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  • Mr Hats

    That wouldn’t happen to be when Wolf and Mal showed up, would it?

    • Tikatu

      Could be. Depends on how long they were in Widdershins (or England) before they were conscripted for buggerup hunting.

      • Marvelous TK

        Well, according to this comic, they got off at the exact same time as Harry and Sid.

    • John

      Wolfe and Mal were on the train that Harry and Sid took back to Widdershins before Sid released Greed, so the timing works that way.

      If Wolfe and Mal are relevant it is probably because Mal is “the one who sees”, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it being them just yet.

    • The theory is almost there, but It still gives me a question, Envy, if you go with chronology here, I thought Envy woke up at a different anchor, maybe Omally happened past it too but I somehow doubt that.

      Rereading the chapter seems to place Voss at the other anchor around 1831-2 at best. Maybe I just fail at understanding a lot of how these magic rules work.

      • Columbine

        I think the implication is that it’s the time and place the sins broke free rather than where and when they were first summoned that’s significant. Envy wanted to go to Widdershins to be freed, even though (given time period and being summoned in Nepal) it would have taken quite some time to get there.

  • Magypsy

    I love how Nicola’s such a workaholic that she brought her log book to a family gathering.

    • Tikatu

      She knew ahead of time what they were going to discuss and probably thought her log book might be useful in getting it all figured out.

      • CountSessine

        Or she is just that careful, because that is the previous year’s log book: 1833. It’s been a year, more or less. The Envy page here is dated March 1834.

    • JWLM

      I assume she always carries it whenever she is in uniform.

      • AJ

        She’s not in uniform…..

        Or do you mean the uniform she wears on the inside?

        • JWLM

          Ah, you’re right. In fact, she hates these clothes, now that you mention it.

        • Afrodiseum

          Samuel Vimes reference? :D

          • AJ

            ….Who? #shelteredchild #eventhoughimanadult

            • Mindsword

              Samuel Vimes is the police officer in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels. At first he’s an alcoholic and his job is the Night Watch, which means he and three others take a bell and ring it occasionally. However, as the books progress we learn that he is a Copper through and through. He simply can’t not be. Even when he’s out of uniform he’s got the uniform on in his soul.

              • AJ

                And now I need to read those again. #mywalkofshamegoestothelibrary #notsobadtbh

          • AJ

            Honestly, though, I feel like “the uniform on the inside” is a reference to a comment from earlier in the comic.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh no ! Cliffhanger D:

  • Morpheus Tyler

    Hmm, the same March 19th two stowaways on the train with Sid and Harry arrived in Widdershins. What a coincidental happenstance.

    • Columbine

      Is O’Malley actually a witch? Do we know this?

      • I’m pretty sure people have been speculating it, so maybe! So his arrival maybe somehow set all this off? HMMMM

      • Morpheus Tyler

        I don’t suppose he is, but the fact that he can see spirits is pretty important, it seems?

        • SelenticSurface

          Wow… are we actually going to get the whole cast together for this one?! >_<

          • Morpheus Tyler

            Hope so! That would be chaotic but quite good fun!

        • svartalf

          It’s part of the power of any given Witch. They work with Magic at levels similar to the one that bound Wrath back and hard that Ben showed Mal how to do.

      • svartalf

        We know something about Witches- they are wizards with Mal’s sensory talents with magic and spirits. As we found out with Wrath’s binding- you need those sense to do truly amazing and powerful things with magic.

    • Bradley Ross

      The date March 19 on the page refers to the date the strip was posted, not when it occurred. It appears that the dates listed on the pieces of paper are the dates each of the deadly sins were released.

      • Morpheus Tyler

        A swell coincidence! However, not what I meant, because the day that Sid released Greed would be roughly the same day Mal and Wolfe got off the train in Widdershins. I wonder if the other dates can be found that way, though?

  • JWLM

    Wow! Kate, you foreshadowed this Four. Years. Ago. Four. Years. Ago:

    You clever, clever, clever woman.

    • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

      I’m sorry but I don’t understand. What’s the foreshadowing on that page?

      • JWLM

        The joke about the date when they unbound Greed — they didn’t wait until the very last day, and they lampshaded that.

