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  • April :3

    I admit I was worried the O’Malley would never get to see his weird little friends again.

    • Don’t worry. I’m sure that Mr Thackeray and Herr Wolfe would still talk to Mr O’Malley even if he had lost his ‘gift’ permanently.

      • Marvelous TK

        Oh jeez it took me two days to understand this. I’m ashamed of myself now.

  • Frances Ahlborn

    Ben shush this is the perfect opportunity for “buddy cop team learns to put their differences behind them and saves the day with the magic of teamwork” or the teamwork of magic, I guess in this case? But anyway you guys got a good start on the first half of that, now it’s time to do the second thing!

    • Jasper Danielson

      The magic of teamwork eh? Well, I suppose they probably *could* summon a spirit of teamwork. Not sure how that would help though…

      • AJ

        It would harness them together and use them to pull a cab around the city.

  • GristleMcNerd

    Well… every team of supernatural exterminators needs a goofy sidekick, I guess…

    And just for the record, Hippo of Happiness>Slimer. There, I said it.

    • ThisCat

      And you are absolutely right.

  • Herr Wolfe, you have a gun in your hand. Shoot the malform. SHOOT! IT!

    • Marvelous TK

      Yes, shoot the powerful spiritual representation of wrath itself as it breaks out of its bindings and twists into an unrestrained form with a handgun. That can only lead to the best of things.

      • My thoughts exactly.. . :-)

        Though seriously, if you’ve got a weapon in your hand might as well use the damn thing, even if it only does d4 damage. It all helps. If nothing else, it will make sure that the monster attacks you so Mrs De Montfort can escape and Mr Thackeray can do the desummoning without getting his limbs torn off.

        • nemryn

          Well, the normal protocol in a situation like this would be “Don’t shoot, you’ll only make it angry.” I’m not entirely sure how that applies here, though.

          • Qwertystop

            Hm. Can it be made more angry? Would that even do anything?

            • Jonathan Trouba

              Oh, friend… It can always be made more angry. ALWAYS.

            • Disloyal Subject

              It is a physical manifestation of WRATH ITSELF. I think anger will just supercharge the damn thing.

  • MoeLane

    OT: I had a leftover chicken carcass from earlier, and I had Booth’s recipe card from the Kickstarter, so I gave it a whirl. Didn’t have fresh parsley or thyme, didn’t have the right kind of rice, had to substitute sour cream for the other stuff… but it came out nice anyway. Thanks.

  • AJ

    …Was it late? I must be in the wrong part of the world, because where I am I get Widdershins on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • JWLM

    Hmm. Hey, Ms. Ashwin, why can O’Malley see the color of his own clothes in Mal-O-Vision? Since he never knew what blue was before, I thought he’d always been completely color-blind all his life.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Be patient and wait a few pages, mayhaps

    • Falco

      I just thought it was the art style, a way to show that it’s O’Malley who’s seeing these things. I always figured the spirits were in colour for our benefit but O’Malley sees them in some way other than what we’d understand as colour, if that makes sense.

      • AJ

        She stated when he first came into the comic that she drew him in color to denote that he was the viewpoint character, rather than trying to limit the perspective to what his own eyes were actually seeing. It’s trickier to frame a first-person image than a third-person limited.

    • Lleyn

      I thought that being completely colorblind all his life and him really liking blue, Mal would simply “remember” what blue looks like upon his re-transformation into “the O’Malley” and thus imagine / picture himself in that color without actually seeing it. The mind can trick the eyes, after all.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Ach” ? someone has been catching The German from Wolfe :D

    • Falco


    • AJ

      “The German”? Like “The Measles” or “The Ebola”?

    • I read it as a Scottish “ach”

  • DLKmusic

    OK, I may be a bit slow, but I’m coming around. I am now an official card carrying member of the “Purple Hippo of Happiness” fan club!

    Can we keep him? can we? pretty please?

    • DLKmusic

      EGADS!!!!! I just noticed! the pads on his feet are heartshaped! YOU”RE GIVING ME DIABETIS!!!!!! :-)

  • nemryn

    Boy, if only there were some kind of team of creepy, masked guys who efficiently and professionally deal with malforms around…

    • Apvogt

      They don’t have a big enough mat. (I am aware wrath is still inside his summoning circle) Besides, even if they were here they’d be running away screaming by now. They ain’t getting paid enough to take care of a deadly.

    • szbnahl

      I stand by my theory that all the malforms those guys caught were intentionally released by Voss so he could show up Wolfe.

  • Morgothy

    The O’Malley returns! And so does the colour for Ben (and the purple happiness to Ben’s aura). It’s been interesting seeing Ben try to cope with/adapt to seeing spirits and to see O’Malley realise the grass may be ‘greener’ on the other side, but there’s some things he doesn’t want to lose on the side he came from. I suppose it’s best for O’Malley he didn’t really get to experience too much of the good side of seeing colour as I thought he would- after this he’s sure to be more content with his ‘gift’ than he has ever been! And now we have the prospect of teamwork against the scariest of malforms!

  • I think Mal might have a new pet . . .

  • slim kittens

    The Hippo of Happiness should become a regular character.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Urge to pet the Purple hippo of happiness…rising.

  • JaneB

    An’ if I WAS smilin’, t’was at the Purple Hippo of Happiness, not because I was happy…

  • Sessine

    Oh. OH! Ben might not be talking about having Mal help him DIRECTLY with the de-summoning.

    It just occurred to me that… Happiness is actually a very good way to weaken Wrath.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Wonder what O’Malley sees when looking at Wrath?

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Panel one, I am imagining the PHOH hovering over O’Malley’s face as it announces his return.


    Also AHAHAHA figures Mal would get forced into a situation where he HAS to learn he can do magic! ‘Cause obviously he’d never allow himself to figure it out otherwise. XD Either that or we’re gonna suddenly find out Wolfe has EXCELLENT magical ability just like he has talent in EVERYTHING ELSE.

  • Timni16


  • ~OrangeMellow~

    Look at Ben’s face my gosh its my favorite part of this strip its perfect

    • AJ

      Oh my word, how did I not notice that?

  • Morgothy

    Rambling comment not particularly to do with this page but for some reason the last Ben-O’Malley interactions, including on this page really made me picture the EXACT way they’d say what they’re saying- intonation and accent and everything, more than at any other part in the comic.

  • rhapsha

    “If I had help…”
    No not you O’Malley, where’s the Purple Hippo of Happiness. He’ll take care of this!

  • Revan

    Crud, I just spent two days reading this from the beginning and finally caught up. At least I only have to wait a day.

  • Sarah W

    Mal in Panel 3. <3

    I'm sorry, my comments seem to be degenerating in thoughtfulness and quality.

    But, Mal in Panel 3. <3

  • Basil Sage

    A thing I liked in this chapter: when Mal loses his power, he’s horrified, but tries to keep it together for Ben’s sake. When the power returns from Ben to Mal, Ben is massively relieved, but tries to keep his joy in check to ask if Mal is alright.

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