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  • maggPi

    For some reason, this whole bit at the theatre is distressing me almost as much as if I were there myself.

    • Sir. Orc

      Same, poor Wolfe.

    • just another flyboy

      elementals are always trouble, and the big 7 count as elementals to me.

  • Basil Sage

    Ooh, will it be up to Voß to save the day now? I like a good redemption plot. Please don’t kill him though.

    • Laurel Brinker-Cole (Ayara012)

      Seconding the killing bit. Please no one die.

    • …but it would be satisfying if he got a good kicking…

      • AJ

        Because losing an eye isn’t enough punishment?

  • Ghostdanser

    When one is sneaking, it is best not to make “clnk” noises.

    Although one has to be impressed with Envy’s paw work, a control bar in each front paw, while he maneuvers the spot light around to get Wolfe with a back paw. That takes some skill.

    • Shihchuan

      Just follow my moves, and sneak around, be careful not to make a sound… *clnk* No, don’t touch those lights!

      • #092f0a

        Oh god, I only found out about that song yesterday…and now I read this comment.

  • Envy is more cartoonish than most of the original Looney Tunes… and got a whole lot of better dialogue! XD

  • John

    It’s good to see that there’s something Wolfe’s not good at. I guess he’s too honest to have much practice at sneaking around.

    Voss, it really is looking like it’s up to you to finally get something right.

    • Emily

      Another thing he has in common with Captain Carrot from the Discworld books!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    You know your situation is really dire when Voss is your only hope.

    Was wondering, if she managed to get the head in the box, and, for a small moment, out of the light, would the effect dissipate ? and she then would push the box door open suddenly and throw Sid away. (?) hmmm

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Obie Voss Kenobi, you’re our only hope!
      “You people are SO in trouble.”

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    GM: Make a Move Silently skill check…
    Wolfe: (Rolls…) Ah, just made it.
    GM: Well, there is a slight modifier because you’re trying to be as quiet as a fox, but dealing with fox.
    So make a saving roll…

    • just another flyboy

      *hums* um, how many hit points do you have, again? *more dice rolling*

      • Rulebook Lawyer

        Ah memories…

  • non_canon

    It looks in the first panel that Wolfe is still speaking German even though he seems to be talking to himself ( as it looks like he’s stepped away from Voss) which is a neat little detail.

  • Khalil Sheehan-Miles

    They’re the assistant’s actual feet in the real trick too. Here’s how they do it:

    • There are multiple methods! Envy is using none of them.

      • I once saw a magician do a neat variation where he sawed two women in half and then switched the bottom halves.

      • Margot

        Is Envy using the method where you literally saw the assistant in half?

        • You have to admit, it’s pretty realistic

          • Unhooked

            It’s, uh… unforgettable?

            • Tsapki

              You see, the trick is that there is no trick!

            • In every way.

      • svartalf

        He’s just using pure power, I suspect…

        “It’s called Suspension of Disbelief, my boy. Do try not to shatter it”

        If he broke his toys…how could he make more envy out of the two he’s tormenting on the stage from out of the Audience?

        • svartalf

          But then, I’m second-guessing the artist and author…shouldn’t do that…TOO much… >:-D

  • Ocean Burning.

    Goodness, Envy in the last panel looks like he’s turning part crocodile!

  • Foehn

    So, as far as I can tell, Envy only has two spotlights. So who is no longer being kept from moving by Envy?

    Also, I see there is a circle on the spotlight making it work. If Envy is not touching the spotlight, does it stop freezing people?

    Never mind that part, though presumably breaking those circles will also disable the spotlights (just less permanently than taking them down would).

    • Wonder what happens if you draw the circle on the lens of the light. Do projected circles count, or do they have to be drawn? And if somebody’s shadow obstructs the projection, does that count as breaking the circle?

      This calls for an experiment!

      … which I can’t do because magic circles don’t exist in real life. Shit.

      • maggPi

        Sorry folks, those magic circles are for keeping the spotlights cool to the touch. Envy doesn’t want to burn its pretty paws off!

  • Laurel Brinker-Cole (Ayara012)

    I just noticed that Envy turns the spotlight on Wolfe with it’s hind paw. XD

  • Maria Gerasimova

    Perhaps Ben will decide to save Wolfe? He has nothing to envy him.

    • Everyone has something to envy in Wolfe, but they just can’t bring themselves to

    • non_canon

      I really feel that Ben and Voss will end up being the heroes this time around. Voss because he needs to redeem himself and Ben because setting aside fear/insecurity/ ect. to do right and save the day is his thing as much as keeping calm and doing good is Wolfe’s. And because after seeing Envy catch him by playing on his insecurities it would be really satisfying to see him fight back by overcoming them.

  • Jorbun

    I think I see where this is going. I won’t say in case I’m right, but I will point out that Envy only has so many limbs…

  • svartalf

    Ooops…that didn’t work out QUITE as planned there…

    Thing is…Envy’s going to have to use a LOT of power there to manipulate that one. I see it happening, but he’s going to have his hands full and someone that knows Envy intimately and beaten it will rise to the occasion because of that.

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