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January 12th, 2016

January 12th, 2016 published on 45 Comments on January 12th, 2016

Nice early one, for once.

Last chance to back the kickstarter for the Cautionary Fables and Fairytales volume that I am co-editing and contributing to! There’s a lot of amazing comic talent in this book, please go check it out! Free shipping in the UK and US, too.

  • ThisCat

    This page must have been a lot of fun to draw. I’m still not sure which of the designs I like the best, but it’s probably Pride. Possibly Envy.

    • kuku

      It is quite splendid. Avarice has lots of grabby arms, doesn’t he, the better to display his jewelry.

      • svartalf

        And the better to grab others’ stuff with…

        • kuku

          Naturally. He has to get the jewelry from somewhere….

    • Rolan7

      I like how Sloth is just sitting there.

    • Wizardblizzard

      So the forms of the Deadlies that we’ve mostly been seeing were designed by Luxuria? Ah, that explains why they’re so good, then! :)

      That drawing of Pride’s puzzled beaky face is wonderful! Reminds me of the Phoenix in the TV series of “The Phoenix and the Carpet”, always so wise and grand even when clinging to the curtain rail like a small reproachful parrot.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I think if I had to pick a favorite, probably Greed, with Wrath being a runner up. Maybe it was just being initially introduced with that old-looking statue, but Greed has a nice, classic look to him, while Wrath has that cool armor plating that makes him look especially like an optional superboss in an SNES-era JRPG. (Honestly, all six could be JRPG boss sprites, though. Which I consider a good thing.)

    • Indeed. Interesting to see what form Envy takes when not trying to sucker Vogel (his name is derived from an old German word for fox, if I remember right).

    • Euodiachloris

      Sorry: it’s Greed all the way for me. Seems like a nice chap… all arms considered. xD

      • Sir. Orc

        Same, guy’s got class, and the more arms the better.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Gluttony somehow manages to look vaguely cute when it’s confused.

    • AJ


  • Sanjay Merchant

    Figures that if any of the Deadlies could wheedle something that just barely qualifies as consent out of people, it’d be Lust.

    • Rowen Morland

      A statement as creepy as it is accurate.

    • AJ

      Are we operating under the “if you can’t say no, it counts as yes,” version of consent?

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I wouldn’t, but Luxuria seems to be, and the other Deadlies seem to accept his explanation.

        Seems to have shades of the “if they didn’t want it why are they feeling it so strongly” argument, which would be the spirit version of “they were asking for it by the way they were dressed”. Make no mistake, Mr. Luxuria’s thoroughly evil.

        • AJ

          My apologies for the miscommunication. I was using the doctoral “we”, as in “And how are we feeling today?”
          Gee, you’re probably feeling fine, but I just got out of gallbladder surgery and I’m hungry. Can “we” try a less condescending turn of phrase?

          • Let’s chill, no-one’s after a spat, here. Hope your surgery went okay, my Mum had hers out last year too- Healing it wasn’t super fun, but she’s extremely glad to have had it done!

            • AJ

              Whoa. That escalated WAY farther than I intended. I was just making a joke! That particular use of “we” annoys me too, and I was trying to show off how annoying it could be in a humorous exaggerative scenario and… I’m sorry your Mum had to have surgery?

              • S’all okay, intent can be hard to read on the internet, as can sarcasm! Everyone seems good here though.

                • AJ

                  This is such a nice, polite, pun-tastic fandom. I’d hate for anything to disrupt it.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound standoffish. I understood what you meant, but given how touchy such things can be, wanted to be super clear to anyone else who might be reading.

  • John

    I was wondering where Izzy was and how Luxuria missed her, so I looked back 2 pages and suddenly saw that she’s inside the anchor 1 floor below everyone else. It will be interesting to see how she disrupts Luxuria’s plan, although the past 5 chapters suggest she’s not going to be as successful as she hopes either.

    • Once Mr Luxuria’s circle is formed no-one inside can see out of it, so Ms Holt can draw her circle unobserved. With a bit of luck.

    • David Argall

      There look to be complications at least. There are maybe 30 pages left in the chapter, with maybe 5 set in “modern” times. Add in 5 for the old days wrapup, and you still have 20 action pages for what can be done in 5. Of course, that 20 pages may only be 10. Even then it would be the longest chapter to date, if not by much. But our hero has been slipped a key, and so he will get free to do some heroics. That pretty much requires that our girl’s circle get disrupted. One variation might be that Lust already knows she is making the circle and and is letting her just to keep her busy and in range. At some point, he or another deadly will stop her, which will require our boy getting loose and doing something, which will somehow involve freeing her long enough to finish the circle. Or the deadlies, none of whom are known for co-operation, backstab each other. or…

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Is Wrath’s tongue made of fire? Nice touch.

