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  • Bill Soo

    Shouldn’t kick a guy when he’s down.

    I hope and suspect Voss learned a lot from this experience and not just by stealing the knowledge either.

    • Of course you should. It’s so much easier to reach the Good Parts then.

      • AJ

        It might not be totally Moral to do, but my grandpa always says not to stop until you are sure your attacker can’t get up and chase you down.

        On the other hand, a gentle word can be as harsh as a good kickin’.

    • =Tamar

      I’m wondering whether some of Voss’s own simmering wrath against the world got exorcised…

  • carboncat203

    I love Ben’s pouty face in the last panel.

    • Kenneth Graves

      I’m amused that Ben thinks he’d be much help in the kicking plan.

      • Nonesuch

        It’s not so much the amount of force you can bring to bear, as knowing where to kick. ;)

        • AJ

          And THAT’S what a fancy college education will get ya!

  • Ganurath

    I do hope that O’Malley’s German has improved in the time he’s spent with Wolfe. It’d be great for eavesdropping on what Voss would assume is a private conversation.

    • CFF

      I could be wrong, but I suspect Mal actively resists learning things out of sheer bloodymindedness and worry that he’d be no good at it and the knowledge that learning would mean might have to Do Things (which he might also be no good at).

      • Wombat140

        As far as refusing to even try to learn magic goes, it makes a kind of sense. Mal knows that he has an ability he’s never heard of anyone else having, and a type of (non-)aura that he’s apparently never seen on anyone else ever. He’ll probably have suspected the possibility of something like … and he doesn’t WANT to be “a most important human”. Anything that seems to be leading in that direction, he’ll have to be dragged kicking and screaming. He’s still hoping for a quiet life. Not that a quiet life is on the cards anyway for anyone with a mouth as big as Mal’s.

  • kuku

    So – did Wrath fizzle out and disappear, or is there a little tame snake wrapped in a ribbon of serenity still around somewhere?

    I like seeing confident Bantam Ben.

    Also wondering what the Barber sisters are up to…

    • Sessine

      Panel 1 makes it pretty clear that Wrath is all-the-way gone. The last shimmers of the circle are fading, and Mal (confused?) and Ben (jubilant!) are both staring at the spot where Wrath used to be, saying “It worked.” They wouldn’t be doing that if there was still even the tiniest remnant hanging around.

      So this was Envy’s tale, after all. It failed in summoning Wrath but is now free. Perhaps Wrath will get a story of its own, yet to come.

      Wolfe will deal kindly with Voss, we know that. I agree that there’s a tantalizing story-clue dangling now. Florrie has questions! (Also, what do you want to bet she tries her hand at matchmaking between that tall handsome Wolfe who is so much fun to flirt with, and sister Nicola?)

      • Apvogt

        Dear Wrath,
        We must inform you that this webcomic has a strict “1 deadly released upon the world per chapter policy”. We’re sorry, but you must return to whence you came and wait your turn.

  • Nin

    “Ye hold ‘im, I’ll kick ‘im.” True words of friendship. And I’m glad Voss is still alive.

    • Nonesuch

      I’m also happy that Voss is still alive.
      He set his feet on the path to redemption. It’d be interesting to watch him walk it further. ^^

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Ah, but it should be the other way round. Wolfe was wronged, he should be the one kicking.

      • Nin

        Maybe O’Malley isn’t optimistic about his chances of holding onto Voss, being a stringy / wiry sort of person while Voss has some bulk?

        • Volkai

          The O’Malley is not an optimist.

          • L

            I like how every body in this entire string calls him the O’Malley now. I’m not sure whether that’s because of all the spirits calling him that, or just the Purple Hippo of Happiness.

            • DLKmusic

              I don’t know about everyone else, but for me it’s DEFINITELY the PPOH….

              • DLKmusic

                stupid typo…. PHOH

                hope this doesn’t get me kicked out of the fan club!

            • svartalf


      • Sessine

        Wolfe wouldn’t do it right. (The O’Malley knows.)

        • Darkoneko Hellsing

          The O’Malley could probably get spirits to have something fall on his enemies, instead.

          Aah, Ben, teach him to use his powers for Evil already !

          • DLKmusic

            The Purple Hippo of Happiness: “I will help the O’Malley kick Voss…… Hieeee-YA”

  • Giving Herr Voss a good kicking would be very therapeutic for Mr Thackeray, who is clearly carrying around far too much repressed anger. This will also be an excellent opportunity for him to learn a new useful skill.

    • AJ

      Maybe we should just let him and Nicola rag on each other a bit? And leave poor Mr. Voss out of it.

      • Mr Thackeray and Captain Barber ragging on each other. Is that allowed in a PG-12 rated comic?

