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February 9th, 2016

February 9th, 2016 published on 75 Comments on February 9th, 2016

Yes, I definitely do want to draw that wedding.

In case you missed it, last update was a map of Widdershins! I’ve scooted it to earlier in the archives so it doesn’t get in the way of the story.

  • She threw the knife at him at the wedding?

    • Possibly! But Nicola’s referring to this in particular

      • John

        I can see Henry taking Elodie and Tilde conspiring to give him the key to his handcuffs in the final confrontation as an apology for their earlier disagreements.
        And after inviting them to the wedding I am sure Henry and Izzy think of them by their actual names rather than by the sin based pseudo names that Luxuria used for them, although I can understand why Nicola isn’t thinking of them that way.

        • She might not know their real names. Henry is telling the story as a framing device, but it’s rather unlikely that he’d bother to explicitly narrate every single background detail that we got to see in the comic version of the tale (as, let’s be honest, hearing it told that way would be a godawful bore). Their real names could easily be one of the details he didn’t mention. Tilodie’s collective character arc would naturally be somewhat less in focus if we heard the story in the form a purely spoken-word autobiographical first person narrative.

          Besides, Henry and Izzy weren’t actually present actually witness a lot of the details of the story that we, the readers got to see, so they wouldn’t be able to tell certain parts of the story we read even if they wanted to.

      • I realised that after i posted.

        • In fairness, if there was ever a wedding that would have knife-throwing, it’d be that one.

    • My wedding had a baseball bat involved. I don’t think knives are entirely out of the realm of wedding festivities! :p

      • My husband had a (blunted) dagger in his sock for ours, because a Scot can apparently not show up in formalwear without some sort of weapon. Pretty sure there’s a picture somewhere of me wielding it during the dinner, I was a little put out that my dress didn’t have weaponry.

        • MoeLane

          There’s a picture of my wife and I at the ceremonial* wedding cake cutting. In lieu of mushing it in each other’s face we spontaneously decided to instead have her assume a knife-fighting stance and me go into an en garde position with the cutlery.

          That was a good wedding. We had a brunch. Homemade beer and wine, by SCA master brewers. We played the Imperial March for our procession into the reception. It was a thing/

          *She wanted a chocolate fountain: I wanted the cut-the-cake ritual. Easy enough to bake a small cake beforehand

        • Rolan7

          Ceremonial weapons are the best weapons!

          • No, in my experience a lot of ceremonial weapons are kinda rubbishy

        • Mike Clarke

          Ah yes, a skean dhu. Very traditional, that is.

          • That’s the one. Knew it had a very Nac Mac Feegle name.

        • rainycity1

          (I wish I could up-vote this twice: once for the Scot comment and once more for the wish for a dress with weaponry)

      • AJ

        And there are the weddings with the saber cordons. I was miffed that I didn’t have that. But the US Air Force doesn’t do sabers.

          • AJ

            Oh, but I don’t want to start a branch-war here on whose sabers are more awesome….

    • JWLM

      I assumed that the bouquet must have been a weapon and she caught it and then threw it at him when she realized what it was…

  • We know what happened to The Butler…

    • Tikatu

      Yeah, but the Barber family doesn’t. Seems like Nora’s going to tell them some of her story–or, at least, where she saw Mr. Gula. Makes me wonder if any of the others have been kicking around in the background.

      • Tsapki

        Well, that leaves three unaccounted for, Greed, Wrath and Sloth.

        • Pangaea

          Actually, there would be two – Sloth was released into Widdershins back in Chapter 2.
          Wrath was not successfully summoned in the last Chapter.
          Greed was dismissed properly at the end of Chapter 1.

          • John

            I am pretty sure that Greed was released (“Then I shall take back my stolen freedom.”) in this comic not dismissed.

            Also I think the question was what happened to the people Luxuria had stand in for Greed, Wrath, and Sloth, not about the deadlies themselves. I don’t think we saw the woman Luxuria called Acedia or the man he called Avarita in the earlier arcs. We haven’t had Wrath’s story yet so the woman he called Ira could show up, but given her probable age at this point it seems unlikely.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Ah, so the fall did …how do you say, unmount (?) his shoulder after all.

