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January 23rd, 2013

January 23rd, 2013 published on 15 Comments on January 23rd, 2013

Aaa, a talking cupboard!

Missed out of the Kickstarter? You can buy Widdershins PDFs online here, the printed first volume here, and the second will be available once it arrives! The PDFs are great for offline viewing, and they have a little extra book-only content too!

  • =Tamar

    Oh of course, there are probably tiny pegs so that on stage the chains won’t slide down to block the exit door, ahem, I mean to make the chains stay up where they’re visible from the audience. Is that an unhappy memory of the last time Vee, or somebody, got the better of Harry? Also, Harry seems to want to show off for Sid.

    • Show off? I read that as wanting to leave him in the closet until she apprehends the criminal(s) without his unwanted assistance.

      • This is the case right here!

      • Sessine

        But then she remembers that on her last mission she was saved by a giraffe. There might not be a conveniently placed giraffe another time. Better hunt up a crowbar!

      • =Tamar

        Show off, prove she can catch the thieves without him, I don’t see a lot of difference. If she feels she has to prove herself to him, then she cares what his opinion is.

        • Subtle

          Nah… She wants to prove herself to Herself, because she doesn’t trust herself to work with a partner, after something that must have happened with her last partner. Though if you’re set on proof that she likes him, this would mean she wants to protect him, or at least likes him enough that she can’t flat-out say “no, I can’t and won’t have you around.”

  • I know she’s going to need him…

  • Arnuz

    I’ve just found you and read you in a single session…

    You have given me emotion!

    • A positive emotion, I hope! :) Glad you liked it enough to read it all through at once!

  • Nonesuch

    Shame on you for even considering it, Harry! Fortunately, the giraffe incident does seem to have taught you a lesson. ^^

  • Shelby

    I like to imagine what it was like in that rather small cabinet when Harry was turning herself upside down and slithering through the hole in the cabinet, feet up in the air.

  • Steelmountain

    Somehow this reminded me of the talking armoire in planescape torment.

    • Ilmari

      It didn’t… until you reminded me of it!

  • Basil Sage

    I fell into another Widdershins rereading binge and lemme tell you, that is one fine giraffe that I did not appreciate the first time around.

  • KaReN

    I’m a bit slow taker on the last 3 panels. I had to reread it twice before I ‘got it ‘. Then I started laughing. You are Good at this!

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