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  • Frankie D.


  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    oh, are those glass container ? Broken glass makes for an ice weapon too

    • GristleMcNerd

      +5 Broken Bottle of Frost?

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        The typo on “a nice” wasn’t even on purpose, but I’ll take it :D

  • Drakyn

    GIve it up, beardo. This man comes from an era with worse hygiene and more callused fists.

  • Sortelli

    No way was the butler going to give up, he outweighs the two of them together and really doesn’t seem the least bit human. Still, GO SAM.

    • Oarboar

      Sam doesn’t necessarily have to win. He just needs to keep it a fight long enough for Alexa to win in the dining room.

  • Me-me

    For a second I thought he was euphemising or perhaps mistaking actual blood for a food equivelant. Then I saw the red cabbage.

    • =Tamar

      I’m not 100% sure that it is really cabbage. Given what’s been going on upstairs, it could be something else…

  • Sal

    Does the future have some grudge against red cabbage?

    • It’s one of those horrible foods they used to eat twenty years ago because they thought it was ‘good for you’. Of course modern science has shown that the only healthy diet is to eat animals that have been deep fried in lard.

      • I like red cabbage :< It's proper good with a shepard's pie.

        • I suppose its OK. Better than Broccoli at least. But all those sulphur compounds in cabbage can’t be good for you, even if they are 100% natural.

          • Well it’s a sometimes food, I wouldn’t eat buckets of it or anything.

          • JWLM

            For shame! First, you criticize broccoli, one of the all-time great vegetables, and then you dare to speak ill of cabbage? I mean, given the grey, dead, overcooked…I mean, brussels sprouts…are cabbages…

  • Is it a coincidence that the animated panel is advertising stain removers today? Or is this some really clever software that picks up on the content to decide what to show?

    • Atavism

      That’s probably exactly what happened. Many advertising providers use keyword recognition software to try and find banners related to the content of a page. In this case, it probably picked up on Kates “hard to wash out” comment.

  • Swagner

    Silly, you can’t reason with the manservant of an incarnation of vice, you have to just beat the stupid out of him!

  • I have SO been looking forward to this showdown! :D

  • Oarboar

    Now let’s see how long it takes for Ethan to maybe look around for some foodstuffs he can use on the butler to help Sam out.

  • Del

    I am loving the simultaneous battle royal action in two sites.

    And I am so glad that Samuel, that quiet and virtuous gentleman from the Middle Ages, has a starring role in both battles!

    • Oarboar

      What other site? Educate me, please.

      • Del

        Sam and Butler in the pantry.
        Sykes and Alexa in the banquet hall.

        Flipping from scene to scene each strip — it doubles the anticipation and excitement!

        • Oarboar

          Oh. “Both battles” seemed to imply that maybe Ms. Ashwin had two strips going on with Samuel being in both, and I was like “Wow! Another strip by her! Cool!” Alas, I am disappointed.

          • Del

            Greed was the star of the first Widdershins tale. And we’ve been greedy for more of Kate, ever since!

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