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February 16th, 2016

February 16th, 2016 published on 44 Comments on February 16th, 2016

The irony is that I did an all-nighter on this page!

  • “Why’d they wait till now?

    Ummm … Sid?

    • And O’Malley. It’s bound to be his fault somehow.

      • Sapphire altera

        But Invidia didn’t know about O’Malley until Voss was already in Widdershins and the plan was already underway.

      • JWLM

        It’s always his fault. Just ask Ben Thackerey.

      • rainycity1

        (made me laugh!)

    • Sanjay Merchant

      It has always bothered me that Greed was “properly” desummoned, rather than just let loose by a broken circle, so this theory allows me to reconcile that:

      When Sid desummoned Greed and undid the binding to the Thiefking Statue/Bracelet thing, he inadvertently undid Izzy’s binding as well. I’m guessing there’s a difference between a binding and a desummon, so Luxuria’s 1792 summoning of the Deadlies is still “active” even if they’re bound.

      I’m realizing as I’m writing that I’m making a lot of assumptions about the way magic works with regards to summons, desummons, binding, and unbinding. I guess I’ll have to wait to see if my guesses are anywhere remotely on track.

      • A thing I will state that will be clear in the next page- from what they know right now, it should have not been possible for Sid to have released Greed like he did.

        • I’m suspecting that Sid’s innate abilities go a touch beyond being merely a wizard – possibly linked to his magical kleptomania.

          • Someone check Mr Malik’s pockets for several sets of magical chains.

    • Xero Kane

      A better question, how many Barbers are there now… at least 7….

  • Eve

    Presence of a witch near enough Widdershins? Setting it off by letting greed go and greed kick started it again? I’m still trying to figure out what the cell phone will do.

  • Sophia

    Something must’ve changed… a house full of Barber kids… they’re going to possess the Barbers!? :O

    • Columbine

      Hmmm that’s a point how many Barbers are there? I make it seven women who are direct descendants….that’s uh ominous.

      • Sophia

        Ooooh! I initially counted the men too and got “nine barber descendants”, but of course witches are traditionally female, so you’re right, there are exactly seven of them.

        And they have some strong emotions about them too.

        Nicola gets anger, Florrie gets lust, Harrie… pride? Nora seems like the least sinful from the group, I can’t really place what her vice would be.

        • Columbine

          If they do correspond to sins (rather than the virtues) it might be a little difficult to place since we haven’t seen a lot of the kids yet. If it is supposed to be a direct sins-parallel then the sins can’t be their main feature….. I kind of like the idea that the Barber women might represent the virtues that oppose the sins.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            In which case I would guess as that Nicola is Diligence and Nora is Humility. The others I can’t make up my mind on.

            • Wasn’t the Virtue that Nora embodied in the hotel Courage?



              • Sanjay Merchant

                True, and I hadn’t forgotten that. But then we get into weird arguments about whether the opposite of Gluttony is Temperance or Fortitude, and (especially in the case of the latter) Courage is a separate spirit or just another name for the same one. (For example, Impatience and Hunger are explicitly NOT the same as Wrath and Gluttony, despite being related.)

                I dunno, just about all of the Barbers seem to be courageous in their own way, but Nora seems the most humble by a good stretch.

                • Which, really, makes her Courage the greater – because the others are bombastic or, for want of a better word, loud.

                  She has the quiet, almost unnoticed, Courage that lets a mother protect and preserve her family in the middle of a war zone … or makes a Saint Joan.

                • JWLM

                  Here’s a good list of the seven heavenly virtues

                  I’d play it as:

                  Izzy: Chastity. Particularly due to her dedication of self-improvement through education.
                  Nora: Temperance. Self-denial, delayed gratification. (Not to mention able to defeat Gluttony, the corresponding deadly sin.)
                  Florrie: Charity.
                  Nicola: Diligence
                  Patience: Cassie
                  Kindness: Cat
                  Humility: Harry.

