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January 27th, 2015

January 27th, 2015 published on 78 Comments on January 27th, 2015

Gonna start doing one of those in-character Q&A sessions next week or so after the current story ends, like these ones I did the other year!

So feel free to ask a Widdershins character a question in the comments, in my Tumblr Ask Box, or via Twitter! You can ask any character from any story, not just the last one, and ask as many questions as you like. I can’t answer all of them, so please don’t be offended if I don’t use yours!

  • Marvelous TK

    wait wait wait wait WAIT
    Are you actually… giving answers? Like for real? No, wait, I’ve seen this before, he gets like three words in before a Mysterious Assassin(tm) takes him out from the shadows, or a sudden emergency makes them have to rush off, or something, right? Aha, as if you were actually going to answer anything. Fool me once, and all.

    • Done it before, will do it some more

      • Del

        Ooh! Ooh! I am so asking Harriet what sort of pipe tobacco she enjoys!

        • dbell5

          I’d say a nice, rich, Latakia shag!

      • somebloke

        I thought they meant answers from inside the story/what Dominik is going to say.

        • That’s what I get for trying to use my brain at 2am, doh.

          • Eric

            I totally thought the same thing for a few comments XD

      • Sonja

        Yeah, Marvelous TK was talking about what Voss is about to say. I’ll expect the Mysterious Assassin(tm), too.

    • Tikatu

      “No, wait, I’ve seen this before, he gets like three words in before a Mysterious Assassin(tm) takes him out from the shadows, or a sudden emergency makes them have to rush off, or something, right?”

      Or Nicola comes up to arrest him…

    • Apvogt

      Dominik: “Well, you see” *cuts back to Mal and Ben*
      Mal: “What do you think they are talking about?”
      Ben: “I don’t know, I can’t speak German.”

      • Go shakespeare with it. “How would I know? It’s german to me. “

  • Clare K. R. Miller

    Question for Harry: Where does Gren’s name come from? Is it short for something?

    • kuku

      Actually, you can find that out by clicking on Gren’s picture on the cast page –

      • You can indeed! Her full name is Barber’s Greenwich Whiterunner. Pedigree dog names are weird.

  • Corsenna

    Poor Dominik’s left eye is gone a bit wonky, aye? Was it a case of ‘give up half the light of the world’?

    • AJ

      I’m guessing he’s lost the use of it, what with the possession and the fighting and all. But maybe he will hang after all and not miss it? (What a horrible thing to be optimistic about!)

      • GristleMcNerd

        I say he joins their ragtag team and gets to wear a neat eyepatch :D

  • Ganurath

    Florrie: How much do you plan on teasing Harry about her passing encounter with Wolfe?

  • Ummm, in the next-to-last panel – if they’re talking about the gallows, shouldn’t Voss be saying “It’s no more than I deserve”?

    • AJ

      Well, maybe. There are more horrible things than hanging. Drawing-and-quartering, those awful iron cages…. But most of those were out of fashion by the Victorian times.

      • JWLM

        I think that what he’s saying that he deserves something less good that the gallows — that is, I’m such a low-life that I don’t even deserve that.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Jail… gallows? Ah no, no, no… such negative thinking. With such wealth, good representation s is quite possible, based on what… metaphysical jibber-jabber witchcraft? Absurd, such old world thinking has no part in our glorious civilization based on scientific facts. And if still feeling guilty, spread that wealth around to charities and foundations, along with some to gain a useful skill.. or two, maybe three…

    • Kenneth Raymond

      He also runs a very useful business full of people with very useful skills and tools. Well, provided Nicola and Florrie could be somehow encouraged to keep from doing anything about what they got caught up in. But seriously his business and Ben’s office would work marvelously together, I bet. Especially since he probably needs someone to translate for him until he gets up to speed, minus his stolen English skills. They could make the best Victorian Ghostbusters ever.

      • Rulebook Lawyer

        Quite right, along with all of the business/political contacts that he may have acquired along the way. A good way to repent.

    • Guest

      Well, he might still think he killed a lot of people by blowing up that building.
      Or, he did some terrible stuff while stealing all those talents.

      • Rulebook Lawyer

        Perhaps, but I would assume that seeing the postures of the others that the building did not blow. As for the terrible stuff… well, repenting by helping others would go much further than wasting in a cell.

    • Assault, attempted murder(s), and everything Nicola was after him for already!

