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  • Sanjay Merchant

    Don’t you hate it when you stumble into the boss fight before you did the sidequest for the best sword in the game?

    • Nick Godby

      yeah.. save reload.. but WHAt if you can`t?


    oooooooooh nooooooooooo

  • Del

    And now it’s Rosie to the Rescue!

    But first, as I recall, someone has to draw a continuous circle…..

    • Laurie

      Can one draw it outside in the hall around the whole room?

  • So Ms King, about that plan…
    I would recomend running away and screaming, but our two heroines will have more backbone than me.

    • billydaking

      Well, the dumb waiter is right behind them, so they shouldn’t have to run screaming far….

  • Olivia

    I know the deadlies are the most dangerous of sins, but so far it seems like Gluttony is the only one that’s really intentionally devious.
    I suppose this must be what happens when someone loses control of the spirit.

    • Nonesuch

      Well, Pride was too self-absorbed to be devious; it was wholly convinced of its own glory and that everyone should worship it, so it didn’t need to trick anyone.

      Sloth was… slothful. Waiting around for things to happen, and when it was cheated, it just overpowered the woman who failed to pony up what she’d promised.

      Gluttony has to actively undermine people into gorging themselves, or it loses its energy pile. So… yeah. Situational pressure, I suppose. The other deadlies may show deviousness as befits the circumstances, I guess.

      • ShakeJake

        It does make sense, as a spirit is only as strong as the emotions that it is manifested from. That’s why the Seven deadlies are the strongest. They are ambiguous and wide in what they encompass, so their influence is much larger as well. But high output often means high consumption, especially in things that are not very stable. That means their first instinct is to feed, regardless of their current situation. Pride didn’t like being insulted or looked down on, even though that was what gave him freedom, which he was quite happy to gain in the end. Gluttony sees a hotel full under his control, with plenty of culinary experts that would/had visit/ed it, along with a banquet and staff full of people to leech off of. If he gains freedom, he might be able to eat anyway, but he is also short sighted due to simplicity. The Seven Deadly sins are all emotions given form, and emotions are usually very basic things.

        So I guess the seven deadlies, for the most part, could be among the dumbest of emotion spirits, as the emotions they represent are as simple as they are wide.

    • Stretch Longfellow

      Greed was pretty sneaky with his conditions.

  • Toldja so

  • Nonesuch

    Alright…! What’s the next step in the plan? Some of those hunger-suppressing pills? No, that’d be silly. I hope Rosie’s ready with the desummoning and Gluttony doesn’t get released along with Pride and Sloth… ^^;

    • Del

      I remain apprehensive about how Kate’s lovely PG-rated cartoon is going to handle the story of Lust.

      • It’ll remain PG rated, worry not. I have no wish to go raising the rating on you!

        • Del

          an intriguing problem, all the same!

      • axioanarchist

        You can lust after things other than sex, you know.

        In fact I’d love if it went in a completely different direction than that, if only because it’s seemingly never done.

        • Del

          We will have that problem in the battle with Envy, so I think you will not be disappointed!

      • JWLM

        It would be perfectly in character for Kate to create a story in which the heavenly virtue of Chastity was causing trouble.

        • Del

          I have discerned that Kate knows quite a bit of Christian theology behind those Seven Deadly Sins. So I reckon that she knows about the Seven Cardinal Virtues that oppose each of those sins.

          And none of the virtues have been mentioned yet, just as there have been no priests or clerics or exorcists. It looks like Kate decided not to go there. Difficult to do, without becoming overly serious or preachy in just-for-fun stories like these.

          So…. I don’t expect much mention of virtues.

      • I’ve already commented on the moral turpitude of Ms King running around without a vest. I’m afraid we may well be treated to the sight of bare knees in the Lust story. Worse, they will probably belong to Mr O’Malley rather than Ms H. Barber.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I figure we’re gonna see some spoony bards.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • CyberSkull

    She makes a meal of those who won’t or can’t eat.

    Nothing is wasted at Gluttony’s table.

    • ShakeJake

      Except those that hit the wall. They just kinda get left there.

  • =Tamar

    All the food has been spoiled by being magically tainted by Gluttony.

  • mistrali

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  • The cake is a lie!

    Had to.

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