  • I knew it! It’s all O’Malley’s fault!

    • JWLM

      What did I tell you? It’s always his fault.

      • svartalf

        Oh, sure, blame Mal. EVERYONE always blames him…even though it’s always his fault.

  • Great little details on this page, like Lord Barber still content to let everyone else do the work (or perhaps the poor old codger has just dozed off) and Captain Barber’s log book is the same colour here as when she was writing in it at the start of ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ – good continuity (see Marvelous TK’s link).

    • Well, it appears to be Izzy’s side of the family that the magic of the link(s) {whatever they are} comes from – ask him a question, and he’ll answer. Otherwise, let the people who are directly linked to the problem figure out their connections and plans.

    • Me-me

      Henry doesn’t really plan ahead that much. Or so I hear.

  • Pangaea

    March 19 was the date Sid summoned Greed in Widdershins, but Sloth was summoned a few months before case resolution in April.

    • And envy was summoned by Voss in 1831, two years before…

      • Pangaea

        Envy was not summoned in Widdershins, but at the Himalayan anchor.

        • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

          Yes but it’s not just about Widdershins anchor, it’s about the Deadlies in general. Greed should have been bound and it should not have been possible to summon it, no matter at which anchor… if I understand the rules of the world correctly.

          • svartalf

            Sid said as much. Once he knew what was going on, the fact that he was able to release in spite of the binding is troubling him. Something rather powerful and ominous is going on…

    • Yep! And on the paper is the date they went free.

  • Columbine

    The real question is…. does this mean Barbers traditionally meet their partners when Deadly Sins are busting free?

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    It’s okay Nicola, I hate having thoughts, too.


    • Michael Haneline

      beat me to it. I really prefer my consciousness to be as blank as possible. Thoughts are so distracting!

  • SeptemberNinth

    Heyyy, January 21st’s my birthday!

    Happy birthday me, enjoy one of the seven deadly sins.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Nicola’s thoughts: I knew I should have hung the [censored] when I had the chance.

  • Dranikos

    Something was bothering me for the longest time about things here, and I finally nailed it down. Other than Isabelle Holt, there are 7 Barber women now aren’t there?

  • Dranikos

    Something was bothering me about some of the details in this story, if you discount Grandma Isabelle Holt, there are now 7 Barber Women, right? Nicola, Nora, Harriet, Florence, and the 3 youngest, Cassandra, June and Ann… This seems like an important detail, either to do with the sins, or with their counterparts, the virtues… hrm

    • svartalf

      Considering that a Barber was the source of the virtue summoned in the Gluttony arc…it’s possible…very much so.

  • Chris the Blue

    I got shivers when I saw all the dates and names stuff.
    Everything’s coming together, and I love it!

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Wait. 1792-1833.

    A fourty-one year interval. And in that timespan, Henry and Izzie are already great grandparents?


    • Columbine

      Georgian era? People married and had kids younger.

    • Me-me

      Harriet and Co. could easily be in their twenties, which leaves <21 years for Izzie and Henry to sire, and their children to sire. The third generation is young, it's not hard to imagine them being had when Harriet's generation was in their mid to late teens.

    • Percabeth_trash

      On a re-reading binge, I’ve realised that Kate changed it to 1782 – much cleaner timeline maths to be had now. If Barberdad was born a year later, and had the kids in his early to mid twenties, they’d be mid to late twenties now, plenty of time for Nora to have a kid June’s age.

  • Kivsha

    How old are the various members of the Barber clan (apologies if this has been covered elsewhere)? Having some trouble placing ages even if Henry and Isabelle were married in 1792 (right after Find a Lady) and had the Barber siblings’ father 9 months later in 1793 How do they have a great-grandaughter June’s age a mere 41 years later?

  • Dane 72

    Wait, I know who it is! The Family meeting! It’s a trap!

  • TheGorram Batguy

    “…tough on the causes of thoughts”
    So you’re saying she drinks heavily?

    • Anthony Richardson

      It’s a reference to a New Labour election slogan, ‘Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of Crime’

  • I love it when small details come to light again. This may be what Nicola is talking about…

  • Alternatively, spirits might like music. Especially violin music.

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