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January 10th, 2014

January 10th, 2014 published on 29 Comments on January 10th, 2014

Pre-empting any closet jokes.

Last few hours on this awesome anthology’s Kickstarter! If we get to $30k, all the artists get a bonus!

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 Widdershins Vol. One | Widdershins Vol. Two 

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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    A-HA, I knew it ! :D

  • Volk0v

    …Sam is sort of cute when he does facial expressions.

  • Yah – the inside of a small room containing a fight between two guys, the smaller of whom is half again my size, is EXACTLY where i want to be, right?

    • JWLM

      Frying pans? Tin cans? Glass bottles? If both of the other two are paying no attention, then the big oaf becomes a target from the back.

      • I have this nasty feeling that clonking him with a frying pan would result in a bent pan and an admonishing look.

  • David Argall

    So Ethan is on the side of the angels? It still looks like he was sneaking out of the kitchen, which he hardly needed to do if this was planned.
    Sam had better be good with his fists. Of course a lot of the butler may be fat, but he could also be a gorilla with a haircut. Of course, a frying pan to the head can negate a lot of muscle.

    • ShakeJake

      If part of the plan is playing traitor, he’d have to start his act the moment he left the room, as a maid coerced by Sykes might be watching.

  • Marvelous TK

    Jeez, Ethan. Two tall, muscular men are about to wrestle and all you have to do is watch, yet you still complain? Are you sure you’re gay, if you can’t at least appreciate that much? Some people just can’t see when they’ve got it made.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Maybe the butler runs a little too bearish for his tastes?

  • I’m so sorry

    I would sugest Ethan to come out of the closet, but he did that a long time ago already.

  • Geoff

    Sadly, there were no witnesses to history’s greatest two-on-one scowl-off.

  • Rook

    Anyone else feeling nostalgic for Michaelus?

    • With Ethan as Komiyan Zaibach…

      • JWLM

        Komi or Casper? Ethan’s never struck me as a fighter type, but more as a thief type. He’s sneaky, underhanded, but not terribly physically intimidating.

        • When he said he should be on the other side of the door I was suddenly reminded of Komi…

  • =Tamar

    Why are people assuming that the “butler” is human?

  • Sir_Krackalot


  • Hans Rancke

    There was no need to go into the cupboard, Ethan. Having the butler stand staring at the door keeps him out of the way just as well. If he decides to leave, Sam can run after him and fight him just as well in the corridor.

  • Me-me

    The stone walls have reminded me of Darken’s heyday.

    Ethan reminds me of Casper, I think. Casper when he’s ticked off at least.

  • alurker

    The real question for Ethan is – does that storeroom contain popcorn?

  • Nonesuch

    Well, that’s a relief and no mistake. ^^

  • Simon Young


  • Anonymous

    Oh! The white box in the fourth panel. :D

  • Oarboar

    Hmmm. Maybe I’m missing something, but I wonder if Alexa wasn’t expecting a doublecross and used that to her advantage. Or maybe I’m reading this wrong and just need sleep.

  • Tim

    Someone is about to get medieval on the Butler!

  • Frankie D.

    Kind of a dodgy looking ad popping up above:

    • Oh, that is kinda dodgy, yeah. Blocked it very easily thanks to you giving me the picture, thanks!

  • ShakeJake

    Hot badger on bear action.

    • ShakeJake

      or is it “Stout Beaver and Suit Gorilla Smackdown”?

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