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  • Marnath

    I like the way you portray Gren. The level of detail in her body language is pretty impressive. Is there a real Gren you use as a reference? :)

    • Aw thanks! I’m afraid I’m just going off things I remember from my childhood dog, and Google Image Search. I’d love a Gren one day, perhaps when I am in the right financial/housing situation I will have a fine model for her :)

      • Cooper

        Is Gren a specific breed?

        • Guest

          Don’t say that, it just makes me think of the term “Gren bitch”.

        • She’s meant to be a white Alsatian, but I’m a bit bleh at drawing animals, so it might not come through properly!

          • Amanda Wehrman

            Actually, you’re pretty spot on ^^ She’s a carbon copy of my boy, and he’s a white German Shepherd (or Alsatian, if you’re not a boring American like me).

            • Ilmari

              Boring… or just not prone to changing nomenclature at the drop of an international political dispute…
              … wait… what’re these “freedom fries”?

              … okay, never mind what I was saying. ;-)

      • TrueWolves

        I’ll have to agree, the sound effects and body language of the human characters is great enough, it’s rare to see such detail put in to an animal one. ^^

  • Scrimshaw

    Nice perspective work on this one.

    • Thank you! I based this place on my in-laws’ basement, it helps so much to have a real place in mind when drawing backgrounds..!