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  • Sidney knew he needed help but not with what, then? It sounds like he didn’t know anything was up with Lei… Heh, poor Sidney, surrounded by smokers. ^_^;
    I’m loving the new arc so far! Minor quibble– Tim’s suspender vanished from his shoulder in panel 2. Assuming that’s not a trick suspender from his act of course. ; )

    • Amy

      Someone should check Sidney’s pockets.

      • Ah, of course! That’d do it.. XD

      • New headcanon- every time the author/artist misses a word or forgets to draw a detail, it’s in Sid’s pocket.
        Must get a little gross pulling Mal’s scar out of there. ;)

  • SteelRaven

    Hunter 101- Whenever a Mechanical genius goes missing, chances are someone is building a evil robot.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Question is, which of the Deadlies is going to be powering that sucker. My money’s on Wrath.

      • Sparky

        I’m calling Envy. You’ve got a mysteriously vanished behind-the-scenes person who, by the nature of the job, can never get the public recognition of her coworker.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          It’s a good point, but it does presuppose that Lei is building an Evil Robot for herself. If she’s instead being forced/threatened/blackmailed/otherwise coerced by someone else. And if it’s a kill-bot, what better than Wrath to power it?

          Note: I have no actual evidence that the Evil Robot will be a kill-bot. I just want it to be.

  • nemryn

    ‘and more besides?’ Obviously, it’s a clockwork trick bullet and/or gun.

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