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  • Tsapki

    While quick to anger, Harry is also quick to find out when she’s playing into an opponent’s hands. Though honestly Wrath was being very subtle to begin with.

    • Odo

      Yeah, but he (it?) overplayed his (I’ll settle for the male pronoun) hand and gave her a chance to realize what was happening. One down…

      • GristleMcNerd

        Yeah, he was heading for a full “Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete” there…

      • Dud

        No, she fought him all right – just twigged at the last moment that she was using the wrong weapon.

      • I had Wrath down as a definite ‘she’. Reminds me of my ex…

        • Personally I think of them as “it”, since she/he/they and othersuch are for humans, which the spirits are not. They’re not gonna complain if you use anything else though, none of them have a preference.

          • Sarah Hardister

            I’ve been interpreting Wrath as male this whole time simply due to the design you gave it – buff, square shoulders and huge chest, muscled arms, and a large, dragon’s head. Practically, that doesn’t indicate gender at all, but you could say I’ve been socially conditioned to associate big, buff, muscular and monstrous shapes with males.

            • Anthony Placek

              …. I would almost feel offended if it weren’t stereotyped so hard.
              meanwhile I am big, blobby, and not buff in the least. …. does that make gluttony male too?

          • Del

            Reality wins over personal preferences.

            “It,” it is.

        • Rolan7

          With the complete lack of sexual characteristics, I assumed my own. Then I saw people calling it “she” and sorta jumped to that, for the novelty.

          But I even more readily accept what the author just said. These are feelings than transcend gender.

        • Rolan7

          With the complete lack of sexual characteristics, I assumed my own. Then I saw people calling it “she” and sorta jumped to that, for the novelty.

          But I even more readily accept what the author just said. These are feelings that transcend gender.

          • Sir. Orc

            I mostly go by the genders of the first host or form they took; for instance Greed, Lust, and Envy I generally regard as male because in the case of Greed and Envy their first host introduced were male while lust mostly took male forms. Pride, Sloth, and Wrath first came from female hosts, and Gluttony was first shown taking a female form so I tend to regard them as more feminine (though Gluttony and Wrath I tend to simply regard as it simply because of how animalistic they look/behave compared to the others.)

            • Maria Gerasimova

              Envy was a female, as I can recall. And a very feminine too.

              • Sir. Orc

                But Voss was the first host introduced for Envy.

      • Sarah Hardister

        Honestly if he’d just kept teasing her or degrading her grandfather, instead of outright challenging her, her resistance would have been much more commendable. Seriously, Wrath, you could have played harder. Make us cringe.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      There’s also an “even if I COULD kill you, it won’t do anything to help my grandfather” thing going on.

  • Yay, Harry!

  • Sorry Wrath, when it comes to willpower you cannot beat Harry!

  • Maria Gerasimova

    Mal was holdin’ the Wrath somehow during that crisis, wasn’t him?
    He knew what to do… And how.

    • non_canon
      • Maria Gerasimova

        At the moment there is no Wolfe nearby :)
        Except that in the astral, perhaps? :)

        • non_canon

          True, but as we’ve seen with the door knocking and the drawing without chalk Mal and anchor!space affect each other differently than what happens when Mal is outside the anchor so maybe here he doesn’t need an outside source.

    • Del

      Jes’ wavin’ his ‘ands, an’ all.

      • Maria Gerasimova

        I see some straining in this movement. Look at the position of his legs.
        As if he’s resisting, keeping some invisible wall from falling down.

      • Talewinds

        Remember, he sees more than we do.

    • LA Julian

      Well, he already did it once, using nothing more than Wolfe’s calmness for chains…

  • MoeLane

    …Gah, if this is the initiation ordeal for new Witches no wonder nobody seems to want the job.

  • Phew, that was close. Cheers Harry.

    • Del

      Now time for a pipe, while Mal draws another egg.

      • JWLM

        I don’t think she should use the pipe she brought with her, though…

        • John

          Probably not since that’s the second to last focus they need to use to get rid of a deadly. Of course she said that she stopped using that pipe after Greed zapped it, so she probably have another pipe with her that isn’t linked to Greed.

          Next focus up: one small green jewel.

  • John

    Someone needed to read he Evil Overlord list. I’m sure there’s something on there about the folly of gloating before you have actually won. The best time to gloat is after you have completely won and all of your enemies are dead. And even then you should probably consider refraining from gloating that might cause you to miss an unexpected threat.

    So one down, six to go.

    • BaronHaynes

      That assumes Luxuria doesn’t have something up his sleeve even after his associates have been desummoned. Maybe he’s even counting on it.

      Too early to gloat, and all that :P

      • non_canon

        Considering his face as he watched the team walk out of the anchor earlier ( ), I’d say that’s a good assumption.

      • John

        I was thinking Wrath should have read the Evil Overlord list.

