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  • Eve

    Dang, Sid looks good in that.

    • Nonesuch

      Verity doesn’t look bad, either, though I would’ve given her a skirt instead of the leotard-looking thingy. Someone is going to pay for the leotard-looking thingy. :p

      • AJ

        With the saloon-girl side skirts? Yup. It’s pretty atrocious.

        • Well I think it is very tasteful. Sooner or later the lead female character always ends up in a skimpy outfit.

          • Only allowing it with Vee because she fully believes she looks fantastic in it.

            • non_canon

              To her credit,she does have fantastic legs. And I would love to have those boots in my closet.

            • JWLM

              Doesn’t she believe that of everything? Is there anything in which she doesn’t look fantastic?

            • Is that her hair, or some kind of scarf/headdress thingy?

              • The blonde bit is her hair, the pale yellow is a big feathery thing.

    • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

      I asked him to marry me once. It was a gentle let-down, I’ll give him that :P

  • Nonesuch

    Oh, Ben…. If you only knew….
    Nah, it’d probably be even worse for you. ;_;

    Sidenote: did anyone else hear Envy speak with Bugs Bunny’s voice in the second panel? o_o;

    • Bieeanda

      That impish rope tug in the third panel asks, “Ain’t I a stinker?”

      • Nonesuch

        And of course the answer is a resounding “YES!” ;)

        • Actually, a clean fox smells rather nice.

          • Nonesuch

            Envy could never be clean.

    • non_canon

      Well now I am.

    • Actually – revealing how old i am – what i’m hearing is Ray Davies teasing the audience about whether he was going to sing “Lola” yet … “No, no – you’re not ready for it yet.”

  • Ganurath

    Oh, look, there’s a box for sawing people in half. I’m sure that there won’t be any complications with that trick.

    • Derrill Watson

      Not to mention knife throwing

    • Ms Cunningham: “How does this ‘sawing the assistant in half’ trick work then?”

      Envy: “Trick? There’s no trick!”

    • non_canon

      A part of me could see this leading to Ben snapping out of Envy’s control if he thought someone he cared about was in trouble. The other part of me sees this leading to hijinks as Sidney and Verity end up using the various props to work out the various issues between them.

  • Odo

    I am a little amazed that there is not a small string to make sure that Ben stays under control. Envy may have overplayed its hand.

    • billydaking

      None of the audience members have a small string; it’s only the “performers” on stage, who Envy is using to induce…well, envy.

      • Nonesuch

        Notice Ben’s speech bubbles have turned green, though. Envy may only have direct strings on the performers, but I’d wager it has a more diffuse cloud filling the audience area, and possibly some on-stage as well, in order to help it nab the next batch of performers.

  • Ocean Burning.

    Oh dear, Sid, green really is not your color.

    • Nonesuch

      I dunno. I think it looks quite good on him.

      • Sir. Orc

        He is looking rather dapper isn’t he?

        • Nonesuch

          He is, he is.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Knife throwing ? They’d have had a better lottery with her throwing than him.

  • Tikatu

    I want to see what Sid’s magpie is going to do. Can Envy see it?

    Also, I think Ben is going to find out about Sid being expelled…

    • Nonesuch

      The magpie is a malform, isn’t it? Envy probably can see it, as a fellow spirit being.

  • Sarah Hardister

    Haha. It’s a nice touch to have Ben’s reaction pushed into the corner like that, to reflect exactly how he’s feeling. :)

  • Brother Nightmare

    Hey Ben… *SLAP!* Now go fix things, you go this.

  • reynard61

    Why is there never a Purple Hippo of Happiness around when you *really* need one?

    • John

      Right now it’s not here because it ran away from the Deadlies in this comic:

      • John

        As an add on thought, it is the spirit of happiness not bravery. And we have seen that the spirits are one dimensional pretty much by definition.

    • Brother Nightmare

      Because no one here has biscuits.

  • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

    Envy is so strangely charismatic!
    Perhaps the day can be saved by Sidney being honest about his University background?

  • Sleepygenes

    Pretty sure those Envy-induced comments are based on this comment section…

  • threadweaver

    Hm. According to the color of the text bubbles, the actors are not subject to Envy’s control. This could be important moving forward.

    • Shihchuan

      It’s weird because Vee’s comment sounds as if it should be green….

  • Nonesuch

    A really creepy thought just occurred to me…. Sid and Verity were dressed up by Envy. Which means it first had to take their old clothes off. Eeerrrghh….

    They’re lucky Lust is last on their list.

    • It is a click of the fingers, now you are in a different outfit, thing.

      • Nonesuch

        Oh, thank you. I am 100% serious: THANK YOU for that! *sigh of relief*

        • Yeah, that would be much too creepy! Should be pretty obvious later.
          I’ve gone to some lengths to keep down any creepiness, that made Lux’s chapter an interesting challenge.

          • Nonesuch

            Even with your restraint, Luxuria is still a giant creeposaurus. ^_^;
            I do NOT mean this as negative criticism!