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  • Me-me

    If I only had some thumbs~! (doodoo dododododo~)*

    *sung to the tune of “If I Only Had A Brain”

  • Cooper

    Sid that is a lie and you know it.

    • IDK

      A++ comment Cooper.

    • MarriStenberg

      And you know it’s Sid cause there’s Harry’s hrm.

  • Amy

    Hrm. That one is a pickle.

    Can he “steal” the padlock itself, perhaps? Not like getting the key would do him much good…

  • Felix Kütt

    I’m with Cooper, Sid is a lie. :D

  • Alex

    Couldn’t you just rattle the cupboard until the chain fell to the floor? Or heck, the dog could work the chain down for them. It’s not like it’s actually attached to anything, just wrapped around the cupboard.

  • =Tamar

    Oh, come on. It’s a magician’s cupboard. Of course there’s another way out.

  • Gillsing

    The Black Spy wins! Hss-hss-hss-hss-hss-hss!

  • NamelessCenturion

    Locked in a cupboard with a lovely lady? There are worse ways the evening could have gone.

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