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  • Sturzkampf

    Ms Feng’s reputation will be ruined. Walking out with a young man (and a student at that) without a chaperone was bad enough, but kissing in public?! Horror!

    • KingE

      It’s cool, they used a protection circle.

  • JediaKyrol

    smooth cover Sid.

  • Who, me?

    This whole three-frame comic is beautiful. I especially love how, in the last panel, the grass, trees, flowers, etc. are all brighter because of the greyness of the cloudy day. That particular bit is both beautiful and fairly realistic!

  • spas

    well I guess that answers THAT question – these two DID hook up…but will Sid tell Harry about that part? Maybe he’s not THAT clueless…

  • =Tamar

    “A little emotion”? Such as, maybe, lust? Or even “fondness” – and off it goes, to look for a mate. How long before Sid broke up with her, I wonder, and is this all a jealousy plot?

    • JediaKyrol

      oh man…that would be insane if Lei was the man with the mask and she set all this up because she’s jealous of Harry…but then she would be about as bright a Sid to think locking up your rival with your romantic interest in a small closet was a good idea.

      • Cooper

        Jealous people do insanely stupid things.

  • Well, it must be said – ooooh!

  • Willow the Clever

    Ooh, Florrie’s not going to like that.
    Man! I just realized that putting your email in these things lets it inform you if someone replies to your comment. I am an idiot. /:’

    • You have a Discus profile that’ll tell you when you have replies too, though :)

      • Willow the Clever

        Actually I don’t. XD I probably should get one, though. Thanks.

  • ire dander

    Was it sexy magic

    • ire dander

      Or was it just amity

  • ire dander

    But on the serious side nice job on this webcomic in general this is one of the very few i check daily

  • l33tninja

    erm, yes, magic shows. that’s it!

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