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  • Jonathan Trouba


    Oh this is going to be fun.

    • Marvelous TK

      Oh. Oh! I didn’t even… oh.

      … Oh.

      Let’s do this.

      • Nightsbridge

        oh my god I didn’t even realize, not even a bit

    • Zhirah

      Oh yes, yes it is!

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Wow. And here I was all excited at new characters.

      • Jonathan Trouba

        It could still be new characters! My genderbend theory was just my first impression. Like another reader said, the man isn’t scowling like Harry usually does.

        • billydaking

          And considering that the last story ended with Wolfe saying that they need to talk about something he learned about the Barber family, storywise, a chapter about the Barber clan’s parents would seem to make much more sense.

          (And honestly, I’m finding gender-bending stories becoming a major cliche, so I’m glad Widdershins isn’t going ahead with one when there’s other stories to tell in its universe.)

    • AJ

      Okay, people. Lady Ashwin has listed two characters as being IN THIS PAGE, above. Henry Barber, and Isabelle Holt. Which means that the people here are the Barber clan’s patriarch and someone who I really hope is Sidney’s mom, but is in no way a gender bent character. (Sorry. That would have been cool.) Gotta point out, Sidney has never been the timid, curl-his-hand up sort.

      • It’s worth noting I only added on the listings later. Sid really quite rarely would look nervous, especially in the face of interesting danger!

        • AJ

          Well, now I feel half-silly twice. Once for thinking I’d missed the listing, and once for getting all worked up thinking everybody else missed it too.

          • Haha, don’t, you’re the one who gave me a little hope by pointing out that Sidney doesn’t act like that!

            • AJ

              I almost pointed it out yesterday, suggesting that we’ve been around Ben and his typical reactions-in-the-face-of danger.

        • Marvelous TK

          You deceived me. Do you enjoy toying with my trust? Is that it? Why must you hurt me in this way?

          • AJ

            Oh hush. You know you like it.

      • Nerd

        On the previous page it says that she is Grandma Barber.

  • Sir_Krackalot

    A chapter about Gramma and Grandpa Barber?

    • Potato_San

      I sure hope so 030

    • Silly Zealot

      Sidney and Harry were related all along!!!1one

      • AJ

        They can’t be! They can’t be a couple if they’re related!

        • =Tamar

          It depends on how closely they’re related, if they are. Most places allow first cousins to marry.

    • Sonja

      I’m quite sure about that as the big grandparents’ backstory was announced in the last chapter…

  • New characters?! Yay! :D

  • carboncat203

    I was hoping that the comments would be able to tell me who the two characters are. Instead, there are three different theories. I suppose I’ll have to be patient and wait for the story to tell me what’s going on

    • Me-me

      I cheated and checked which one Kate A upvoted. Spoiler alert, I guess?

      • AJ

        The characters on the page are LISTED above the comments, y’all.

        • They weren’t before, I mostly did it because people seemed to be getting hyped for a thing I wasn’t doing!
          I like Harry especially as the gender is already is, guys! Her whole point is going against gender conventions, it’d kinda blunt that to just make her a dude.

          • AJ

            Sorry, sorry. I’ll calm down.

            • Oh don’t, I was only replying here too in case someone missed the other reply. No-one’s done anything wrong! :)

          • Phlebas

            So genderflipped Harry heads straight for Florrie’s wardrobe?

          • kuku

            Thank you – I like androgyny and going against gender conventions – yay Harry, keep expanding people’s ideas of how women look and what they do.

  • J.C.

    Are we finally going to meet the elusive Barber brother?!?!?!?!

  • pingo1387

    Ah, would this be the chapter on Lust?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oooh a new pair of protagonists o/

  • Gabe

    Have you ever thought about a Gort cameo?

    • AJ

      I think Gort was on a poster. Jill showed up once also.

      • Gort doesn’t thrill me as a possible crossover/cameo.

        I’d like to see Jill and the Barbers butt heads…

        • JWLM

          Jill was there back in _No Rest for the Wicked_.

          Personally, I want to see how Lady Ashwin (I am totally stealing that appellation, AJ) would handle putting Komiyan into Widdershins. He’s already got the 1830’s era pawn-broker glasses, but I wonder how he’d hide his ears…

          • Sanjay Merchant

            And his skin color. I don’t think anyone in the Widdershins-verse has ink-black skin like a drow.

      • I believe I’ve missed the Gort-one, but we have had a couple of Darken-cameos: :-)

        • Sanjay Merchant

          You’re missing two others, you know. ;-)

          • Ah, in that case this would be a good time to link me to those so I could make up for that ;-)

      • Talewinds

        Was that “Gort With The Wind?”

