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  • Sanjay Merchant

    OK, I’m confused. Why do they need Nora? Wouldn’t any of the maids do if they need someone native to the 1830’s?

    • JWLM

      Narrative cohesiveness — we’ve already met Nora and we know her backstory. Introducing a different maid would detract from the story.

      • Phoebe

        Not to mention that none of the maids even talk to them!

        • billydaking

          Pretty much. Alexa has gotten to know Nora, and they trust each other. And Nora’s the only one she’s managed to talk too (or see, for that matter). It took how long for Alexa to get everybody on board? And now they have to recruit another maid or servant to trust them in going up against a monster? They would have to completely start over, and they can’t do that now. Once Alexa started, they can’t stop the plan and try again later.

          It’s more than narrative cohesiveness; it’s story logic. Suddenly using another character who hasn’t established any kind of relationship with the ones we have. Nora’s the only servant who has been brave enough to talk to our kidnapped heroes. It wouldn’t make any kind of sense for another one to suddenly jump in. Why wouldn’t they have helped before?

    • Lots of maids, but only Mrs Fenton is a Hero.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I believe the proper spelling is “Barber”.

        • Stretch Longfellow

          Nope, Nora’s hitched. See the cast list.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            That which we call a Barber by any other name would be as badass.

            • JWLM

              Yeah, but “The Barbers of Widdershins” would be a lousy title for an opera.

              • Sanjay Merchant

                Are you suggesting one of them move to Seville?

          • Sanjay Merchant

            (I meant, by the way that the proper spelling of “Hero” is “Barber”. :-P )

  • Del

    I knew it! I knew it! Another Barber sister has to play a vital role in saving the world!

    I hope she fires up some tobacco in the last frame, to celebrate.

  • NightSprite

    I’m not concerned with the great plan!

    I just want to know how the Baker vs Butler brawl is going!!

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