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  • Nonesuch

    Yyyeah. You’re feeding it, Harry. And falling for its trap hook, line and sinker.

    Drat. Wrath is smarter than it’s let on, isn’t it?

    • ThisCat

      It certainly knows how to rile people up, if nothing else.

    • Del

      Hook, line, and sinker,…

      Rod and reel, funny hat, and copy of Field and Stream magazine.

      • AJ

        A little jigger pulls free of the hat and twirls in the air before plunking into the now empty river.

    • Tsapki

      I get the feeling Wrath could feel the burning ember of anger in Harry’s stomach, recall how she reacted to the scene Wrath is describing. It’s entirely possible it could read why she was so angry and simply saw it’s chance to fan the flames.

  • EJ

    Yer not a wizard, Harry.

    (seriously, though. Leave this one to the Witch).

    • Phil

      Someone teach the damn witch to read!

      • John

        I believe Wolfe has tried but Mal has not cooperated. I would suggest to Mal that after this crisis is over he might want to rethink his opposition to reading.

        • Alétheia

          I have a feeling Harry’s grandmother, at the very least, won’t leave him much of a say in the matter.

          She’ll be nice about it, sure, but…. :P

          • John

            I’m certainly not going to bet against Izzy if she decides to take this on.

        • Jeff

          I wouldn’t be so quick to assume Mal can learn to read. It’s abundantly clear that his perception is profoundly “non-neurotypical”. Dyslexia may be an unfortunate part of the “can see into the spirit realm” package. (Which may also account for the fact that wizards ≠ witches in the Widderverse).

        • Shee Soon Theng

          He did state out loud that he regretted not letting Wolfe teach him when Wolfe was kidnapped, but I’m thinking that was more out of stress than anything.

          After all, it was Wolfe’s journal that was in question, and he had used German instead…

  • 703 Noemi

    This is kind of off topic but I started thinking, it must be really interesting to watch a movie with Mal-o-vision because you can see all the actors’ real feelings and that must be pretty funny.

    • Haven

      Unless spirits don’t show up on film, which I imagine would be rather upsetting.

      Going to a play would be an experience though.

      • maeverin

        This I would like to see!

      • Percabeth_trash

        I’m now dying with laughter imagining a love story where the two actors playing the couple actually can’t stand each other.
        “My dearest Penelope, will you marry me?”
        “Oh darling Clarence, of course I will!”
        *They kiss passionately, meanwhile their spirits are blowing raspberries at each other and flipping each other off*

  • Shihchuan


  • Basil Sage

    Now we really get to the center of the story: characters having to struggle with their internal demons to defeat the external ones. I, for one, am excited. Harriet, however, just got trolled like it’s her first day on the internet, and she’ll probably not be able badass her way out of this without gaining a better grip on her anger.

    • TheGorram Batguy

      Her best bet is turn stone cold and shoot him in cold blood while staring him down with that chilling glare.

      • Rolan7

        Probably not, but…
        I would laugh so hard if that actually worked.

  • Haven

    Then it turns out it’s actually a flute cleverly disguised as a rifle, and Harry plays a calming refrain.

  • BaronHaynes

    tfw every webcomic I’m reading is cliffhangering just before the weekend….

    • Maria Gerasimova

      An incredible coincidence! :D

    • Alétheia

      Better than them all taking a break on a cliffhanger, like they all planned it! Hahaha… hah.

      > >

  • threadweaver

    Maybe we don’t get angry at the rage personification, eh?

    • Swagner

      I suspect that it might be the hardest to fight, because fighting without getting mad is hard, and only gets harder as the fight goes on. No other sin feels so justified while engaged, you either beat it quickly or not at all.

  • When I hold you in my arms
    And I feel my finger on your trigger
    I know nobody can do me no harm

    • Nonesuch


  • John

    Now we get “Nice job breaking it hero”.

    Harry you should have just kept on with the spell. That was actually causing it distress (and would have banished it) which is the best revenge you could get on it. Shooting it didn’t do anything and losing control of your anger set it free. This is definitely not your finest hour.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Ahn, of course he of all spirits would know how to get under people’s skin.

  • Jack Of Clubs

    So, yeah. Putting Harry and Wrath in the same room turns out not to be a good plan. Sloth, Envy, Greed? No problem. Gluttony? Piece of cake. Lust? Don’t make me laugh. But Wrath is going to give her trouble, and I’m guessing Pride will, too, when it comes to that.

    • TheGorram Batguy

      “Gluttony? Piece of cake.”
      Oh, you!

      • JWLM

        Well, Kate already kind of made that joke

  • Brother Nightmare

    For the first time in the entirety of this series, O’Malley is the most level headed individual on the room. It would probably be an enjoyable moment for him if it wasn’t completely overshadowed by the sense of impending fiery death which unfortunately seems to come with.

    • Nightsbridge

      What an irony, that Harry is so critical of Mal, but she’s the one who’s is flubbing it.

  • Disloyal Subject

    So nice to see Wrath connecting with its fans.

  • Ummm, Harry? Would you care to re-consider?

  • Also – is The O’Malley about to cowboy up and be – ghods forfend – A Hero?

  • Sarah Hardister

    Yeah, who else saw this coming…

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