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  • kuku

    That’s a Henry-ish expression, and the hair is getting in the eyes a bit…. What’s Izzy up to then?

    • dana

      Aha, I see a broken window and a rope!

      I assume Isabelle is going to follow in the other boat.

      • kuku

        Ah, good catch!

      • awhorl

        In darkness, now that they’ve put out the lighthouse. Good move, guys. I like this.

        • Euodiachloris

          And, destroyed their night vision thanks to the fire. Particularly for those who might have spent a few minutes looking at it while gloating… Not thinking of Ms Ira at all, of course. ;P

          • svartalf

            Wrath doesn’t think much ahead.

      • LurkerAbove

        And she can do so with ease, thanks to the lamp hanging outside the boat in panel 4 :)

    • Khlovia

      Look at the lower left corner of panel five. See the tiny green oval? That’s the lit-up power thingy on the flying boat. You can see that the mast of the boat has risen up above the rocks, as compared with panel four.

      • kuku

        Ah, cool! Thanks! What a pair those two are.

        • svartalf

          Devastating team. NEVER underestimate them.

  • Iituem

    …what -do- you have to sacrifice to get a teleport to work? Your ability to move quickly for a week?

    • You don’t have to sacrifice anything, but you constantly run the risk of being trapped in a wall, or stranded in a random location, or sent back in time, or trapped in a parallel universe, or split into good and evil selves, or combined with your companions into a single composite being, or turned into a kid, or reappearing inside-out and then exploding, or not reappearing, or being turned into a Brundlefly, or becoming fused with the deck, or driven insane, or ripping a hole in the universe that allows some malevolent entity in, or causing the whole facility to start exploding, or…

      Also, it stops working whenever the ability to teleport would resolve the plot

    • Dud

      It could be genuine. The moon’s hardly moved. It can’t be more than an hour since they materialised so whatever magical energies she used to get here haven’t had any time to recover.

      • And while maybe she could manage it if she pushed herself – we know this character’s not going to do that.

    • LurkerAbove

      Teleport to work? How would you come back home after work,
      with juice for only one jump each day ?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    That’s one EVIL grin.

    You’d think they know how each otehre’s ability works, but I guess most of them are too self centered to bother.

  • Tau

    “Why are you making that face?”
    “Oh… nothing.”

  • Khlovia

    Speaking of lit-up power thingies, how does one stealth that?

  • Odo

    I was going to say that I spotted…. but everyone else did, too. I would note that in response to someone’s post in the last couple of strips, that the summoning circles generate a cylinder, presumably of infinite length so that things can’t just hop over the top. This was evidenced in the desummoning of Gluttony way back a while ago.

    • CyberSkull

      If the cylinder is of infinite length, then that offers interesting possibilities during planetary alignment.

      • l33tninja

        assuming a gravitational field has no effect on it. could it pass through a black hole?

        • Dud

          Just because it’s cylindrical doesn’t mean it’s collimited. It’s visible, that means it scatters energy so unless the caster inputs infinite energy when casting it’s going to peter out somehow (The decay *might* be linear rather than inverse square which would be interesting). And black holes curve space-time so if it was somehow independent of space-time space-time would itself curve away from it, destroying the mapping and apparently scattering the beam but actually stretching space out of its path.

          So: unless Kate is secretly a very advanced mathematician, no.

      • daboarder

        planets dont align, at least not in our solar system, the orbits are not in the same plane

        • Nick

          That’s… Not possible. Two points are always in the same plane (And same line, even) as eachother.

          • Nick

            Oh, the ORBITS aren’t in the same plane. Misread that. I still stand by my point though: Any given two planets are always aligned, on some plane.

            • Seros Senric

              Pretty sure with planetary alignments, it is referring to at least 3 being lined up.
              Otherwise nobody would ever bother with the term.

              • daboarder

                the term comes from old historical understandings of the cosmos, science and some basic maths tells us that its severely unlikely the planets in our solar system have aligned since its statistically only likely once in several times the current age of the universe.

          • daboarder

            two points may be, but 8…..not so much

    • Sanjay Merchant

      If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t see either the rope or the boat until after I read about them in the comments section.

  • Wyvern

    I notice that Miss Holt isn’t tagged on this page. Though she was on the previous page, which makes me think it may just be an oversight.

    • AJ

      I think both she and Mr. Barber will be not tagged in the strips in which they actually appear until the end of the comic, so as to protect the integrity of the plot from us conniving fan types.

    • Sapphire altera

      Neither are the boatmen! Very suspicious… :P

  • Nealend86

    I believe the saying is… “Just as planned.”

  • l33tninja

    how do you think those fisherfolk would react to BAD news?

    • Euodiachloris

      Given that they’re being told “good news” by obvious Bad News… ;P

      • Turnip the Scintillating

        I’ve found you a new job!

  • cake

    Acedia sure has a lot of limitations. It’s kinda hard to be suspenseful around her, really.

    • She has the same limitations as any wizard :)

  • MoeLane

    I must say: I’m impressed by Ms. Holt’s ability to climb down a rope in the dark while the building she’s climbing down has caught on fire. It’s not a trivial skill.

  • Sarah W

    YES. Three-dot ellipses!

    *has priorities in order, most definitely*

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