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  • I doubt that leaving a smartphone in the 1800s would cause a history-wrenching paradox. Microchips are so far beyond what was state-of-the-art for Victoria’s subjects that it’s unlikely they’d be able to reverse-engineer any of it.

    • Cooper

      That, and it’s in Widdershins. The town that kills advanced electronics.

      • Me-me

        They’d throw it out; it’d be ignored.

        It’d freak out a historian or two though.

        • Hey, if you can’t troll future historians, what’s the point of time travel?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

    • Nomen

      Or Ethan finds it and throws it away as “Old noughties crap.”

    • Nonecallmetim

      Perhaps not re-engineer a whole smart phone, but what of the components – batteries, speaker, etc. Those are possible to reverse engineer and fit into that level of tech.

    • svartalf

      No…it’s more avoiding a time-travel paradox. Spark-plugs lying in a Jurassic fossil bed; that sort of thing.

  • Was she channeling the author with her “I wish I had a more witty parting shot.” ? :P

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Yay! We get to see the fight scene!

    I love that Courage doesn’t so much as crack a grimace as she beats the stuffing out of Gluttony.

  • So, is she on her way home now?

    Will she meet any 21st Century Barbers?

    • That would be awesome

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I’m still going to bet that she IS a 21st Century Barber, by way of Nora Fenton. :-)

  • Frankie D.

    Lookout behind you! A lizardman!

  • Courage would be a more effective fighter if her cloak didn’t cover her eyes.

    • Jeudi Violist

      I am pretty sure that she actually sees out of the lion’s eyes, because that would be cool.

  • PhasmaFelis

    Courage that is not what a shield is for. Don’t you have a sword or a spear or something?

    • Pull that off! That’s an offensive weapon, that is!

      • svartalf

        Apparently we’ve got someone that’s never seen the results of a well-executed shield-bash.

    • svartalf

      Uhm… A sheild is NOT armor, though you can use it as such. It’s a flattened out CLUB that you can do very, very nasty things to your opponent with- either with the blocking part or the edge thereof.

  • nope

    Time for some just desserts.

  • mistrali

    I still don’t get it. Why’s Courage effective against Gluttony?

    • Del

      You’d think it would be Temperance, right? Because we post-moderns remember those “Temperance Societies” who wanted out outlaw drinking and pubs and smoking, urging us all to be vegetarians and such.

      Christian moral theology has a different view. Temperance is the holy virtue that opposes the deadly sin of anger (or “bad temper”). The habit of Anger is a higher-level sin, centered in the Intellect, part of our rational, human nature.

      Gluttony is a weakness toward lower, animal-level pleasures: a temptation toward excesses of food and drink. The Christian virtue that strives against those desires is FORTITUDE, or “strength of will” against those desires of the stomach.

      Fortitude is a big virtue. It also describes the Courage to stand and fight when the pit of one’s stomach urges one to flee and hide.

      Thus Courage defeats the Stomach!

    • This guy

      They’re just powerful emotions,
      it doesn’t have to be exact or ironic

  • Nalyd

    I love her time continuum conscientiousness.

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