        I’m not sure Luxuria made any of the mistakes the list warns against. It seems to have been fairly smart about all of this since Izzy’s ancestor released it.

    • AJ

      I’ve never understood why villains feel the need to encourage the hero when the hero begins to step down the path of wickness. “Strike me down, and become more powerful than you can imagine!” is so obviously the same as, “Now you’re doing what I want, ho ho ho!”

      • Sanjay Merchant

        If the villain has set the board properly (what TV Tropes would call a Xanatos Gambit), their agenda will advance anyway, so they might as well go for the added satisfaction of corrupting, inducing despair in, or otherwise undermining the hero’s own resolve.

        Sadly (or happily for the rest of us), few villains have set things up properly for this to be an advisable strategy.

      • Generally speaking, I’ll agree with villains overplaying their hand, but there are certain special cases where I think it makes sense.

        In the specific Dark Side case, I don’t know that it would even work if you got tricked into it–you’re going to the Dark Side explicitly because you’ve decided to give in willingly and completely to hatred. You can get goaded into sliding down the path, but without the full “Yes! Give in to your hatred!” (assuming there is no convenient Light Side influence nearby to provide a convenient positive option to reject), it’s not good enough to become truly evil. You need to want it and know exactly what you’re doing.

        This case isn’t quite as cut and dried, but since Wrath’s thing is feeding Wrath around itself, blatantly goading somebody once they get going is probably going to make it harder for them, not easier. Given already demonstrated circumstances, it’s less “Yes! I’m evil, do what I want you to!” and more hypnotic “Listen to the sound of my voice. Doesn’t that make you angry? Be angry! Good job!”

        Or I could be wrong and Wrath is just an idiot, but as Deadlies, they are kind of inherently flawed. Pride and Envy already demonstrated their ability to be screw-ups because of what they are, why should Wrath be any different?

        • AJ

          I just feel like there are more effective ways of egging on hatred than reminding people that hatred is what they’re operating under.

  • kuku

    That’s the way to fight your feelings of rage and subdue them. Way to go, Harry.

  • dana

    Well, now we know magic circles don’t need to be perfectly circular and meticulously drawn.

    They can be kinda egg shaped and slapdash and still work.

    • Talewinds


    • Disloyal Subject

      At least, they can when they’re drawn by a desperate witch.

  • Nethead Jay

    I love the expression on Wrath in the 4th frame, going bug-eyed as the chains tighten and snap his mouth shut.

    • Shee Soon Theng

      Also when he does get his mouth open, only for another chain to loop in between his jaws and ‘gag’ him. :D

  • Nonesuch

    Pipe down, Wrath. Darth Vader did it already – and much better. ;p

  • Kaunisenkeli

    You undid your hopes by telling her to get her revenge as sealing you would be far better revenge than trying to shoot you, Wrath.

  • Zee63

    Pose harder O’Malley, you’re doing great!

    • Del

      It seems that the Witch’s power is directed by his WILL…. and not so much through technical manipulation of drawings and words and spells.

      The circle and words and a focus have to be, as the matter of the thing, but the power is in Mal’s will. So if Mal feels a need to mime the power flow with his body, then it’s real and effective.

      Let’s hope that it is not exhausting!

  • Rachel McGonagill

    She had only one word to go (septum) when she almost blew the whole spell. Good thing she got her own wrath under control.

  • Departure_Dave

    Sacrifice your vengeance to bind the wrath. =D

  • SteelSaurus

    Does anyone remember the old game Overlord (not the new anime/manga). I believe the plot was written by Rhianna Pratchett (yes, that Pratchett. She’s Terry’s daughter). The game has subtly (that grows less subtle as you progress) tie in to the seven deadly sins, each ‘hero’ becoming corrupted by one and the ‘Overlord’ seeing to usurp them to rule the land with an iron fist. Raising Hell was a nice addition to the original that kept the feel. It was intriguing, funny, morbid, and captivating.

  • Mindsword

    Quick google translate, fixing the obvious errors (its google translate after all):

    “Spirit permitted to leave this place where you have no freedom. He never paid. Spirit anger I bind you, you have no freedom there. He never paid. Spirit anger, I will bind you and seven years.”

    • Maria Gerasimova

      Yandex-translator, a bit more intelligible:
      “Phasmia let out of this place. You have there no freedom. Here you never must be paid. Phasmia Anger, I constringo (tie) you seven.”

  • Maria Gerasimova

    And the lines of the circle have become reddish now, not blue. Wrath’s color?

  • Eva Schiffer

    Goodness… that’s a high stress anger management lesson there. o.O

  • Nealend86

    That’s one angry pistol.

  • Miri Daisuke ManyNamed

    I love the fact that all of this latin is grammatically crrect and well-researched <3

    • Ah, it really isn’t, I’m afraid! It’s mostly google translate and then I futz with it a little to make it fake Latin. I’d have loved to have made it proper Latin, but it’s been a long time since I did that at school..

  • Graham Garrett


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