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February 26th, 2016

February 26th, 2016 published on 70 Comments on February 26th, 2016

Not helping, Henry.

Hey, there’s a little interview with me over at the Awesome Comics Podcast, straight from London Super Con! My part’s at about 42 minutes in, where I get to actually say the words ‘rollicking yarn’ out loud, a personal goal. Well worth listening to the whole thing though!

  • LSKollt

    I love Nicola in this one! Her expressions are hilarious ;D

    • Tikatu

      They remind me of why Mal saw her spirit/aura as red and wrathful.

      • Phlebas

        A classic case of the instrument influencing the result being measured?

    • AJ

      She’s just snarling down at that paper with O’Malley’s name on it like she can light him on fire through laser-eye voodoo.

  • Aeirryn

    Florrie’s got her priorities right!

  • David Argall

    so we have our plans set and nothing can go wrong…go wrong…go wrong…

  • Dee

    Just not Nicola’s day.

    • ThisCat

      Most definitely not.

  • ShadeTail

    “The rude one” vs “The short one with the hair.”

    That doesn’t really narrow it down… ^_^

    • CountSessine

      She means Ben.

      • ShadeTail

        Mal has hair. And Ben isn’t exactly a paragon of manners. ^_^

        • The Wing

          Yeah man, only a real piece of work refuses a handshake.

    • John

      I can see Jack O’Malley as “The rude one” and Ben Thackery as “The short one with the hair”. O’Malley is rude to everyone after all while Thackery only seems to have trouble being civil to O’Malley. And Thackery is a little shorter than O’Malley and obviously spends time making his hair look just so while O’Malley’s hair is just sort of on top of his head doing whatever it wants.

      • Shihchuan

        And here I thought Florrie thought Mal was bald……:p

  • BaronHaynes

    I’m really, really impressed with how the long arc of this comic has come together. Excited to see how it unfolds (even if I hope we’re not getting to the endgame TOO soon)!

    • yachris

      Hear hear! And I really love the last panel :-)

    • I trust that after this arc is resolved, there’ll be another one that’s been set up even farther in advance

      • Darkening

        Maybe a story arc about why Sidney has his magical stealing thing

  • spas


  • I suspect Mrs de Montfort’s main priority at this point is finding an excuse to meet Herr Wolfe again.

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      You have a point. She didn’t add that her sister is always flirting with Wolfe. Maybe she’d like to keep all that flirting to herself…

  • Tyler Shelton

    Nicola’s…strangle-claws…must have…a victim…!! Once summoned, they cannot…be…stopped!

  • Euodiachloris

    Nicola, your Javert syndrome may be showing… :)

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Florrie STOP being logical at meeeeee !!”

  • JWLM

    I see that it isn’t just Harry who Florrie manages.

    In fact, does any Barber avoid dancing to her tune? Is even Nora immune?

    • Who do you think introduced her to Geoff? :)

      • JWLM

        I hadn’t thought of that.

        In my own defense, Florrie doesn’t seem to have had much luck arranging Nicola’s or Harry’s love lives yet.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Well, we don’t know how Nicola met Polly….

          (Admittedly, that hasn’t worked out as well as Nora and Geoff, but if I’m right she’s definitely making an effort!)

      • Nonesuch

        That… that is WONDERFUL! But when did Florrie meet him and get to know him well enough to realize he was perfect for Nora?

        Did she set Eddie and his good lady wife up as well?

      • Sanjay Merchant

        On the one hand, Florrie the matchmaker is pretty adorable, and Nora and Geoff make a cute couple. On the other hand, I kinda liked the idea that the Barber who seems weakest at a casual glance is the only who can stand up to Florrie’s wiles. :-)

  • Wonder if Ms Harriet will remember meeting O’Malley? Or if Captain Barber will remember that O’Malley told her he’d met her sister (although he didn’t know who she was)?

    • John

      I pretty sure that Harriet will not remember O’Malley (how many random people would you remember who you met a year ago and only saw once), but Nicola probably remembers that O’Malley talked about a redheaded woman who smoked a pipe.

      • Ms Harriet might remember Herr Wolfe though. He tends to have a make an impression on young ladies (except Captain Barber of course).

      • Now that they’ve put the timeline together, I’d be delighted if Sid said that he remembered them once he meets them. I mean, For Harry, it was Tuesday.

        For Sid, it was the day he went on a rollicking adventure and was introduced to the idea that his wizard skills and “borrowing” might have a place in Widdershins after all. He might have stronger memories related to those emotions. (The despair was mighty with this one, when we met him.) He also recalled which date it was that the magic felt “a touch odd” right off the bat.

        • John

          Excellent point. I doubt Sid would figure it out before he sees O’Malley, but once he sees him he has a decent chance to remember the guy from that train ride in the middle of his first adventure who took one look at Sid and said “Ugh. The wizard stays away from me.” especially since he did not understand how O’Malley recognized him on sight as a wizard.

