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  • Little

    Just read the comics full from the begging, awesome work. Shocked to see an update the second I finished reading the last page at that! :)
    Love your comic, not sure if its also one of yours but “Darken” webcomic has almost the exact art ^^

    • Haha, good timing :) And yes, Darken was mine!

  • Just because Harry didn’t want to be Vee’s partner doesn’t mean that she’ll never want a partner again, Vee’s just in denial.
    As for telling Sid to stay out of the way, Harry doesn’t want him to get hurt.

    He needs to steal his hat back and get away from the crazy person, preferably embarrassing her in the process!

  • Reads Silently

    Looks like Harriet Barber is a regular Dark Knight-type, and Vee is jealous of the new Robin.

  • Hehee she does wear it well, my only question is if she’s still holding the brim because Sid’s hat is actually too big for her and she couldn’t bear to ruin how cool she looks by having it fall over her ears.

  • SteelRaven

    Wow, this woman is a bit nuttier than I thought.

  • Cooper

    Just waiting for Sid to discover all of Vee’s blowgun darts in his pockets.

  • Nonesuch

    There is a big difference between Harry telling Sid not to get in the way and her telling Vee not to get in the way. Sid is a good guy who’s helped her and might get hurt. Vee is a lunatic who can mess everything up.

    Now why do I get the feeling that putting on a magician’s hat is going to bite Vee in the bumroll soon? :p

  • Could we arrange for something sticky, painful, humiliating and permanent to happen to her? Soon?

  • SteinarB

    Looks like Vee is just a tiny, teensy, itsy, bitsy little bit bitter. Just a little. :)

  • tinwatchman

    … yeah, sorry, Sid, but I think Vee wears it better.

  • crystalsmith

    give him the hat back!
    I like his hat