      • Rulebook Lawyer

        Assault… just a civil scuffle.
        Those multiple charges from abroad… allegations by rival European powers. Obviously they want my client’s vast amounts of wealth to support their colonial plans and rob England of a jobs creator.
        The murders… even admitting as attempted; which means, never happened, only suspected. And let us get this right… how was the fuse lit again? By “magic.” And it was put out by some kind of “spiritual magic.” Sounds like an old hokum of a witch hunt against my client. I would like to bring in the following experts to testify that magic or this metaphysical rubbish just does not simply exist in a civilized world based on scientific principles…
        (*muttering under breath* of course pre-screened with favorable biased viewpoints)

        Really, if such things could happen… why, there would be a happy hippo bouncing on my desk and you can call me David Icke.

  • Tyfariel

    I’ve got one for O’Malley!
    Now that you know about these “color” things, are you sad that you can’t see the world as “vibrantly” as everyone else can?

    • anotherreader

      I think he already knew about color, but just didn’t know the names, ‘cos what he saw in color was different from what others saw in color, ya know?

      • Tyfariel

        Yeah, but I’m asking whether he’ll miss seeing them on the clothes he wears or maybe grass.

      • Del

        For the most part, colors aren’t that big of a deal.

        Except for purple. I miss purple a lot.

  • JWLM

    Nora and Florrie: Aren’t your neighbors scandalized by your sister’s behavior?

  • slim kittens

    I’m glad to see Dominik moving toward redeeming himself.

  • kuku

    Ooh, we finally get to find out a bit more about the Barbers!

    Wolfe, what a sweetheart you are. Yay for repentance, Voss – better late than never – especially as you have important info to impart.

    • awhorl

      Um, Wolfe finally gets to find out a bit more about the Barbers. Don’t hold your breath.

  • Ms HB

    Question for an Expert: Is there such a thing as an opposite of a deadly sin? What does creativity look like when it buggerups?

    • Majette

      Check out the Seven Virtues. They’re essentially the flip side of the Seven Deadlies. Here’s how they line up, according to Wikipedia.


      • Rulebook Lawyer

        Which goes along with representation of the 7 Judges, gods or spirits…

        • Never heard of them, but I’m interested. You got links?

          • Rulebook Lawyer

            For links, not really, but are capable of being searched. The ones I know of were from reading the Sumerian mythos, of the Seven Anunnaki from the Epic of Gilgamesh. From there, depending on the references researched, each represented a virtue/sin. Some think over time those seven would become gods of other mythos, such as Greek with Aphrodite representing Chasity/Lust.
            A starting link:

            • Ah, that’s why I didn’t recognize them. I thought the connection to the 7 Deadlies and 7 Heavenlies meant they were Biblical in origin. I’ll look ’em up.

              … and curse David Icke for ruining my ability to read certain myths with a straight face

              • Wyvern

                Having never heard of David Icke, I looked him up on Wikipedia…

                Wow. That’s just… wow. The guy is certifiable. (It strikes me, though, that some of his ideas could be mined for inspiration in running a God-Machine Chronicle:

                • I don’t know about the God Machine, but I think They Live was partially inspired by it

                  • Wyvern

                    Not being a horror fan, I’ve never seen They Live, but I’d point out that the release date is 2 years before David Icke’s supposed epiphany, according to Wikipedia. He was hardly the first conspiracy theorist to claim that shape-changing aliens are secretly controlling the world. (If you like that sort of thing, you should check out a TV series called “The Invaders”.)

                    What made me think of the God-Machine Chronicle was lines like “consciousness can rewrite the software” and “The Moon Matrix is a broadcast from that spacecraft to the ‘human body-computer’.”

                    • Oh, well then I stand corrected.

                      They Live isn’t horror, though. The cover blurb lies.

      • Well, they did defeat Wrath with Patience, kinda, but Gluttony was defeated by Valor or something like that

  • Sanjay Merchant

    What does the Fox say?

    • DLKmusic

      Well, at least to me she usually says “ME? with YOU? HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahahah/”.

  • anotherreader

    Okay, here’s a question: Can Harriet blow smoke rings like Gandalf from lotr?

    • AJ

      Which sort? The colored ones that he flew around the room from the books, or the sailing ship from the movie?

  • Nin

    Question: who would win a fight between Nicola and Harriet? (Just a friendly sparring match, of course, not a knock-down drag-out brawl.)

    • kuku

      I think you have to address our question to a character, and the answer you get might depend on who you asked….