          And I love the fact that Jack and O’Malley being on that train is not just foreshadowing that the would be important in chapter 2 but that it actually kicks off the whole deadly sins breaking free plot line.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Yep, Nicola’s definitely thinking she should’ve hung Mal when she had the chance.

  • Chris the Blue

    ‘Yeah, but he’s rude, though.’

  • rhapsha

    Yep, Nicola is certainly thrilled with her conclusion here.

  • Michael Brewer

    Nicky, don’t hide your emotions. Tell us how you really feel.

    • kuku

      She seems to be channeling Ira’s emotions with Superbia”s enthusiasm for punching someone.

  • SteinarB

    Florrie scares me. I suspect she could be an excellent Evil Mastermind if she wanted to. :)

    • Nonesuch

      And a delightfully hammy one, if she wanted. Or else a genuinely affable and efficient one. ^_^

    • Haven

      Well, there is her long-term cunning scheme to hook up Harry and Sid but I don’t know if I’d call that “evil”. Shippy Mastermind?

    • How do we know she ISN’T?

  • Forrie is a formidable opponent indeed.

  • Mujaki

    Ironic thing is, O’Malley never wanted to come to Widdershins in the first place. And now Nicola has to tell him he can’t leave? He’ll not take that well, not at all.

    • John

      Even worse – does this mean he needs to provide an heir so that Widdershins does not wind up without a witch again?

      • It is not a generational thing!

        • For the next “ask the characters” thing:

          “Mrs Isabelle, do we know why some people are blessed with magick to the point of powerful natural ability, such as Witches? Is there theory on it?”

          (Maybe she can address it not being generational there, too.)

          • Thanks! I was going to ask for questions in the next two weeks or so, will keep this one for then!

    • Tyler Shelton

      It sounded to me less like he can’t leave, and more like it’d be hard to make him leave if he doesn’t want to. Presumably because he draws power from the anchor. They don’t realize how little he enjoys ol’ wizard-town.

  • Nonesuch

    Florrie really is the most powerful sister! XD I love the way she works.

  • Nonesuch

    I like how the bits of lace on Nicola’s sleeves make her look like she’s sprouted batwings… ^_^ Or is that dragon’s wings?

  • Del

    All of this awesome…. and pipe-smoke, too!

  • Oh, the others must have hated Florrie when they were young.

    Talk them into anything, talk herself out of the subsequent trouble…

    • AJ

      Hopefully, as the youngest, she mostly talked Edward into things as the others were doing “big kid” activities. And Edward seems the type to go cheerfully charging in with her, trouble be hanged.

  • Elphie

    Well I’ve just finished my archive binge and so it’s time for random theorising! I’m placing my bets on the Barbers and O’Malley having to summon the 7 virtues to combat the 7 deadlies. We’ve already seen this with Nora and Courage so the 7 would be Nicky, Harry, Nora, Florrie, Eddie, Izzy and possibly Jack as the new Widdershins witch? Wonder how they’d all match up with Faith, Hope, Charity/Love, Justice, Courage, Temperance and Prudence then…

    • I get the feeling that Wolfe might be temperance or a related virtue

      • Elphie

        Yeah he’d be well suited but I think the Barber bloodline might be important? Maybe Izzy and Henry’s son might come into it, even if he is an accountant?

    • MarriStenberg

      Nicola would be Justice, I think. Harry might be courage.

  • Odo

    Just remember that “the O’Malley” has a lot more than simple invocations to help him. Any of the malforms will help him against the Deadlies.

  • Dud

    OK, I get it. Nicky goes into a massive post-Polly rebound, marries Mal, has seven children and one of her distant descendants is Sam the agent-baker.

    • AJ

      Is this… one of those “ships” they speak of? I think it might be sinking.

    • John

      Not sure if Nicky’s homosexual or bisexual, but even if she’s bi I doubt that O’Malley is her type OR that she is O’Malley’s type.

      Nicky/Wolfe seems to be a more likely pairing than Nicky/O’Malley to me, but at this point I would bet against that ship too.

      • Dud

        Just sewing up the story arc – Florrie has already started redirecting the manifest emotion…

  • billydaking

    I just love how Nicola slips into several angry contortions while talking about Jack. I guess that the thought really counts….

  • Siva Smith

    I really need to investigate Catholic stuff like the sins and virtues. I mean, I’ve investigated all sorts ofrandom stuff about all sorts of other random religions; at this point I’ve just… left it out!

  • Tikatu

    Hey! O’Malley was the one who bound Wrath! Does this mean we’re down one Deadly already?

  • Shee Soon Theng

    Nicola in the second panel: “I will most happily make him leave… preferably with my fists!”

  • William Rice

    I must have been watching too much anime, I’m starting to think Nicola is tsudere for O’Malley

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