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  • Yoeri

    She’s not going to like any of the next either, possibly. =P

    • JediaKyrol

      But Sid’s having a blast!

      • Yoeri

        You think? xD Well, they’ll be enjoying each other’s company in that cabin for now.

  • Me-me

    How about you, Sid, are YOU liking any of this?

  • =Tamar

    You know that cabinet will go Somewhere Else.

  • Sir_Krackalot

    AAAAND NOW THEY’RE BOTH TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET! And then she pulled out her gun!

  • Gillsing

    This comic has just taken a turn for the scandalous!

  • Cooper

    The next few pages aren’t going to be awkward. At all.

  • Lazy J

    I dunno why but i get the feeling that masked stranger could actually be Lei

  • Tim

    Only the White Witch can save them now.

  • Question

    WTH Gren, you just let your master get shoved in the closet without so much as an offended bark? You trippin?

  • steelraven

    Anyone else notice the masked man is clicking as he walks?

  • Iamthatis

    I just realized that Harry and I dress a lot alike! :D Everything but the vest.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    WHD is just one letter away from a new life philosophy: What Would Harriet Do?

  • Beorat

    Much better wardrobe companion than Vanna White!

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