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  • Robot_clone

    so… how long till the 5th of November in universe?

    • We’re in January at the moment, so a little while til it rolls around again!

  • fishsicles

    GNU Poodle, your open-source canine companion.

  • svartalf

    Something tells me that Lei’s not so unwilling a participant in this affair…

    I’ll keep my mussings to myself, though- it’s more fun waiting to see if I’ve surmised right. :-D

  • =Tamar

    It’s a good thing Sid had almost finished his tea, the way he’s waving that mug around.

  • Who, me?

    Of course, gunpowder. Because giant bugs with razor-sharp pincers weren’t dangerous enough, we have to add explosives to the mix! (Not complaining, mind you; a healthy helping of BLAM! makes everything more exciting. Just noting a fact.)

    • Oblivion

      I am all for more explosions.

      • “The quantity of high explosive required varies directly as the square of the size of the social problem.”

  • Hands up anybody who DIDN’T think Sid’s magical kleptomania was going to come into play about here.

    Anybody with your hand up – how does it feel to be slow?

  • Sparky

    Does this make Sid a cute purse cutpurse?

    • NamelessCenturion

      Oh god that was so horrible, it turned out amazing.

  • It just hit me – adventures involving gnus and poodles wouldn’t be all that inconceivable considering Harry’s embarrassment in the early part of this story.

  • T T

    Step 1: Fill motile magic bugs with explosives
    Step 2: Order them to track a target/s of choice and blow up

    It is the perfect smart bomb, an ultimate in stealthy assassination weapons

    • GristleMcNerd

      Yeah, nothing says “stealthy” like a giant mechanical bug.

  • Shelby

    Sounds like Vee’s and my handwriting are very similar.

  • .

    Some time later:
    Vee: Ah you found me! But you’ll never defeat my GNU POODLE ARMADA!
    Harriet: …
    Sidney: Told you so

  • She is making attack-drones.

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