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  • Sir_Krackalot

    So…the Anchor. MacGuffin, or Arifact of Doom?

    My bet’s on Doom.

    • JediaKyrol

      It can be a MacGuffin of Doom!

      • Me-me

        Actually it’s seeming more like Phlebotinum than anything else at this point.

  • Wyvern

    They make the cutest couple!

  • Cooper

    Magical clockwork bugs. The key to any girls heart.

  • JediaKyrol

    By the way…Sid…telling the girl you’re trying to woo about all the fun you had with your ex girlfriend…that usually doesn’t work out too well buddy.

    • spas

      Sid’s pretty clueless on the chick-front, so I’m not sure he knows he’s trying to woo Harry at all – perhaps he believes he ONLY missed her because he missed mystery-adventurin’! Anyway, he’s promised to tell her this story of how he knows Lei, and he’s doing so without any kissy parts so far. In fact, I hope you’re right and that Lei *is indeed* Sid’s ex, because they are cute together, and I like the idea that they only split up because Sid was still at school and Tim and Lei took to the open road. In this case, we’d have to still worry about lingering romantic feelings, more than any jealousy Harry might feel.

      • Wyvern

        Sid and Harry make a great team, but I can’t really see them as a couple, no matter what Harry’s sister may think. Personally, I’m hoping we see Sid get back together with Lei.

        • spas

          I agree – mainly because Harry is so bent on not being an object of any male attention whatsoever, it makes it hard to imagine her with anyone at all. She, herself, is inherently opposed to the idea of a romantic relationship, in general. AND I love how Megan Gedris ended LPFOS without getting Alice and Betty together at the end, saying sometimes Will They/Won’t They should end with a surprising “won’t they”…BUT that’s not to say that Sid and Harry won’t get together way further down the line. Who knows what the nefarious Kate Ashwin has in store! In the meanwhile, their collaboration in solving mysteries together is its own WT/WT – he seems to be lucky to be allowed to tag along – they’re hardly ‘partners’ yet but we know THEY WILL BE. So since any possibility of Harry and Sid romance is so far down the road, IF AT ALL as you say, this little detour with Lei is a pleasant distraction…and I like it that Harry is a)already suspicious there’s more to the story and b)irritated about that.

  • spas

    are sid and lei actually levitating or raised up themselves? and that’s why he drew the circle around them? cool! also, this page is remarkably beautiful AND wonderella didn’t update today so it’s nice to still have a saturday comic – thank you!

    • Vetala

      I believe that the point of the circle was simply as a magical assist (circle of power, basically – maybe cut off outside interference, maybe help focus power inside the circle). It only looks like levitation because such circles in this comic appear to actually separate the inside from the outside in more than strictly a metaphysical sense (remember the circles around greed and sloth when they were summoned in earlier story lines), so you can’t see the surrounding ground.

      • spas

        that makes sense – thanks!

  • HUNRonin

    I really hope the Anchor actually looks like a huge a*s anchor. If it has a physical form at least. Or a metaphysical one.

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