        • AJ

          Jeepers, I don’t know! I read Darken AFTER the Jill cameo, so I only know the Gort one happened because of the comments.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Gort does not submit to puny cameos! The Lord of Hellfire will burn his way to center stage! None shall surpass him in narrative importance!

      *whispers from Komiyan*

      Except Asmodeus, of course. *mumble grumble sulk*

  • Dee

    Let’s see, we’ve had gluttony (4), envy (5), pride (3), greed (1), sloth (2). Wrath and Lust are the remaining ones, right? (Despite Wrath’s cameo in the last chapter.) I’m leaning towards Lust for some reason.

  • Judging by the red hair and pipe, I’m guessing that the genderbend theory is the correct one: that fellow looks remarkably like Harry, which would make the lady there Sid . . . though these could be entirely new characters as well, won’t know until the story starts!

    • kuku

      Not scowly enough for Harry?

      • Jonathan Trouba

        Hmm, very possible. Genderbend was my first impression on seeing it, what with the pipe and the glasses on the lady, but it could well be wrong.

        • Why, who else wears glasses? :)

    • Columbine

      Resemblance could still be because this is her Grandad and they’re related.

    • Guest

      The characters listed for this page are Henry Barber and Isabelle Holt. Not Harry Barber and Sidney Malik. So this can’t be genderbent.

      • Ah, I hadn’t noticed what characters were listed.

  • ShadeTail

    I’ve been meaning to ask, how did you choose the name Widdershins? I know of two different uses of the word, and I’m curious about what meaning it has here.

    • Wombat140

      I only know of one (anti-clockwise, especially as the direction used for spells and spooky things.) What was the other?

      • ShadeTail

        Specifically, widdershins originally meant walking anti-clockwise around a church, which superstition claimed brought bad fortune. More recently, it was used by Terry Pratchett in his Discworld series as the direction opposite the spin of Discworld.

  • Sir. Orc

    Looks like lust will be making their debut, this promises to be fun.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Found her. She’s right there on the cover!

    • maeverin

      This is the easiest Where’s Waldo type game I’ve ever done!

  • Columbine

    Lovely cover. I’m guessing from the colour-theme that this is Lust because it looks a darker deeper red than the colours Wrath was last chapter. Gotta admit I’ve been wondering how you’d do Lust since I read book 2.

    Also because I am a bad person I sent you drawings of the Purple Hippo of Happiness and the crown jewels…..I’m not sorry.

  • DaggerPen

    Oh my. Looks like it’s time to see the adventures of Henry Barber, then? My money’s on Lust for this chapter, which I’ll be very curious to see.

  • CorvusCornix

    No surprise that Harry could use a shave. Very chic Sid!

  • SoItBegins

    Aaaand LUST is in the building.
    This’ll be good.

  • Euodiachloris

    If this is a switcherooni, what of Gren?

  • Del

    I’m just glad to see a pipe smoldering.

    There are probably clues in the colors that I can’t see well. I don’t think her hair is the same color as Harriet’s, but I can’t be sure. Lots of ponytails in this comic. Her nose is much too dainty for a Barber. He has a Barber nose….

    I do know that that is NOT Harriet’s pipe! She favors a bent stem, and that pipe shape is a classic straight billiard.

    And so, with great faith in Miss Ashwin’s story-writing skills, I am expecting something much more clever than a body-switching yarn.

  • I would like to posit yet another theory: We have been sent into an alternate universe! Where Sid is a female accountant, and Harry is actually a Harry. Except slightly more confused than usual, instead of angry.

  • Deepbluediver

    OOOH! New characters! Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

  • spas

    yes to the yes to the hells yes! i was wondering who those two were from the TWC incentive!

  • Okay, we got the front page and I’m already hooked for this chapter… well played Kate, well played…

  • Spirit22

    So it’s time for the grandparents story!!

  • *excited noises* !!!!!

  • Silly Zealot

    Hey, remember when a demon was about to blow up a mansion full of people to summon another one?

    No, no, that was okay.
    NOW I’m scared!

    Edit: Oh, wait, they are not gender bent characters, false alarm, thank Christ.

  • Sonja

    Hm, is “Find the Lady” the English version of the French saying “Cherchez la femme”?

    • =Tamar

      It’s the name for “find the pea under one of the three shells.” But you are also right, it could mean “Cherchez la femme” as well.

  • Is that like Find the Fish?

  • The Wing

    Madam Holt looks very tall. o-o

  • Nonesuch

    Hoohoo~! :D Another chapter with Henry! And, dare I hope, Sid? ;)

  • Mujaki

    So, with the title of “Find the Lady,” I’m wondering if there will be a game of Three Card Monte? ( )

  • Talewinds

    “CAD’S CRADLE!!!!”

  • katy

    Is that… HARRY AND SID?!? O.O

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