    • Dislocate his shoulder, I think. ^.^

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        Yes, that. Thanks.

  • ThisCat

    I don’t think I’d be the only one who’d be happy if you drew that wedding :)

    • AJ

      BONUS STORY! Because bonus stories don’t have to adhere to conflict/resolution patterns. They can just be larks.

    • Me-me

      I propose a kickstarter for the illustration of that wedding. Stretch goals involve better detail, resolution, and more scenes.

  • Christopher J Stanley

    Invidia and Superbia are pretty cute.

    I guess you could say I…

    ENVY them.

    Luckily, I…

    take PRIDE in that.

    • SomeGuy411

      We would have to be GLUTTONS for punishment to not be filled with WRATH for someone trying to get this train rolling

      • cake

        That didn’t really work.

        You got too GREEDY with the puns there.

        • MoeLane

          I LUST to do my own pun, but I got distracted by this.

          [There was a YouTube of the Sloth video here]

          [EDIT: Sorry, I thought that if I did it that way the video wouldn’t embed.

          [FURTHER EDIT: Oh, come ON.]

          [LAST EDIT: FINE, UNIVERSE. It was the Sloth crossing the street video. Sloth. Sloth. You get it? You get it? :shakes fist at cloud:]


        • Michael Haneline

          None of these are actually puns. You guys are using all these words quite literally.

  • spas

    this side story with the parents (grandparents?) has been so wonderful, i almost prefer it to the main! please go off on another tangent like this with this couple at some future family gathering some day?! please, pretty pretty please?

    seriously, KUDOS

    • I’m extremely tempted, I had a lot of fun with it. I keep piecing together a story about Henry’s first hunting job, despite it having no place in the schedule whatsoever..

      • spas

        there will be the perfect moment for it at some point! do you read john allison? i love how he gave up the older post-college characters, stayed in the same town, and returned to primary school. then, when those kids got to high school, he went back to his older characters – which is now a separate comic that updates only on fridays. i was against the initial change, bc i’m 45 now and i loved amy, ryan, shelley, tim and the gang – but then i loved the other story too. still, i’m most happy now having both! yeah, have your cake and eat it too – bc you make the rules!

        • Yeah, I love John Allison’s work! Met him at a few cons, he is a real nice chap, and Giant Days in particular is an absolute corker.
          I’m sure I’ll have time to slide in another flashback story at some point, you never know. I’ve got the next three books pretty strongly outlined, but from there, I could do anywhere, really!

          • It’s at least another 30 years until you can start drawing your pension, so you have plenty of time to follow up on all the plot threads!

  • Ganurath

    Vacant circle. For a lazy person, Acedia was pretty quick to remove herself from the area. Head start from waking up, teleportation, or something else?

    • John

      I think she was afraid sticking around would get far too active…

  • I wonder what Superbia and Invidia look like nowadays. From the looks of it, they were a little older then Hendy and Izzy even back then. And if time works the way I’ve always suspected it does, they still are (though I may be wrong about that last part).

  • Mujaki

    That was quite the flashback, considering it started on May 15th of last year. That’s almost nine months. It’s a wonder Nora hasn’t had that baby yet!

    • AJ

      This makes me laugh because that’s when I got pregnant and I haven’t had the baby yet either!

      • Rolan7

        Congratulations in the near future!

      • Congrats and good luck :)

  • Sloth may have been bound, but not so securely that a powerful, expert wizard like Benjamin Thackerey was unable to break the chains.

    • A very charitable interpretation that he would definitely appreciate, if not agree with.

      • JWLM

        OK, I have a Ben question: just how accurate is his own assessment of his abilities? Is he deluded, or does he view himself as a mediocre but hard-working wizard? Has his time with Wolfe and O’Malley helped him accept his own limitations better?

        • He’s very (very) aware that he’s not especially good at wizarding, he’s just just not letting that stop him from getting things done, and that usually takes more than a little bluster.

