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December 4th, 2015

December 4th, 2015 published on 35 Comments on December 4th, 2015

Good plan y’all

Kel McDonald and I have a new Kickstarter running for the next book in the Cautionary Fables and Fairytales series, please check it out here! It’s full of fantastic art and awesome stories, and there’s free shipping in the US and UK! We’re really close to the goal too!

  • Jeff Eppenbach


  • Good plan Henry. The bad guys have the loot and you while Ms Holt is trapped in a burning building.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Welp :[

    • Euodiachloris

      Not sure about her being trapped. A quick on-off with the amulet could confuse things for the vocals, if the illusion stretches that way. *shrugs*

    • Dud

      Trapped? In that case Kate wasted perfectly good ink drawing the hammer and the rope…

      • CountSessine

        Well spotted.

      • Good eyes! I always was rubbish at those computer adventure games.

  • Nerd

    I’m not sure Henry turned into her. What if the amulet allows the wearer to turn into something small that can be hidden in one’s person, or even a duplicate amulet?

    • Nerd


    • Shape shift into the amulet itself? Now that’s a cunning plan.

    • CountSessine

      The amulet definitely allows the wearer to be different sizes; we saw Izzy shift down to Henry’s size. That much of a difference? We don’t know, but it’s a daring notion all the same. I particularly like the idea of Henry shifting to look like the amulet itself!

      We DO know that they need to get to Luxuria before Izzy can cast her binding spell. What better way than to have his minions carry them both right to him? The “amulet” would register as magic because it contained the real amulet, but because it was actually Henry-wielding-the-amulet, Luxuria wouldn’t be able to use it as he expected. Not until he had figured out the ruse, anyway!

      • AJ

        You might have to be a living being wearing the amulet…. Indeed, it could be limited enough not to be able to shift beyond the boundaries of humanity.

        But even if Henry could be a cockroach in her pocket: do they HAVE a fake amulet?

        • As I understand it given what we know of Luxoria’s use of the amulet, you need it to shift, and you need it to shift back, but you don’t need it to remain shifted

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Miss Ira sure knows how to heat up any party ! :)

    Personal theory time, then :

    -Did they add another enchantement when Isabelle brought back the light-tower light back on ? Something that could affect anything that magic light would “touch”.
    -Been thinking it’s possible they have made a tower-wide circle up there too.

    -LOGICALLY, we’re thinking that Henry switched place with Isabelle. But for all we know Henry gave her a false amulet (somehow ?) and turned himself into a bird/dragon with the real one.

    • dana

      The key is that Henry has a plan, and that plan must include allowing Isabelle to get the drop on Luxuria, which she can’t do if she’s a prisoner.

      So here’s my theory. Henry indeed switched places with Isabelle including a fake amulet (why not, to the casual eye it’s just a piece of jewelry). Meanwhile Isabelle took the real amulet and escaped the tower (maybe turned herself into a chimp and climbed down the side?) and is hiding in the bushes waiting to waylay Ms Acedia (does she still have her stun powder?) and take her place. That way when they return and Henry is keeping all eyes on himself, Isabelle can draw the binding circle and trap Luxuria.

      • The only problem with this theory is, how does Henry maintain the disguise of Isabelle without the real amulet? It seems like in earlier scenes, you need to have the amulet on to maintain a shapeshifted form, though I could be mistaken.

        • Also, Acedia allowed as how the visible amulet is “magic”.

          ‘COurse, that could mean that it’s a fake amulet created by the magic of the real amulet…

          (I know that you know that i know…)

        • Cal

          Although, if you have to have the amulet to keep a form, how does Luxuria maintain his guise? I thought that he was merely mimicking an actual person’s appearance. Is the way he looks now the way he naturally looks? Or did the amulet change him and then he never changed back?

        • dana

          Well, that would mean that any plan that involves Henry switching places with Isabelle would fail because the first thing the villains would do would be to take the amulet.

        • dana

          To be perfectly honest, other flaws in my plan are; how would Isabelle escape the lighthouse and she’s never met Ms Acedia so can you impersonate someone you’ve never met and there don’t seem to be any bushes to hide behind to waylay Ms Acedia.

          Aside from those details, I think it’s a great plan.

    • Haven

      A magic circle on the light would be pretty brilliant, and addresses the “but how do they actually get Lux in the circle” problem. (Though not the “Lux stayed at the hotel and sent out his minions to do all the dirty work” problem,)

  • MoeLane

    All right, Henry. Time to visualize… Ursus maritimus.

    • Bo Lindbergh

      Or even Ursus armatus. No, wait, wrong universe….

    • … a sea bear?

      • MoeLane

        That apparently is the Latin name for polar bear.

        • Turning into a bear is a good plan, but not really in keeping with the style of heroics most often seen in this comic.

  • She’s enjoying this altogether too much.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I note Ms. Acedia approves of destroying the lighthouse in this manner because it does not involve effort.

  • Odo

    With respect to the request for support for the books, I wish that Kickstarter didn’t want to make me have an “account” with them. I’d love to contribute money and get rewards, but sharing personal information beyond that necessary to process transactions make me itch.

    • Understandable! The information it asks for is your email, shipping name, shipping address, and card payment details, since we need those to take payment and send books, but I totally get it if that’s an uncomfortable amount of info to give.
      Luckily, the books will all be up online in our own stores after the campaign, and also at a few conventions, so there’s a couple of options!

  • Hmmm. I just noticed – in Panel One, “Henry” calls “her” “Izzy”. I don’t think they’ve gotten quite that far; in fact, i don’t think they’ve shown themselves on a first-name basis at all.

    Which makes “her” callng “him” by “his” first name in Panel Two sort of interesting, too..

  • Incomprehensible

    I think Henry or Izzy enchanted the amulet with the binding spell. Anyone with me?

  • Shee Soon Theng

    I just realized that Henry kept his accent in check as to not blow his cover.

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