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  • wanderingdreamer

    I hope that’s an “I, uhhhh” of “I can’t believe I’m going to talk with him” and not a “but, uhhhh you’re already dead by 2013”

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      I think she’d have said so in panel 3 if he was dead (well, I hope)

      • David Argall

        We can hope, but it looks at least consistent with her trying to find a way to say “But you died in …”

        • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

          Maybe she just thought saw, but in reality he was kidnapped by Gluttony and everyone assumed he’s dead? And now the timeline will change when everybody is returned home.

          • wanderingdreamer

            Also, since this is semi-time-travel you don’t really want to mess up history by telling a guy from sometime in the past that he’ll be dead by 2013, that was my first though.

            • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

              Also, I imagine it’s a rather awkward conversation to have.

            • David Argall

              King has already “interfered” with the “past” in showing the family book to the author. If she has any worries along these lines, they probably won’t surface until too late.

              • wanderingdreamer

                Ah but Rosie had already submitted the book to the publishers, King just shows her that it is in fact published which she’ll find out soon enough on her own.

      • billydaking

        Given the fact she’s grinning like a fangirl in panels 4 and 5, I highly doubt that she’s thinking, “but…you’re dead.”

    • Dead by 2013? He said “I should still have my health in your year”. He’ll be killed within the next hour and a half.

      • awhorl

        If he has more than an hour and a half he could put something in his will . . .no, then she would have already have had word . . . so hard to draw age, huh? We don’t know what year he was kidnapped anyway, do we?

        • Bobismeisbob


      • KaReN

        He’s elderly. Look at his picture. He’s using a cane. When one is of that age, one doesn’t know how long they will live…. Pneumonia, catch the flu and don’t recover quickly, fell and broke a hip, etc… My dad is age 86 and he always says that he will die soon despite being healthy (no diabetes, no cholesterol, no high blood pressure, etc…) To my dad, his future health is always iffy..

  • JWLM

    Alexa King, total fangirl…

  • Del

    Let’s hope for the best. He seems old, and questions his own health. But Alexa knows him as “the best in London.”

    Can we have some cake now?

    • billydaking

      He says, “Should I still have my health in your year….” which means he’s healthy now, at his current age. He’s not questioning his health; he just knows when you’re that age, planning ahead 11 years is a little risky….

  • Meg

    Really hoping that he turns up at the baking contest

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Maybe in the new not-messed-up-by-Gluttony timeline, he’ll be judging?

      • Tikatu

        That’s my thought, too: he still has his health in 2013 and is the celebrity judge at the bake-off Alexa is trying to win!

  • =Tamar

    How does Ethan know Philippe personally? Ethan’s from a time in the future beyond 2013. Did they meet after being collected and try to escape before Alexa gets there?

    • samlh

      Meeting after being collected was how I saw it, yes.

    • billydaking

      Go back and read when Alexa first met the crew. Ethan was against trying to escape because Philippe already tried, and then Philippe disappeared.

    • Grammar Nazi


      • KaReN

        Ethan already has a partner, Gary. He’s anxious to go home to see if Gary is waiting for him at home… Or left because Ethan chose to work longer and leaving no quality personal time with Gary.

  • So what happened/is gonna happen to the hotel owner?

    And/or Lurch (whatever his name was)?

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