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  • SandstormSinger

    YAY! Haven’t we all been waiting for this? I really want Mal to meet the rest of the Barber family now. Though Mal himself would probably rather not….I imagine the crowd of them have a collection of pretty overwhelming spirits.

    • kuku

      Yeah, the complete Barber family spectrum would probably be sensory overload.

      And yes, yay for the return of Mal!

      • Tsapki

        Heck I reminder when he saw Harriet and Nicola.

        Harriet: Knight in Shining Armor

        Nicola: Terrifying Rage Beast

  • rhapsha

    You’re a witch Jacky!….nah doesn’t work as well.

    Anywho, it’s amusing to watch Nicola get more and more disgusted as she realizes her theory is likely accurate. Which is understandable, Mal doesn’t endear himself even if they have worked together.

    • 50% Pain

      Jack-a-boy! Your a bleedin witch! Better … sorta not really but it’s getting there no ?

  • Liz

    Called it.

    • Tyler Shelton

      Just making sure–we all called that, right? Pretty sure we all called that.

      • svartalf

        Yep. If they weren’t on to the fact that Mal’s got a superpower and it’s a Chekov’s Gun, they got it rubbed in their face with this:

        He just took the feeling from Wolfe and bound and dispelled Wrath in a manner that even IT had a shocked look on it’s face. There’s a consequence to that. Big one.

        • svartalf

          And…it’s still fitting all the same…

          “in a direction contrary to the sun’s course, considered as unlucky; counterclockwise.”

          Where else, but in Widdershins, can you find the Wrong? >:-D

      • Columbine

        I did not call it :(

        • Tyler Shelton

          Well, points to you for honesty

  • Chris Kotthoff

    Jack O’malley may have accidentally started the apocalypses, this could have been the entire comic in it self.

    • CountSessine

      No, it was Wolfe who was responsible, though with the best of intentions. On his own, Jack would never have come anywhere near Widdershins.

      • Carmeops Renard

        yeah, Jack deeply loathe looking at wizards, gives him a headache. going near an anchor? bound to see a lot of those around

        • SleepingDragon

          And ain’t he gonna be happy at the news?

          • Carmeops Renard

            “so,congratz, you are the new witch of Widdershins, which mean you are kinda in charge of protecting the Anchor now, you are going to deal with wizards for the rest of your life” … “i know you aren’t kidding cause i can see your spirit, can you just kill me now?”

  • Marvelous TK

    Don’t you mean good news and best news?

    Well, no, I guess ‘best news’ would be Ben and Mal are getting married and have legally adopted the Hippo of Happiness…

    but surely at least good and better?

    • M. E. Gibbs

      I cannot upvote this enough.

    • “So good of God to bring Ben and Mal together. That means there’ll only be two unhappy people, rather than four.”

  • endplanets

    “You can see Spirits. Don’t you ever wonder where you learned it all?”
    “Learned what?”
    “You’re a Witch Jack”
    “Don’t you mean a Wizard?”
    “I know what I bloody said! You precious flower, you.”
    “I will throw you in front of a moving train!”
    “Geez, no need to be witch about it princess.”

  • “You’re a witch, Jack.”
    “I’m a wot?!”
    “You’re a witch, Jack”
    “I’m a witch?!”

    For some reason that entire video just popped into my head, why

    • drealm2459

      it would go more like :” You’re a witch jack!” ” I’m a wot?!” A witch jack! “A which wot??” ” no not a which wot a witch witch jack!” ahh you’re daft!

  • Oh boy.

  • tali

    And he’s gonna be so happy about it, too:)

  • I’m sorry I can’t believe this. Captain Barber tore a piece out of her official log book?! GASP!! I suppose she has just realised Widdershins is doomed and doesn’t care any more.

    • Euodiachloris

      Desperate times call for desperate measures… ;)

    • You’re assuming she doesn’t have a backup copy or two stashed somewhere! Or maybe realizing she has to deal with O’Malley again just tends to make her want to tear things.

  • szbnahl

    For those who can’t read the journal extract:
    “…who claims he entered Widdershins on the morning of the 19th. O’Malley and Wolfe then…”

    • Sanjay Merchant

      “-ed to busk (unlicensed)”

      Presumably the first of those words is “proceeded”.

  • ThisCat

    Pretty sure this has been said before, but: I KNEW IT!

  • Dane 72

    But it wasn’t Jack O’Malley’s idea to ge in Widdershin, or even be in England in the first place.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Hahahaha what :D

  • Ivresse

    *raises a sign saying ‘DUM’*
    *raises a second sign saying ‘DUM’*
    *raises a third sign saying ‘DAAAAAAAAAH!!’*

    • DZ

      Three signs. ….Does that mean you got three arms?

      • Disloyal Subject

        Coulda taped one to a knee.

        • DZ

          Don’t know which would be more amusing, watching Ivresse raise a sign taped to their knee or watching them taping said sign to the knee.

        • Or a foot. Both feet. High kicks!

          On a related note, silent monks singing Hallelujah..

      • das-g

        For those who understand German:

        • DZ

          Hahahahahaha! Danke! My German is pretty rusty, but I understood a lot more than expected. I have to re-watch it soon and actually look up a few words.

          Oh, and for those who’re reading this conversation, the German is all written so it’s not too hard to sit with a dictionary and translate your way through. Makes good practice as well.

          • Jeff

            or use google translate in another browser window at the same time.

            • DZ

              Google Translate should be used with caution, though. It doesn’t always translate things correctly and can even change the whole meaning of a sentence. So if one knows a barely minimum of German I’d advise using a physical or an online dictionary instead when watching this video.

