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  • Sir_Krackalot

    Figures that Vee wants to get into magazines.

  • =Tamar

    Is the dog burying his nose in the snow to avoid the remains of the gas, or is he finding something that has been buried?

    • Cooper

      I believe she’s just enjoying the fact that there’s snow.

      • Yeah, she’s just being a dog, pretty much.

        • Cooper

          My dog experienced snow once. It horrified him to his very core.

        • The first time my mother’s St Bernard experienced snow, he Did Not Approve.

          One or two snows later, he had decided that this stuff could be fun, after all.

          • Our old beastie kinda liked it!

            • Shelby

              Oh my god I think I like this comic 99% better (than my already 129% like-age level) because of your cute dog.
              And of course Gren.

              • Shelby

                And yes, 228% is a perfectly valid % of love for a webcomic.

  • Tim

    I like how she puts out her pipe before going into the gunpowder mag. Otherwise it would have been all Michael Bay in there.

    But then again, instead of using sunlight these guys have lamps and um, candles. Is that really what gunpowder magazines workers used to use for light?

    • Doofus

      Sounds like the safest choice, a glass-covered candle.

  • Who, me?

    Have fun storming the castle!
    (What do you think that’ll take?)
    (A miracle)
    Have fun!
    Oh wait, all it took was a smoke grenade!
    -the Princess Bride (with adaptations)

  • Shannon

    Hey Kate, the link on comic-rocket seems to be broken? The updates aren’t coming up! I wondered why I hadn’t seen Widdershins for a while and discovered that I have a little backlog to read through :)

    • Oh, that’s odd.. It looks up to date on there to me?

      • Shannon

        In my ‘list’ of comics, it says that the serial is broken. I can still access that page with the details though. I’ll send a report to the moderators :)

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