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  • Phil

    Ooh, Envy is playing this well. So far both deadlies have known the strings to pull to get to Harry.

    • Phlebas

      That ‘hrm.’ isn’t green. I think we’re OK.

      • Tsapki

        For now, though the concern here is buying time to effect them by tossing the incantation. These two do rub each other the wrong way a bit and Envy is trying to find the right bait. I would not put it past Envy to try working Male next page.

        • Emily

          Envy’s already made a jab at Mal with that remark about Harry being both the brains and the brawn…

  • Ocean Burning.


    …But I love the way the background in here changes for each spirit. When Wrath was in there the pattern was getting all fiery, now it’s greenish and the pattern’s cranky-looking.

    • Yes, he is rather an obnoxious little git, but we need him to desummon all the Deadlies.

      • Ocean Burning.

        Hah. Mal did drop a bottle of ink on Ben’s floor on his first day in the office, and he is incapable of focusing on an intellectual task for even a few minutes, but at least he’s never snatched a paper that someone was trying to read from that person’s hands and crumpled it into a ball. And one thing has to be said for Mal, he does at least respect personal space. So I’d say in terms of being obnoxious, Envy has Mal outmatched.

  • ottercolors

    He did try to warn her what a pain Envy was…

  • John

    So Wrath felt the (obvious to it) simmering anger in Harry and tried to use it to trick her into making a mistake. Envy didn’t have a hold over Harry and still managed to disrupt what they are doing by figuring out how they’re making this work. Yup, Envy’s much smarter than Wrath.

    • Tsapki

      Well, also Wrath was already being bound and could not move much unlike Envy here.

      • Del

        I’m thinking chains for the demons would be a good idea, in general.

        And the Deadlies are most likely impervious to bullets, anyway.

        • Haven

          Punisher vs. the Widdershins universe.

          “Wow, how did you stop all the deadlies by yourself before we even got there?”

          “I crafted magic with my strongest feeling. The emotion of gun.”

          • wilddeath

            Punisher is also legitly divinely empowered and can harm supernatural entities with bullets. and yes I am being serious. He served time once as an angel of justice and in the marvel universe divine artifacts still respond to him despite him being mortal again.

            • Lord of the Sword

              We don’t talk about the angel of justice.

  • Grey_Moment

    Guess for next page: It’s one of the other witches, catching the paper ball.

  • Mr. Casual

    Is there anything that says they have to be _in_ the circle to make it work? Seems like things would be a lot easier if these guys couldn’t touch them.

    • Tsapki

      Unsure, but it might be something related to syncing the energies so it works. I can’t think of an instance where a wizard cast magic outside of a circle, but I could be wrong. I do recall, for example, Ben had to get into the circle that contained Sloth to desummon it.

      • Mindsword

        However, back with greed she was able to walk in. Since there is a bloodline thing going on, it might be best not to risk it.

      • Dud

        Don’t forget the circle on the island.

  • Tsapki


    Oh Envy, you are glorious.

  • Sarah Hardister

    Is no one else utterly delighted by Envy’s adorable habit of invading personal space? He really likes perching on shoulders.

    • Ganurath

      Who are you to say that the space isn’t his?

      • Alétheia

        But that space not being his is exactly why he covets it… :P

    • Ocean Burning.

      I find it utterly sickening… Envy’s a little creepster, is what he is.

    • Euodiachloris

      In a previous incarnation, Envy was either a mink or a shoulder-cat. ;P

  • Envy should remember that even though he cannot be physically harmed, being clubbed repeatedly with a rifle butt is still going to hurt. A lot.

  • Foxie really doesn’t realise what he’s messing with, do he?

  • AJ

    Harry’s FACE though! “Wait, are the spirits allowed to snatch things from me? I don’t think that’s allowed.”