      • szbnahl

        That reminds me, we don’t actually see Greed get summoned, did we? It was already semi-bound in Scotland and making deals to free itself with the Mark of Thieves. Are going to see who/what summoned it in later stories, or was it just some random wizard at some point?

    • Euodiachloris

      The problem with Sloth is that it could easily appear completely bound for years, when that might not have been the case at all. A perfect excuse not to do anything? Have at it! ;P

  • Rinta

    My memory fails me completely, who is Elodie?

    • John

      Elodie is the real name for the woman Luxuria called Invidia and Tilde is the real name for the woman Luxuria called Superbia. I don’t recall if we heard the real names of the other four. The man Luxuria called Gula was in the Gluttony arc, and he wasn’t even referred to by his real name there (he was just called “The Butler”).

  • Chaos

    I kind of want an entire series of comics dedicated to my favorite couple, Elodie and Tilde. They are perfect and I want to hug them forever. Also, supppper tempted to try and cosplay Elodie.

    • Dooo it, we’ve never had a cosplayer yet! And yeah I enjoyed writing them a lot, the only trouble was making sure they didn’t completely steal the show.

    • JM


  • maeverin

    aww, Elodie and Tilde are cute:} I wonder if, without Luxuria’s influence, their personalities calmed down. They were chosen for a reason, but I wonder if the experience didn’t temper them a bit.

  • Shelby Babcock

    Thank you so much for the bouquet line! It made me laugh so hard because I think we all know some one in our lives who would totally do that to catch that wedding bouquet. And I really needed the laugh today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me literally laugh out loud. You saved my day.

    • Hooray! Making people smile is entirely what I do this for, so I’m thrilled.

  • AJ

    That’s twice now that Nora’s provided the “Dun dun DUNNNNN!” moment. For all her cringing, she’s got a keen sense of dramatic timing.

    • Sadly, it’s less of a “Dun dun DUNNNNNN” moment for the audience, since we already know about all that

  • Nemisis Daemonic

    I think my favorite part of this update is that Elodie’s first reaction is to hug Tilde. and then the Bouquet. Don’t get between that woman and her magnificent specimen.

  • JWLM

    Did Henry and Izzy attend Elodie and Tilde’s wedding? If so, which side did they sit on? Elodie would be so jealous of Tilde if the sat on Pride’s side, but Tile’s feelings would really be hurt if they sat on Envy’s side.

    • Elodie and Tilde’s wedding? This is 19th century Europe we’re talking about here.

      • JWLM

        No, this isn’t 19th century Europe. It’s Widdershins, a place where Sidney can attend University, where Just can marry Eddie, where Nicola can be lesbian and work and serve on the police force.

        Oh, and magic, too. I forgot that little thing.

        • Ontogenesis

          I think it might be cooler than real Europe.

          LOL. Magic = totes believable. Lesbian marriage = mind-breaking.

  • rainycity1

    I know! Wedding drawing as a Patreon award!
    (For those of you who are on the fence: c’mon over & support Widdershins on Patreon you guys, you know you want to…. ;-)

  • Lina

    Can I say thank you for placing the map at a place where it is easy to find, but doesn’t disrupt the story?
    Because it’s something not many comics do, and it makes a huge difference in readabillity so thank you!
    Oh, and I probably haven’t said it yet, but I read your comic for a long time now and it is awsome!

    • Thank you! And no worries, it’s always jarring when you’re flipping through a story and boom, filler! Pulls you right out of it.

  • Chris the Blue

    I’m super glad they became friends.

  • Euodiachloris

    Another of Elodie’s skills: shopping successfully in sales. xD

  • Shikome Kido Mi

    I was going to say something about it being odd Nicola gets guff about finding a man if Ms. Suberbia and Ms. Invidia were at her parent’s wedding but a quick check of the family tree reminded me that these are her grand-parents.

    They’re a pretty spry couple for great-grandparents but then I suppose people had children earlier back… whenever this is set, so it takes less time for several generations to be born.

  • non_canon

    Having read the wedding short story, this whole page just gets so much better.

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