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  • Shelby

    Poor Sidney looks heartbroken in the first panel. And Florrie’s pretty sure her ship just sank.

    • SpiralingVortices

      From the way she strong-armed Harry, I think she’s capable of keeping that ship afloat out of sheer willpower.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    ‘Your nice young fellow’ the spirit of shipping burns strongly within her!

  • Grumpynyan

    Wait, why didn’t he try that handcuff trick thingy sooner?

    • SpiralingVortices

      My guess is that he accidentally stole the key a few minutes before. Also, depending on how the handcuffs were put on, it may not have been easy for him to fit and turn the key in the keyhole.

    • Percabeth_trash

      To quote the author’s comment, ‘he’s had the key all along, it just seemed impolite to use it any earlier’. :D

  • This guy

    It took him an entire chapter to do that.

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