        • AJ

          Nicola Barber: *charges in* Mr. Thackeray I want a word with you!
          Thackeray: *looking at Wolfe and Mal* Excuse us for a moment, gentlemen.
          W and M withdraw to the next room. They wait patiently as poorly muffled, pointy sounds ricochet around T’s office, knocking over papers and smashing inkwells. Mal looks amused, nay, delighted, while W is genuinely distressed but outwardly calm.
          A few minutes pass.
          The door opens and B and T emerge. B looks as though someone gave her a REALLY GOOD DEAL on lemons, but what she really wanted was limes. T looks disheveled, possibly bruised, but still standing. B shoots a glare at M, but her heart really isn’t in it. M makes a mocking gesture anyway. Wolfe pours tea to give to Thackeray. End scene?

          • And I thought I was the only one shipping Captain Barber and Mr Thackeray

            • AJ

              *stares at her hands* It just… it just came out that way. It just felt right.

              • Is it you saying that or is it Captain Barber? :-)

                • AJ

                  Me. Capt. Barber wouldn’t be so melodramatic.

  • Nonesuch

    My, my… It almost looks like a certain scruffy rogue and a certain stuffy wizard are starting to rub off on each other, if only a little. ^^

    • Timni16


      • Sanjay Merchant

        Except we have Word of the Author that Mal’s asexual.

        • Half the fun of shipping is the impossible pairings, though!

          • Me-me

            We can still ship a bromance!

        • Xan

          You can still be in a ‘ship without the sexy times – us asexuals like snuggles just as much as the next non-aromantic fellah :)

        • Timni16

          being asexual doesn’t stop you from being romantically attracted to people

        • Another Ace chiming in here that romance without sex is a thing, and that cuddles and snuggles are awesome.
          (Hell, asexuals will sometimes have sexual relationships to please a partner they’re romantically attracted to. Go ahead and google the AVEN wiki for more on the many shades of asexual.)

        • Percabeth_trash


      • Frances Ahlborn

        I like how you say “starts” as if we haven’t been shipping those guys basically since their first encounter. :B

  • CFF

    It’s amusing how riled Mal and Ben are over Wolfe’s little wound. It’s kind of adorable (especially Ben’s ‘righteous umbrage’ face). They’re ready to go to wars! Wolfe’s okay guys, he can take it!
    I do feel kind of sorry for Voss though. Not that he doesn’t *deserve* a few swift kicks but really, that’s not what he needs. I’m sure Wolfe’ll handle things. He’s good with irascible misfits. (Bet he’d try to add Voss to his ‘collection’, but something tells me Voss’s going to turn himself in. Wolfe can forgive him, but he’s hurt a LOT of people and there’s a lot of owning up and atoning to do! Man though I wouldn’t be upset to see him return in the future.)

    • Disloyal Subject

      He certainly deserves a stern talking-to, but he seems to have worked out for himself that he done goofed; I think Wolfe’s eternal kindness and understanding will better serve the man as a crutch to hold him up as he starts walking that road to redemption.
      Also, no kicking! That can cause severe internal damage on prone targets!

  • Volkai

    Wolfe is adorable.

    I would say more people should follow his lead, but he doesn’t really strike me as the leaderly type so that would be difficult.

    • AJ

      That also might be a good trait to emulate.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    It worked… /humph/

  • Voss, you got a lotta esplainin’ to do.

  • And the most important speech bubble of the entire story? In panel 2. Mr Thackeray says ‘We’re fantastic’. Not I or You. We.

  • Euodiachloris

    Time to pump Voss for everything he knows about Envy… <_< He'd probably prefer the kicking, to be honest. :P

    • Nonesuch

      Not necessarily… I think Voss would be overjoyed to drop Invidia in the toilet at this point. ^^

      • Euodiachloris

        How much do you enjoy delving into just how much of an idiot you’ve been when you mess up?

  • Wolfe seems none the worse for wear for having some calm siphoned off. But then, he seems to have a nearly infinite supply (makes it easier to deal with both grumps and high-strung individuals) . . .

  • Somehow I can’t shake the feeling that there’s an Everybody Laughs Ending coming up

  • snackattack

    Wrath gone eh? Realy? can’t be this easy. You sure wrath did not do a nice possesion act on wolfe? (The gun is a nice item to anchor wrath on)
    Like in the movies. Wolfe turns away and his eyes start to glow red and he kicks the snot out of voss.

  • QueenBol

    Oh wow third panel O’Malley looks so pissed. O’Malley gets beat up so often and is saved by Wolfe all the time it must be startling for O’Malley to see Wolfe all beat up. If he had his way, he’d kick the SHIT out of Voss. LET THE BROMANCE LIVE ON!

  • RazorD9

    All it took for Ben and Jack to start getting along was being able to view things from the others point a view. That and some sin busting.

  • sarall

    But is Mal talking about the scratch on Wolfe’s face? It almost looks to me more like he’s looking at his spirit… And maybe when Wolfe mentioned his face, Mal just rolled with it to keep anyone from freaking out. CONSPIRACY.

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