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  • Sir_Krackalot

    But but but…buddy cop…hunters comedy!

  • Heh. Moloch von Zinser keeps insisting he’s not Agatha Heterodyne’s minion.

    Nobody listens to him, either.

    • So, is Sid assuming he’s part of the team, and Harry’s at the stage where she still actually believes that he’s not coming along … or is he trying to escape before he gets roped in to something dangerous?

      • Marvelous TK

        It’s Sid. Sid, the man who babbled away excitedly because he thought he was being robbed. At gunpoint. And that was just the beginning. Trying to escape before it gets dangerous, I think not.

        • Cooper

          Sid gets excited at the prospect of new experiences, or as the kids say these days; YOLO.

          • YOLO, huh?

            (That’s a link; they don’t always show up well here.)

  • reynard61

    Every Holmes needs a Watson…

  • =Tamar

    Harry doesn’t think she’s going to need magical assistance, and she also may think she’ll get any stage-magic help she needs from Tim, who just said he’s free for a few weeks – unless he has a show somewhere else.

  • Hush

    Harry, Harry, Harry…
    Who said that the trick is in the gun?

  • SoItBegins

    They’re back together! Yay!