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February 8th, 2013

February 8th, 2013 published on 12 Comments on February 8th, 2013

Tim’s had enough of that.

I’ve started shipping out the Kickstarter orders, but there’s a half dozen people that haven’t responded to the emails asking for their address- Please give me your details via either KS or email, or I can’t send you your books!

  • fishsicles

    Looking back over the comic, I do not believe we have any confirmation that the “man” in the mask is not Lei herself; though, I may be missing what is present due to an abundance of tired, and exaggerating what is absent due to an abundance of paranoia.

    • If it were Lei, she was wearing some serious elevator shoes – Lei appears to be about Harry’s height, maybe a bit taller, and, so near as i can tell, that “man” was more than a head taller than she is.

      I’m not so sure it’s a man at all; it might be an automaton.

      If Envy is the Deadly for this story … might Tim be envious of Lei’s ability?

      • svartalf

        Height isn’t going to be a good indicator. Several things could be going on- the “man” is an automaton, she could be infused into it in a “person’s mind/soul in a golem fashion” (a’ la Alphonse in Full-Metal Alchemist…), it could be clockwork suit she’s driving, it could be…almost anything. One thing’s showing to be probable here…she’s probably not so much of an unwilling participant.

        As for the deadly, it could be either Envy or Wrath at this stage- not enough leads to point to either. Heck, Kate may derive perverse pleasue (as most webcomic artists seem to get) in watching us twist in the wind and get it DEAD WRONG. :-D

        • Well, yeah – i meant Mask isn’t Lei personally.

          I doubt it could be a “clockwork suit she’s driving” – too slender for her to fit into.

          Abso-agree as to whether Lei might just be a part of this … if not the whole thing.

          And the more i think – Lei, the assistant, the real brains behind the act. And wossname – Vee – Harry’s former assistant, who sees herself as superior to Harry.

          Teamed up. To show up their bosses/mentors/former partners.


  • =Tamar

    I also suspect the man is an automaton. So far we have Harry vs Vee, Tim vs Lei, two cases of “partner’s jealousy.” I think there’s a distinct possibility of Lei vs everybody. I’m favoring Lei vs Tim, with jealousy (in the cellar…). I don’t think Vee just happened to find out about the situation. This could be a deep level of jealousy or long-term anger, depending on who is the target.

  • Cooper

    It only took until the end of this flashback for me to realise how odd Sid looks without his goatee.

    • It was very annoying! I kept going to draw it and having to stop myself :(

  • SoItBegins

    Yeah, that corks it, I’m guessing the man is Lei. Simple reasoning: Naturally since Sid has it all figured out, it’s wrong.

  • Shelby

    Harry’s various faces of ‘dude calm down’ throughout Sid’s story are hilarious.

  • Ruby

    Harry is looking pretty nonplussed at Sid’s “let’s go rescue my ex-girlfriend” act…

  • This guy

    I think even Harry has guessed it

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