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  • Apvogt

    So close

  • Sarah Hardister

    Nyaaah, Wolfe! Why are you so awesome at this! Nothing bad should ever happen to him.

    • Swagner

      He’s going to die.

      • AJ

        Shush you, in the Toughs outfit! You should know nothing good comes of pessimism.

        • Rocjaw Cypher

          A little trust goes a long way. The less you use, the further you’ll go.

          • AJ

            Maxim 30. But I find that my trust in Lady Kate is never misplaced. She’s good at meeting expectations and fulfilling promises.

          • Euodiachloris

            Hmmm… it almost fits: “A soft answer turneth away wrath. Once wrath is looking the other way, shoot it in the head.” Wonder if that works for envy, too…

      • David Argall

        Voss? That depends. The common literary form is that he is about to make a choice. Choose Good and he survives [or at least feels good about dying] while if he chooses Evil, things end poorly, and often fatally, for him.

        • Disloyal Subject

          Sounds like someone never went through their troper phase; redemption equals death!
          I’ve always preferred redemption earning survival, though. We’ll see how Kate plays it; she hasn’t let us down yet!

      • Sarah Hardister

        *heroic posture* Not today.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    “I find your lack of faith disturbing…”

  • $2118848

    Dominik isn’t going to steal Wolfe’s *goodness* is he? That would be… emotionally confusing.

    • DelorgesDee

      But “goodness” is not a talent or a skill, more like an inherent quality. Domi couldn’t steal it anymore than he could steal “being blond”.

      • I would love to see Voss try to steal “being blonde” just because that sounds hilarious.

        • Sgt. Howard

          I once stole a blond… but that was a horrible mistake! Should’a thrown her back…

          • Graham Garrett

            If she was under a certain size, you could be arrested. :)

      • Silly Zealot

        Just because something is not a talent does not mean that magical green fox that shoots beams from its eyes can’t steal it.

    • Pretty sure if he did that, Wolfe would vanish into thin air

  • Forecaster71

    Is the use of “let” in the second panel intentional? It could be an accent thing?

    But I’m fairly sure the proper wording should be “lets” in both places.

    • Either is fine.

    • billydaking

      [editor]Nope…it’s correct. “Let” is allowable for past tense third person…”It let me take….[It] let me be good…”. “Lets” would be used only if he were talking in the present tense, but Dominik is talking in the past tense; see the last sentence of the first panel, and read them as a single train of thought: “I just wanted to be a better person. I-It let me take…abilities. Talents. Let me be good at things.” He’s talking about what Envy did for him, and then in the third panel, he talks what Envy “wants” in return–because Envy hasn’t taken it yet.[/editor]

  • pingo1387

    I like how Florrie seems more surprised/curious than scared. I’m just waiting for her to reveal a hidden talent and save the day.

    • JediaKyrol

      Her entire family is full of insane people fighting things that should not be known. … … …I wouldn’t be surprised if her grandpa punched out Cthulhu.

      • Euodiachloris

        Are you kidding? He arm-wrestled Nyarlathotep. Which, is no mean feat when he changes shape for giggles. ;)

  • See, Voss, stealing talents and abilities from other people doesn’t make you a better person. It makes you a worse person since none of what you took is really a part of you: you’re just “wearing” other people’s stuff while the real you atrophies. But, since the real you was kinda a jerk, that might be a good thing . . . if you survive this, you can start from scratch with the trying to be a good person thing.

  • Wonder what happens if you shoot a deadly sin? Now might be a good time to find out Herr Voss. Just in a spirit of enquiry you understand.

    • Apvogt

      Not much probably. Unless the gun had a decent enchantment or something.

      • Sgt. Howard

        against flesh and blood, the third model dragoon (that is what I see it to be) can do remarkable damage, about on par with a .357 magnum… against a spiritual element? Possibly irritate it, I suppose

        • AJ

          I really want to write a story now where the villain is a spirit creature and the heroes try everything to banish or defeat it! Except actual weaponry, and then it turns out that weapons are just as effective against it as anything else.

  • ShakeJake

    Up. to. DATE!


    Well now what am I going to do while trying to get over the block? I even read every single comment just to enhance (and prolong) the reading time.

    • Disloyal Subject

      There’s always other archives to binge. I recently discovered Mary Death and Flaky Pastry via Frivolesque, and if you like both Widdershins and Frivolesque then Paranatural is a goofy must.
      All of this assumes that you’ve read Darken, Kate’s previous comic. Of you haven’t, go do so!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Someone’s about to diiie

  • JediaKyrol

    The worst part is…He’s being honest! GraaH! Why the crap is he so nice? Is he secretly a virtue that got stuck in a human body?

  • dana

    Pathetic. The way Envy says it, it sounds like it could be the eighth deadly sin.

    • Annabanana

      isnt’t envy considered one of the 7?

      • AJ

        No, Patheticness could be a Deadly.



    Oh my word his sad face in the second-to-last panel…I just want to hug this guy right now.

  • Jordan Hiller

    Dang, I’m actually starting to feel bad for Voss. Hope that he survives all this to become a better person.

  • slim kittens

    “Humans are so pathetic.”
    Indeed, but without them you’d be out of a job.

    • Disloyal Subject

      I seem to recall another Envy saying that, and struggling with the same dilemma.

  • D’awwwww

  • Margot

    Top Tip: talk your friend/whatever-he-is down from pointing a gun at you BEFORE you step into the circle.

  • Ciara

    Wolfe is too good and pure for this world

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