                  I’m guessing at Cassie, but I’d be quite happy with the rest, particularly Harry. She sticks to her work without wanting glory, she tries to give credit where credit is due (think of the end of Vanishing Act, where she really tries to get credit shared instead of taking it herself), she keeps her promises, etc.

                  • JWLM


                    Izzy, chastity, competes with lust (Find the Lady)
                    Nora, temperance, competes with gluttony (Piece of Cake)
                    Florrie, charity, competes with greed (Sleight of Hand)
                    Nicola, diligence, competes with sloth (No Rest for the Wicked)
                    Cassie, patience, would compete with wrath (but Wolfe plus Ben plus Jack took care of it instead)
                    Cat would contend with envy (Who knows?)
                    Harry would compete with pride (Vanishing Act)

                    Now, I’m probably just making this up, but it’s a fun intellectual exercise.

                    • John

                      Um, I don’t think Catherine Moore Barber would count since she is not one of Izzy’s blood descendants.

            • Columbine

              Now I’m trying to remember the virtues…..Kindness, Chasity, Diligence, Humility, Temperance Patience and Charity (had to look up the last three). I’d peg Florrie as Kindness. Harry as Patience may be?

      • Sapphire altera

        I count eight: Isabelle, Nicola, Nora, Harry, Florrie, June, Annie, Cassandra.

        Unless for some reason this evil plan requires Izzy’s descendants, excluding Izzy herself.

        EDIT: Or Henry’s family who matters…. Envy mentioned Barbers, not Holts. But all of the magic and previous conditions seemed to come from Izzy’s side?!

        • Columbine

          We don’t know if Izzy has any sisters, so all Izzy’s descendants would be Barbers. And I didn’t count Izzy herself since she put the binding in place.

  • BaronHaynes

    This looks like an all-nighter page. Shoutouts to “8 million characters in the same room” comics.

    • Tyler Shelton

      You could pull an all-nighter just TAGGING this page

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “everything is so, so fluffy” –someone in that room.

    • Mujaki

      Likely that would be young miss Cassandra Fenton saying that. Sleeping in the puppy pile.

      • Bobismeisbob

        Either Cassie or Gren, she’s also in that pile there.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Now, to the tune of “Everything Is Awesome”:


  • Me-me

    Is the Mark of Thieves from before or after this binding? That sure wasn’t near widdershins – if the Mark, being a Very Strong Conduit, had broken /Greed’s/ binding, then the rest could follow.

  • Columbine

    Those kids are the cutest things. Family dinner turned all-nighter-magical-investigation. I love this comic. (Also can I have some of their caffeine? I need caffeine for purposes.)

  • Tikatu

    Hm. Nicola just brought up Wolfe and no one is questioning just who that is. Florrie, Sid, and Harry would know but no one else. Has there been some story-telling going on in the background while the elder Barbers are telling theirs?

    • Sapphire altera

      Probably. Such stories would be the most obvious thing to elide though, because we readers are already quite familiar with Wolfe et al. :D

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Question for the author!

    In a scene like this, how do you make sure you’re consistent in terms of who appears where in the room?

    • Through stunning good looks and clarity of thought.

      Also I made a table plan at the bottom of my thumbnails page. That helped too, I guess.

      • AJ

        The kids’s table! Fond memories….

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Man, even the seating chart ships Harry/Sid.

        • JWLM

          Nonsense. Harry is just making sure that she’s… to talk with her assistant easily. Yes, that’s it.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I love the way Sid fidgets when he thinks.

  • Percabeth_trash

    Eeee! I got books 1-4 a few days ago and I just finished reading them and eeeeee! They’re great, which is no surprise but also! There were some little extras which was a BIG surprise and eeeee! I love them!!!!

    • Hooray! Glad you like them, I always have fun with the extras. I enjoyed making those recipe cards a lot!

  • JWLM

    Props for “everyone at the table, the kids asleep, and fond smiles at them from the parents” panel.

    Also, I love panel three, with the previously predicted romantic pairing in such a radically unromantic posture. (Sidney looking away from Harry and Harry closed off from him.)

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