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  • Geoff

    If he cements his “Old Mentor” status this chapter, he’ll NEED all the luck he can get.

    • Especially after tempting fate like that. Just throw in a passing mention of his plans for the future and his fate is pretty much sealed.

      • “I’ll tell you how we can defeat Lust tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep.”
        *chokes to death on a peanut*

  • Burke

    Ironic that Ms. Naptime was the one to wake up and accidentally let Luxuria free.

    • Actually, it makes a certain amount of sense that she would’ve built up a resistance

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Not sure her waking is letting it loose. I think Lux is just breaking the circle with its foot.

    • John

      I think Izzy stopping her spell is what set Lux free. But it is amusing that she is the one who wakes up to see Lux go.

      • Tikatu

        Especially since they were supposed to be married…

    • M. Peach

      I’m not sure that he was set free. It looked to me like he fizzed out like the others, so now I’m confused.

      • Everyone but Wrath is free.

        • Eric

          Not one, but TWO near-summons. It must be really, really angry by now.

          • McRocky71

            You might even say that he’s IRAte.

            • Sanjay Merchant

              Less of a pun that a word derivation. :-P

        • Aw, so we won’t get to see Mr Luxuria with his head tucked underneath his arm after all. Never mind, I know what sketch I want for the next Kickstarter. It will go very well with the one I’m going to get from the last Kickstarter. ;-)

        • Jeff

          I don’t understand – why is this the case?

          • Well uh. I meant in terms of the main timeline, not this story alone. Sorry, hard to be clear with flashbacks occurring.

        • …which is a fine thing, since I certainly wouldn’t have paid for them. (Apologies to the late Brother Ulm).

        • Karaz

          Greed was not freed either right?

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Well, when the others were banished, they had chains wrap around them first. Whereas in the previous story arcs, a Deadly set free has disappeared in a whiff of colored… smoke? Luxuria’s disappearance is much more consistent with the latter than the former. Plus, he broke the circle. Plus Izzy never resumed her chant.

  • Ganurath

    Lust has been free in Widdershins all this time. No wonder there are so many Barbers!

    • AJ

      “So many”? There are only four. And it becomes more and more obvious that we need at least that many to resolve the current situation.

      • Phlebas

        Four plus Henry and Izzy makes six. Hmmm.

        • AJ

          Six is indeed a hmm-worthy number. It’s a little shy of the goal, though.

          • Tikatu

            Would two little Barbers count? Or three? And where is Dad? We know Nicole/Harry/Nora/Florrie/Edmund Mom is still living, but how about Dad?

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Five. He may not be as formidable as his big sisters, but Edmund is still a Barber. (Though to judge by that beard he’s never been to one.)

  • Haven

    Wow, it was almost curtains for him.

    • Christopher J Stanley

      Izzy, Izzy, let down your hair!

    • I think this portière’s just getting started

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Bunt he survived!

      • kuku

        To swagger on!

    • Captain Hammer

      Lacy gently wafting curtains. . .

      • Shikome Kido Mi

        Your user name makes that comment particularly great.

      • Chris the Blue


    • Nonesuch

      You’ve just reminded me of a movie.

      “Let me tell you about the time I almost died…”

      Rotten ending, that one had. :-/

      • Gillian Langtree

        Or the best ever depending on your viewpoint

  • Euodiachloris

    Luxuria, however, made the biggest mistake in the whole villain book: he didn’t make positively sure the hero went splat. :P

    • Oops. That’s the medallion. Taking back what i said.

    • William Rice

      Lux read most of the Evil Overlord’s Guide but not all of it. Like the sections saying that you should always double check that the hero is dead before continuing with your evil plot

    • TheGorram Batguy

      Honestly, I really don’t think he cares. He dropped Barber like that because he had more important things to do. Killing him would have been a bonus, but I don’t think it matters to him. It does not look to me that Lust sees Barber as a threat at all, at least now that Lust has reclaimed his full power from the necklace.
      Izzy, however, is a threat, and he knows it. Odd that he doesn’t bother dealing with her. But then again, he said he’s got places to be. It must be really important to trump dealing with the one person on Earth who can thwart his plans.

    • Jeudi Violist

      But what if his end goal was to seduce Barber? Walking away casually is the surefire way to ensure he survives so that he can be seduced at a later date.

  • I don’t care how lucky Lord Barber is. That’s got to hurt.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Yeah, falling just over two stories and getting caught by your *wrist*. Ouchie.

      • It feels like a bruised wrist should be in order sometime soon.

        • JWLM

          Bruised wrist, nothing. Dislocated shoulder, scapulothoracic bursitis, epicondylitis…

          Thank heavens for cartoon physics.

          • Me-me

            He’s not catching a cement floor – he’s catching a drape-thing. It probably has some give. Plus he’s athletic (and lucky, yes). This is rather reasonable. Kate’s not much for cartoon physics.

          • Still better than hitting the floor!

          • Cartoon characters get different maladies, like lineamenta defluxit and forma distortis.

  • MeggieMeee

    Sloth lady can use magic, can’t she? Lux might be in for it…

    • Jay

      She can, but that takes so much *effort*. Wouldn’t you rather keep napping?

      • rhapsha

        Also, I can’t imagine she would be able to gather the focus as she’s barely coming to after being drugged. Even if she would want too.

  • kuku

    So is the medallion now just a piece of jewelry with a history? I can’t remember exactly how it was made. And is it about to bounce down into the anchor too?

    • McRocky71

      Here’s the page to refresh your memory. –

      I have a theory about the amulet that goes like this – Remember at the start of this chapter when Sid “stole” the amulet from Henry when they met. As I understand it, Sid’s thief ability works on objects that have powerful emotional ties to-or-for their owners, so it’s possible the amulet isn’t merely a pretty bauble on a chain.
      Now it may simply have been Henry’s own fondness for a keepsake that reminds him of how he and Izzy got together that made it attractive to Sid’s pockets, but what if the amulet is still connected to Luxuria?
      The amulet has been drained of Lux’s magic so it can’t be used as a shapeshifting tool, but if having been filled with Lux’s spirit energy it might still retain an imprint of that energy, which could be enough for a powerful witch (like a certain colorblind grumpypants is soon to learn he is) to be able to trace Luxuria’s whereabouts in the present.

      • kuku

        Thanks! Interesting theory.

      • svartalf

        And possibly used as a means to pin his backside down somehow.

  • And once again, tasteful interior decoration saves the day!

  • Gwennafran

    Is there a reason “Mrs Luxuria” no longer got a tag? I mean, has her name changed now that Lux’s influence over the other six probably has been broken?

    • Naw, I just forgot, haha.

      • Gwennafran

        Hahaha, thanks. I’ve gone paranoid since a few other webcomics I follow might just do something like that, and then just not mention it to avoid obvious spoilers. XD

        • No worries, thanks for reminding me! I’m at the tail-end of a chain of all-nighters and uploaded this one at 7am, so I sometimes mess up a little with the tagging, it’s appreciated when people mention it so I can fix it and not give people the wrong impression.

  • You know – leaving behind an item so closely associated with your own essence (even though Lust has reclaimed the actual magic it held) where a wizard of some power who has reason to be personally a tad annoyed with you can grab it strikes me as not the most career-enhancing move possible.

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    But…now what is he gonna do? He’s hanging pretty precariously there, and he’s got to have dislocated that shoulder AT LEAST. AND IZZY’S SO FAR AWAY…!

  • Nonesuch

    Looks like the honeymoon between Luxuria and Ms. Lazy is most definitely over…

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