  • “Wolfe…. I’m pregnant”

  • reynard61

    Herr Wolfe,

    From a Classical music fan: Who did you study music and violin under? (Anyone I might recognize?) Who is your favorite composer? What’s your favorite piece of music? Have you ever played with an orchestra or are you strictly a solo act?

    Herr Voss,

    If you could keep any one of your…um…*borrowed* skills without repercussion, which would it be?

    Mr. O’Malley,

    Now that you have seen the world in color, would you prefer to keep your spirit-sight or give it up and see “normally”?

    Thank you for your attention,

    Your Obd’t,


  • Sonja

    Jail? Gallows? So far as I can see, Voss didn’t commit any obvious crime you could put him in jail for. There won’t be any law for “skill-stealing”, I think… Or did I overlook something?

    • Wyvern

      I rather think that summoning one of the Seven Deadlies would be considered a criminal offense. Whether or not being possessed at the time is considered a valid defense (“The devil made me do it!”) is another question.

      • Tikatu

        And attempted murder on a large scale in blowing up the house as an offering to Wrath.

        • AJ

          You could probably throw some variety of “fraud” in there too.

      • AJ

        There are “the appropriate forms” for summoning a Deadly (see that other storyline with Sloth) but there’s no way Voss got them.

  • maeverin

    Hi! i’m pretty new to Widdershins, this is such a fun story!
    to Mal: do you have a preference of what kind of music Wolfe plays? does is aura change depending on the music?
    to Nicola: Would you prefer Harry be on the police force?
    to the Purple Hippo of Happiness: why do you like the O’Malley specifically? Would you help Ben if he asked you to do a thing? (I admit, i just wanted an excuse for a PHofH cameo, haha)

  • Columbine

    Dear Purple Hippo of Happiness, will you help me steal the crown jewels?

    • DONT YOU DARE turn that DARLING CRITTER into a Malform!!!

      • Apvogt

        I think it’s already a malform.

        • AJ

          HOw else would it be running invisibly around? I guess that’s what happens when Cheer malforms.

        • Euodiachloris

          Emphasis on the “mal”, there. Our Hippo may be the result of a buggered-up summoning, but I’d argue it’s a euform. ;)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I just realized something: while Voss had all those talents, was he Fantastic Mr. Fox?

  • Nonesuch

    A question for Florrie: Do you and your husband get along at all, or do you just (occasionally) live in the same house and not bollocks up each other’s reputation?

  • Nonesuch

    Well, well, well. Voss really has had a full change of heart, rather than one of convenience. ^^ It’s gratifying to see. I do hope he’ll get the chance to keep going along this new path.

  • Sessine

    Florrie: Did you matchmake for Nora at all, or did she find her husband on her own?

    Wolfe: As she told you up front, Florrie’s already spoken for… but if she weren’t, who would you be most interested in pursuing — Florrie, Captain Nicola, or that attractive pipe-smoking redhead you met in the train?

  • Drakyn

    Envy: What’s your favourite colour?

  • rhapsha

    Mr. O’Malley,

    You appeared to have touched Wolfe’s serenity aura in that de-summoning of Wrath. The whole situation seemed confusing, but does that aura have a physical sensation, and if so, what did it feel like?

  • Allyson

    Nicola: Which of your siblings do you get along with best?

    O’Malley: Now that you’ve done a de-summons your way, are you more comfortable with the idea of magic? Or does it put you off even more knowing that you’re some sort of special something? (Or are you mostly just glad you didn’t get your head bit off by a big, angry spirit?)

    Envy: You seem to delight in the envy of mortals, rather than be envious of much, yourself, which makes you appear markedly different than the other Deadlies we’ve seen. Are you really different somehow, or do you just do a better job of hiding your jealousy?

  • Ben, can Voss see out of his right eye? If not, in your educated opinion, could he get his vision back?

  • Deepbluediver

    Ok, so the 7 cardinal sins are pretty well known. They show up here as the deadlies, in FMA as the humonculi, and tons of other fictional or artistic works as well. Much less common are the 7 cardinal virtues, their goodly counterparts, and I was kind of wondering if they where ever going to show up in any real capacity. According to Wikipedia, the virtuous counterpart to Envy is Kindness, and I’d definitely say Wolfe has that in spades. Although they seem to be drawing more on his Temperance to combat wrath….

  • Euodiachloris

    For the Pink Hippo of Happiness: Seeing as you’ve really helped out, are you going to try sticking around to help out more? And, do you need help to fill out the application and CV Ben will likely insist on?

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Dear Hippo of Happiness,

    Are you, in fact, Pink or Purple?


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