              • Jeff

                I wasn’t suggesting typing the entire skit into it – it’ll translate single words too, you know. And it’s more convenient than a dictionary because you can have it open on the same screen next to something you are reading/watching.

                Yes, GT doesn’t get idioms correct all the time – but then again, traditional dictionaries don’t generally do a great job with them either. I also use Wiktionary and several special purpose online dictionaries b-marked for unusual/tricky languages (eg Latin, Gaelic)

                • I also like to use linguee, mainly for idioms, it gives a corpus of many in-context “real-life” translations.

  • Volkai

    I’m pretty sure an exclamation point appeared above my head as I read the last panel.

  • John

    Well Nicola, that comes as a surprise to very few of the readers.

    I guess they should have invited O’Malley and Wolfe to the family conclave after all. It seems likely that Jack is going to have to be involved in cleaning this up, and he’s probably going to need to know everything they’ve just discussed in order to do that.

    Oh, and training from Izzy is probably going to be more useful to him than training from Ben will be.

    • Bo Lindbergh

      Prediction: when they go to fetch Jack, they’ll discover that he’s vanished mysteriously.

      • David Argall

        Well, something has to go wrong some way. We have 100+ pages to fill, and right now that is going to be 100 pages of school lessons. Definitely better that that the world is threatened.

  • Percabeth_trash

    Knew iiiiiiiiiiiiit. And, really, Nicola. How rude. O’Malley is the best news. All the time.

    • das-g

      For us viewers, sure. The people who actually have to deal with him might disagree.

      • Nicola and Ben might have issues dealing with Mal, but Wolfe’s got no trouble.
        I’m sure dealing with Mal could be perfectly pleasant! ‘specially with a nice bottle of whisky . . .

  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!

  • Marcelo Sanchez

    Have we ever considered that Wolfe might be Luxuria? He did bring O’Malley after all.

    • John

      Interesting theory, but I can’t see Luxuria acting the way Wolfe did in this strip even if Luxuria was pretending to be a nice guy to advance his evil plot. After all, no one who is important is a witness here. Also, Luxuria would probably be motivated to prevent the Barber’s from hearing about Voss’ warning (that he got for from Envy’s thoughts) rather than passing it along like Wolfe did.

      • svartalf

        And he’d sure as heck wouldn’t have let them use the calm to bind and dispel Wrath like they did. Wrath had quite the shocked look on it’s face when Mal drove the calm home on him. BOOM! Bound…Dispelled.

    • Jeff

      It seems more likely that Wolfe would be aligned with the Heavenly Virtue of Benevolentia (aka Kindness). I know that Chastity is the direct counter of Lust, but that doesn’t seem quite right for Wolfe’s character (to be honest, he seems to have decent quantities of all the Virtues).

  • Derfluffenpupper

    Aaayyii! I love this comic so much! Thank you Kate! You da bomb dot com!

  • Morpheus Tyler

    I love how we know who she means and why all the ‘bad news’ but I’m fairly certain that next page the entire house will go ‘who, exactly?’

    • John

      Harry’s met him, but since it was about a year ago in comic time the entire introduction was “this is Mal” and she proceeded to nap most of the time they were together she probably doesn’t remember him at all.

      On the other hand Florrie probably definitely remembers him (“Ye’ve gotta leave, though. I promised yer sister ye’d be alright an’ I like my kneecaps too much t’ break a promise t’ her.”)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Well, Jack, looks like you’ll have a fixed bode longer than you thought!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Also, I can’t help but remember that time Ms. Ashwin described what kind of benders her characters would be if they were in the Avatar universe, and noting that Jack would make a “wonderfully lazy, shirking Avatar”. Well, he’ll make a wonderfully lazy, shirking Witch, too!

  • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, Ohhhhh gods.

  • Well this will go well give Jack O’malley’s …personality XD

  • Well, Wolfe did say maybe there would be people who knew what Mal was in Widdershins! And it only took endangering the city or worse for them to take notice!

  • Alicia


  • Valerie Kaplan

    Ooh, I can just hear her tone of voice in the last panel.

  • awhorl

    You just know Mal will do whatever is necessary with style and . . . surprise. But still, why do we need Barbers? Is it necessary to wipe out the clan? Children and puppies and all? I am imagining a scene a faire involving dogs and Mal and a hippo and little girls . . .

  • Dshim


    Rude alert, rude alert! Battle stationery! This is not a daffodil, I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DAFFODIL!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Just noticed (and love) Harry’s “I don’t know where this is going, but I don’t like it” expression in panel 6. :-)

  • AJ

    So, every time anybody mentions O’Malley, I am thinking this:

  • Blueberrykittens

    I saw this coming and I love it. It’s like my head cannon just became cannon.

  • Two questions:

    1) Does this mean Izzy gets to train O’Malley? Guarantee she won’t take any of his sauce…

    2) Since the witch who released Lust was some sort of ancestor of Izzy’s – right? – and if O’Malley was fated/born to be Widdershins’ witch – is O’Malley in some manner related to that witch and thus to the Barbers?

    3) Special, extra-point bonus question: if he is related, how is Nicola going to react when she finds out?

  • S.K. Ren

    C’mon Nic, just admit your new hate crush is nothing but trouble :D

  • Chris the Blue

    You have no idea how giddy this makes me feel.
    It’s the f**king penultimate denouement up in here!

  • WaytoomanyUIDs

    I can see Jack trying to nope all the way to Timbuktu when he hears this.

  • tinwatchman

    Bum bum BUM! Nice!

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