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  • Marvelous TK

    No harm done if you’re a century or five off, right? Well, off you go then!

    • Del

      The TARDIS always takes us where we need to go, even if it isn’t where we want to go.

  • Oh gosh, this could go so many ways! Can’t wait to see.

  • BillSoo

    Quick! Ask for stock tips!

    • Me-me

      We already did a chapter on Greed.

      • Come now, the ability to find opportunity in inopportune circumstances isn’t a vice. Its a useful skill.

  • Lar

    It’s not like there’s a course called “Fucking With the Timestream 101” at Wizard School, after all.

    • Not Me

      Well, you say that, but there actually could be.

      • Me-me

        No-one seemed especially surprised at time travel magic being possible.

    • Remember kids, only YOU can prevent total catastrophic breakdown of linear causality.

  • Ethan arrives back enough earlier to head off the fight with his spouse?

  • Nonesuch

    Just be glad you’re finally getting out anywhere, my dears… ^^

    And yeah, take that, Margey! *laughs* Rosie’s so cool… She’s more fun than Polgara, that’s for sure!

    • Peterson

      Like that takes any doing…

      But yes. Baking, sorcery, a yearning for revenge, and a sense of humor firmly classify Rosie as a AWMC (Awesome Wise Magical Companion) of the highest order! Now we wait until she betrays us…

      • Afrodiseum

        Let’s not forget her sunny disposition. :)

    • Sanjay Merchant

      You mean “anywhen”.

  • With a bit of luck and a lenient DM Ms King can arrive back at the Bake Off just in time to stop her hated rival stepping on the rolling pin and dropping his cake. Then she will beat him fair and square, rather than him forever saying that she only won because he had an accident.

  • RazorD9

    Best Wizard indeed.
    Huh, circle broken, Gluttony gone, and all the people in the banquet hall seemed to have recovered. All there’s left to do is step out and… huh, ok, going to have to brain this a bit to figure out if they are still outside of time or if they are out of the outside of time universe thingy. For all I know they are all in the same time, just moments after the circle was activated or anytime for that matter afterwards.

  • Rolan7

    I was pretty sure she would turn out to be the real villain, heh. Particularly when she started the ritual with Nora. I guess she really is just exceptionally nice!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Stopped by here on an archive binge and read your note, Kate. I can only read that as Zathras, best at diplomacy of all Shades.

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