic, these fabulous characters, cool plots, and all!

  • pingo1387

    I just remembered, when Voss met Envy, Envy put “most of” himself inside that shiny decoration Voss plucked off a pillow. If Voss can regain his senses long enough, couldn’t he throw the button away and get rid of/reduce Envy?

    • Wombat140

      Nah, good wizardly thinking but Envy’s not there any more. If you look closely at when Envy actually possessed Voss, you’ll see power jumping into Voss from the shiny button (at least, I’m assuming that that’s the green thing that Voss wore in his eyepatch). Envy was previously split between Voss and the button, so to fully possess Voss it transferred what was in the button.

      • Wombat140

        (a week later…) Aha. Ignore me, seems I was wrong about that… :-) The Gravy Thickens!

      • svartalf

        There had to be a binding object. As long as it exists, intact, that’s how Envy was able to do what he was to Voss.

  • CorvusCornix

    I think the second panel needs a bit more shading or wrinkles in the coat to serve as depth cues.

  • Alright, panel 3 seriously needs to go on a poster. Only without the word balloons or Envoss’s arm in the foreground.

    Hmm… no, “Envoss” doesn’t sound quite right. Vosvy? Ugh, god no. That’s even worse. Somebody help me out with the portmanteau here. Envosy? Vosenvy? Why is this so hard? Did he steal my ability to make good portmanteaus?

    • Yeah, I can’t think of one that works well! I was trying to the other day so I could make a Gravity Falls joke in the comment under the comic, but Venvy was the best I could do, which.. sucks.

      • AJ

        Vonvy? Von Esvy? Vynoss? Nyvovess?

    • Me-me


  • Random Passerby

    “Hah! I was wrong! It was Earth all along”

  • Sir. Orc

    After reading “Find the Lady”, I just realized how Envy’s dialogue on this page calls back to that meeting. Very nice touch.

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