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  • JediaKyrol

    Silly Sid…you’re supposed to tell her the hidden latch is behind her back…

    • …and it takes both hands to work, so you have to put your arms around her, and press really close so you can reach…

      • steelraven

        …and then she kicks him.

        • KingE

          Worth it

        • Shannon

          haha, noooooo

        • Nope – she knees him.

          • Nobody01

            trust me, she would kick him.

            no wait, scratch that, she would KILL him and then use the “We both didn’t know our way out of here and we didn’t have much air in the closet so he told me to kill him in a self sacrificing manner.” alibi, and then she would look down with a fake solemn look.

  • SoItBegins

    It’s under the floor, of course. Thus the canvas.

    • =Tamar

      Of course. Trap doors were a standard.

  • Cooper

    Love how this page emphasises the height difference between these two. Short Harry is short.

  • Laurel

    If Harry’s not careful, she might tip the wardrobe over…

  • tali

    Oh, yeah, hitting things – my solution for everything, too.

  • Incomprehensible

    I love Sid’s face when she gets just a LITTLE too close…

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