    • RLB

      Ooh yes. I like that.

  • Sophia

    so the forms we’ve seen them display so far are not actually what they look like, but how Luxuria made them look like?

    • JWLM

      We’ve seen forms very like these in earlier chapters. That said, it seems that Ms. Ashwin has said that the Deadlies each have many different forms depending on how they were summoned. I assumed that was why Greed notices the forms they’ve been summoned in.

    • TrueWolves

      It may have to do with the ‘source’ they are summoned from, rather then the summoner. As in this case each source was a rather.. potent one.

    • rhapsha

      As TrueWolves mentioned I think they take a slightly different form based on the person they are summoned from. They still maintain the same overall look, just slight changed.

  • oops

  • Shee Soon Theng

    Interesting interaction here that we’ve not gotten the chance to see before. They know each other well, but also treat each other as equals, more or less.

  • Jordan Hiller

    Oh dear…

  • Oh. Oh my. That is not good. That’s not good at all .Now would probably be a terrific time for that daring rescue from just off-screen I mentioned.

    • John

      A terrific time indeed, in the original “begets terror” meaning of that word…

  • Phil

    That’s some face you’re making there Sloth…

  • Jesse Goerzen

    Envy says “What you want?” instead of “What do you want?” I can only imagine him speaking this in an LA gangster accent.

  • I still find Greed to have a really charming personality. (I said charming, not good or ethical.) Even more so than Luxuria. Maybe it’s because he was so polite in his initial summon with Sidney.

    Sloth looks happily gobsmacked at the idea of taking the anchor, yeah?

    • Wizardblizzard

      Can’t say whether this is valid magical theory or just what you have to do to make working comic characters out of them, but the deadlies DO seem to have a certain amount of personality of their own besides just their distinguishing emotion.

      In “Green-Eyed Monster”, for instance, Envy’s most frequent emotion wasn’t envy, it was cackling glee, combined with looking down its pointy nose at OTHER people (granted, the person it was spending most time with was Dominic Voss, who gives rather a lot of scope for that). Even when faced with Mal, who I suspect of being, in the scheme of things, something even by the deadlies’ standards, it genuinely seemed to take it in good part – its expression on that page seemed like “I can’t be jealous of anyone today, I’m winning too much”. The only people Envy itself really seems to have a chip on its shoulder about are the other deadlies – even it can’t convince itself that it’s at a disadvantage to any ordinary mortals. (Except that it did look a bit disgruntled when the Barbers were mentioned – I’m very much looking forward to seeing exactly how it acquired THAT complex!)

      We’ve seen the hippo looking considerably confused and fed up, when it was lost in the garden with nobody to bounce at. In the picture above, Sloth is pleased and Pride is dubious. (Perhaps it just feels there must be a catch in any idea suggested by someone who’s not Pride.)

      And Greed seems to be a rather old-fashioned Greed – well, it is the 1830s, or earlier in this one – it comes across as rather scrupulous about whether it has a watertight legal claim to what it’s taking, at least by the peculiar laws that govern the Widdershins spirits. (This despite being the patron spirit of thieves.) Perhaps it just wants to make sure that it’s not going to find the loot being taken away again. I think Sidney may have been lucky that it was that one he had to cut a deal with. With Greed a deal is a deal. Envy, on the other hand, will stick to the letter of a deal (I think it has to), but I get the feeling that it’ll cheat you if it possibly can whether it needs to or not, just for the pleasure of cheating you. Greed apparently doesn’t mind if you contrive to get a good deal too, it’s all the same so long as it gets its cut. And Pride… well, Pride probably wouldn’t listen long enough to make a deal with anybody. And someone who does Pride magic is probably big-headed enough themselves to be very easily taken to the cleaners!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Anyone else curious what Luxuria looks like when it’s not disguised as a human?

  • Burke

    I find it interesting that Greed is so cautious about accepting an offering. He is, perhaps, aware of the foibles of the fault he embodies, such as the tendency to rush in and grab, only to find afterward that what one was grabbing was the bait in a trap. Gluttony beside him seems not to have learned this lesson.

    I join others in liking Greed’s personality best of the Deadlies.

  • Columbine

    I seem to keep catching these super late, I swear I checked yesterday-

    I’m very curious as to why Lust seemed to be so eager to catch Ms Holt, seems so far like she’d have been more likely to muck up the proceedings than give him any sort of advantage.

    On the consent argument….I’m wondering if Lust managed to get some kind of deal out of these human followers, similar to Envy’s with Voss-

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