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  • Is that a demonic duck of some kind?

    • reynard61

      Another El Goonish Shive fan? Great!

  • Curtis

    I’ve been thinking there is a version of this illusion that uses a trap door in the bottom of the cabinet that is lined up with a trap door in the stage.

  • =Tamar

    Tip it over and spring the trap door in the base? Or at the top? Or…maybe a side slides up?

  • reynard61

    Wait! Harry cracked a *smile?!* Isn’t that the first sign of The Apocalypse?

    • Pyre

      Sidney does have a way of getting past her guard. Maybe that makes him one of the Horsemen.

    • Willow the Clever

      Well in the first book she did LAUGH.
      How do you do italics?

      • Shelby

        Maybe like this?

        • Shelby

          Okay, so you do your text , only without the spaces!:)

  • Silcken

    Is it just me or did Harry almost share something? 0.0. I blame evil magics

  • erdbeere

    There seems to be a “be” too much in the sixth panel. ;)

    • The Wing

      Yeah, I think you meant “I’d always be…”, not “I’d be always be”.

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