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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Qwack !

  • Bill Soo

    The worm has turned!

  • kuku

    Yay Voss!

    • Nonesuch

      Yeah! :D

    • Margot

      Yay Voss!

      • AJ

        Vay Yoss!

  • Nonesuch

    Woohoo! :D Go, Voss, GO! Fight the Sin!

  • Heylir

    Well, Voss had experience of fighting Envy’s direct control, before: It didn’t last a long time, though.

    • Maria Gerasimova

      Or perhaps it’s the result of Verity’s sudden freeing :)
      Nevertheless, it’s great, for without his struggle and his volitional effort he wouldn’t be able to break the string!

    • Maria Gerasimova

      Heylie, it’s you! I’ve just realized it :)

    • MoeLane

      In retrospect, perhaps Envy shouldn’t have tried to puppet somebody who had previously learned how to break free from his influence. Particularly since the technique that Envy used back then to reassert control isn’t likely to work now.

      …These Deadly Sins we’ve seen so far ain’t too bright, are they?

      • Heylir

        It is exactly what I thought after Envy’s line about “My favourite puppet”. :)

        Their “Did you care about him?.. oh, I got it, you wish to play the hero!” didn’t show deep insight, either. :)

      • GristleMcNerd

        Well, Intelligence isn’t one of them…

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Either that or he was way more opposed to hurting Wolfe than.. Sid was to try his magic trick on Verity. [/shower thought]

  • Way to go Voss!
    Show that determination of Friendship is stronger than the chains of Envy!

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    GM: … What?!
    Voss: A Natural 20 for the save, yes!
    GM: (facepalm)

    • svartalf

      Heh. Something tells me there’s an additional +20 on top of it going on there.

  • Ocean Burning.

    Envy: _Oh snap_.

    • AJ

      Yes. Very nice.

      • Ocean Burning.

        What would be really nice would be to see Envy’s face when Verity’s charging at it with a saw!

        • Ghostdanser

          While the image is amusing…I’m thinking more along the lines of Vee using the saw to cut through a rope suspending a sandbag right over Envy’s head.

  • Liz

    Woo! Redemption arc!

  • Truth Hut

    I expect envy to punish him for that. Possibly with cruelty and finality.

    • svartalf

      I expect Envy to TRY. Doesn’t mean that It’s going to get very far…

      • Truth Hut

        I don’t know he’s pretty much expendable in this story

  • Brother Nightmare

    Never underestimate a puppet… NEVER!

    • Grey_Moment

      The strings you trust to hold the most are always the first to go…

  • SaberRoy

    The perspective of the last panel made me think for a second that the comic had suddenly gotten really dark…

    • Bobismeisbob

      Don’t worry it’s a string that snapped not a neck ;)

      • svartalf


    • TheGorram Batguy

      Oh, it will get rather dark soon…mwha…mahaaha….mawaahaaHAAAHAAAHAAHAAAHAAAA!
      …you see, Envy’s stage-lights are seemingly part of how he projects his power, so sooner or later the heroes will break them. Then, by definition, the comic will be darker. ;)

  • Sarah Hardister

    Oh Envy, looks like someone’s pulling your string.

  • Ocean Burning.

    The more I look at Voss’s face in the last panel, the more I think this is my favorite look he’s ever had… Something about the way it’s drawn suggests to me that, while trying to weaken Envy, Voss is gaining in strength. It’s, like, the face of someone who isn’t a total loser.

  • Ilmari

    Hurrah for Voss!

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