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  • Nonesuch

    I feel sorry for Voss, but…. it’s time to man up and take a stand. :-/

  • ThisCat

    Yes! Stand around and have an emotional discussion while your friends are throwing knives at each other. At least you’ll save them in the nick of time, right? Right?

    • svartalf

      Before there’s a nick of flesh, we hope…

  • Geoff

    Nobody can play an “I’m not angry, just disappointed” like Wolfe can.

    • elCo

      Because he has the “not angry” part down pat.

    • Percabeth_trash

      No one but Dumbledore. Er… that is, Book!Dumbledore, not Michael Gambon!HARRY-DIDJA-PUTCHA-NAME-IN-THE-GOBLET-OF-FIYAH?!Dumbledore.

  • Ghostdanser

    I like Vee’s…”I’m not happy about this at all…so lets get this over with” expression. It’s the simple things.

  • John

    Voss “I want to stop Envy. But only if there’s no actual danger or anything.”

    He started with good intentions, but his habits still tend towards being useless. Hopefully Wolfe will help him to actually be helpful, even if it is only temporary.

    • Nonesuch

      He also remembers how Envy used him like a sock puppet. He’s got good reason to be scared. :(

    • SaberRoy

      To be fair to him, based on how he’s holding his chest I think he’s already struggling with the passive flair of Envy (Compared to Ben who likely had a direct dose of envy but failed to an indirect dose of Wrath). He may recognize that he’s losing and wants to get away before he dose completely, and considering that if he dose lose he will just become another issue for Wolfe (Or worse a direct pawn that Envy uses) I can’t exactly fault him. Sometimes walking away is the best strategy. (Though Narratively I imagine it’s going to end up with him and Ben managing to regain control long enough to do most of the work, with Wolfe playing backup as he’s already had his shot at Envy.)

    • Pyre

      In many ways, Voss resembles an alcoholic/addict in early-stage recovery right now. He’s trying not to fall prey to his early vices but the effort to do so is almost paralyzing.

      It has probably been an act of extraordinary willpower for Voss to have gotten this far without relapsing.

  • Mistwraith

    I think this is actually the best move for Voss, he has too much envy in him to be effective in this battle, whereas Wolfe has nothing for it to feed and use.
    Using the right soldier for a battle is essential.

    • svartalf

      The thing is Voss doesn’t QUITE get that…though I think Wolfe hasn’t connected the dots but will real quickly here.

    • Lackadaisical

      Wolfe doesn’t have enough envy in him to feed Envy, but he be useful as a tool for inspiring it in others.

    • Rolan7

      That’s a good point. Except… He’s personally experienced the very worst of Envy. If he’s truly remorseful, now is the time.
      Even with this, it isn’t too late for him.

      And the greatest blow to a vice isn’t to dismiss it. It’s to overcome it.

      • Heylir

        Yes, but one need courage and will, for that. Voss fought Envy at the last extremity, with strong need to free himself from its grasp. It seems now he lacks motivation for struggling with it, despite his supposed wish to “fix the things”.

  • This should be an easy problem to solve. All Mr Malik has to do is mess up his act and make himself look a complete idiot. Then the crowd won’t be envious of him anymore, Envy will be weakened enough to be whisked off to the O’Malley dimension and then the team move on to the next location on the map. I’m sure that the brave Ms Cunningham won’t mind taking a bit of damage for the party; I mean, it’s only d4 damage for a dagger, right?

    • SomeGuy411

      This is true, by Ms Cunningham rolled terribly on her health, and 5d4 could very well drop her

      • LSKollt

        these d&d themed comments have made my week :D

        Although, we can’t be sure what kind of constitution modifier she has, she could totally have higher health than she appears to have.

        • JWLM

          Well, she certainly minned out CHA and didn’t do much with WIS, so those points had to have gone *somewhere*.

          • SilverIzzy

            Unless she’s being run using old school hardcore rules. Roll 3d6 six times. What you get is what you get. In order.

            • JWLM

              Her INT and her DEX are too high.

        • Euodiachloris

          … I bet she has levels in Barbarian to complicate things — she certainly looks about ready to Rage. <_<

      • JWLM

        Besides, I think that Envy might increase the probability of a critical failure in Malik’s ability to miss Vee.

    • Ghostdanser

      I don’t know if I would want to bank on the dice rolling their way at the moment…I mean lets face it, they totally botched their Saving Throw vs. Spell after all.

      • JWLM

        Ms. Cunningham has a DEX of about 18 — remember that she ran away from Pride during that segment. I’m pretty sure she can dodge anything Sid can throw at her. I think that Sid has a DEX of 18 or more as well — he does sleight of hand, after all.

        On the other hand, I doubt that either of them has a WIS above 8. Of course they fail their first saving throws against Spell (although they both saved at the beginning of the next round). Everything else? Well, we’ll just have to see.

  • maeverin

    unimpressed Vee is unimpressed.

  • Sleepygenes

    Throwing knives seems to be a bit of a step backwards in Sidney’s quest to befriend Vee. Will she ever like him? The suspense continues.

  • Wolfe’s expression looks almost guilty, to me…I love that he can admit he was wrong in thinking he understood the dynamics of what happened from Voss’s perspective, and how powerful the after-effects of Envy’s possession are.

    And honestly, if Voss would just get sucked in by Envy again, he could be making the right decision for himself here, even if he’s wrong to think Envy’s undefeatable. Another mind-controlled person would not help the situation at all. (Although maybe Voss’ll unexpectedly come through???)

  • Del

    Wolfe’s unfailing virtue will save the day! (I wouldn’t mind if every Deadly is defeated by a fiddle tune.)

    I wonder if Wolfe can even be tempted by any of the Deadlies. I suppose every saint has his weakness…. just that they are better than most at resisting temptations.

    And perhaps this tells us something about Mal’s hidden strength, as well. Of all the people in the world, he has attached himself to one of the few saints.

    • Lackadaisical

      Lust? He is a bit of a flirt with a married Florrie, and colour blind Mal was able to guess that Harry is a redhead just from the way Wolfe reacted to her.

    • Amy

      I continue to champion the “Wolfe will be vulnerable to Lust” theory, as Lackadaisical mentioned. Wolfe isn’t gross about it, and there’s nothing wrong with being a flirt, but the fact that he stopped during a high-stakes search for Voss to dance and flirt with Florrie indicates that he can be… derailed rather readily.

      • non_canon

        And considering what we saw of how Envy got to Sid at the start of this confrontation, I don’t think he has to be a lecher to get sucked in.

        Personally I’d love for him to also fall to another sin, even though I’m not sure which one that would be, because I’m a big fan of the idea of everybody in the party having a couple of turns both to get sucked in and to be super effective.

  • Brother Nightmare

    I’m having a hard time telling if that’s a “Let’s get this over with”, or a, “Hit me and your dead” look on Vee’s face. Then again, given how things have gone between them thus far, Vee was probably already thinking about killing Sid even before the performance started.

  • I suspect that Voss is not going to survive this round.

  • Rolan7

    Verity is not showing even a little fear. Just look at the slack in those strings… She is willingly daring the knives to hit her.

    • non_canon

      Well, she’s probably figured out that Envy can’t get the audience to envy her if she’s hurt (or worse), and also figures a solid glare is good incentive for Sidney to try his hardest to help the knives fly right.

  • JWLM

    Could Voss be faking it in order to get to the power switch for the light? Notice that his text is still black, not green…

  • SaberRoy

    To be fair to Voss, he may be recognizing he’s still prone to Envy and such a hindrance right now. I mean at the end of the day one realization and a couple of days isn’t going to do much to stop someone from being prone to envy, that would likely be a constant struggle for years to come before they can really say they are beyond that. So it’s not surprising that he would be easily effected.

    He may have honestly wanted to help, but now that he’s this close, the way he’s holding his chest seems to indicated he’s being influenced by the passiveness of Envy already, so him faring well at the moment against any direct attention (especially as Envy would love to mess with him I’m sure) would likely not happen, and that would mean Envy having another pawn to use against Wolfe. Him getting away right now may be the better choice for everyone. Especially if more time in the passiveness makes him worse.

    (Though narratively I’m guessing him and Ben will be the ones at the end of the day to save everyone by overcoming their envy, with Wolfe playing mostly backup as he’s already had his shot against Envy.)

    • SaberRoy

      Also, considering Envy’s “Is it now!” I wonder if Envy’s downfall might start because it got distracted Envy trying to force Sid to teach him actual magic tricks because it doesn’t know how it’s properly done and that makes it envious. I imagine the sins will all partly fall to their own sin, and that’s certainty one way of doing

  • McFrugal

    I wonder if the magpie will steal the daggers.

    • JWLM

      They’d just wind up in Sid’s pocket again.

      But you’re right that Sid’s magpie might well play a key role in this segment. What could he steal which would actually make a difference?

      • Tsapki

        Well if I recall, the magpie normally steals shiny stuff, so the knives fit as well as most metals that can hold a polish.

        • Euodiachloris

          Not really. Shiny new things are scary until the magpie learns they aren’t a trap or razor-sharp. :P It’s called survival in an urban environment. :/

      • Mujaki

        What could it steal that would make a difference?
        Why, the shiniest thing in the room.
        It will steal the spotlight!

  • Nice job, Sid. Now everyone’s gonna know that the trick doesn’t involve real knives. Way to ruin it for all the other magicians.

  • Ocean Burning.

    Lots of great thoughts on Voss here. Definitely don’t blame him for being scared to confront something that controlled him for years, that he *just* got free from.
    But what about Sidney?? Looks like he’s pouring sweat, poor guy. Envy has taken his dream and twisted it into a nightmare. Would someone *please* rescue Sid from this horrible predicament? Like, really soon?

  • Matthew

    Or possibly Wolfe’s comment in the last panel of this strip means he is about to succumb to Envy, namely Envy of all his friends who know more about the Deadlies and magic than he does, whether from education or experience.

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