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  • ThisCat

    I have to ask: Did she really think that would work?

    Does it ever work?

    • svartalf

      Never does. Most of the ones making the threats don’t keep their end of that bargain…

  • So Luxuria was secretly The Figure from The Artist Is Dead all along? Totally did not see that coming.

  • rhapsha

    Hmm, so is this Lux’s full spirit form or is it still using its powers to maintain a human template/this is the form the witch gave it? I personally am going to lean towards the latter for now.

    Though this was how it looked during the description of the initial summoning, so it could be this is just what it looks like.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    …of course he was going to.

  • AJ

    Serious theory time: It’s unfinished because it’s different for every viewer.

  • awhorl

    Buuut they have the necklace at the family party at the end . . . so . . .

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Well, it appears that Luxuria sucked the piece of himself back out of the amulet, so it’s now a non-magical amulet, which he would probably just abandon.

      That’s all presupposing I read this right.

      • John

        That was my first thought on seeing this page.

      • Killersquirrel66

        It does seem to have lost its colour, which I assume indicates the magic. (Red in panel three, much closer to brown in panel four.)

        • Sanjay Merchant

          I’m not sure if that’s the amulet’s color or the lighting from the magical effect of the essence being withdrawn. If you look at the amulet in the previous page, its color is much closer to panel four’s color than three’s. I think.

  • “Lust got away and took the amulet while I fell to my death, the end!”

    • Burke

      Aw, you said it before me. Well done.

  • Are the others going to wake up and take their revenge? Wouldn’t keep Henry from falling though. How many pages left in this chapter??? *Waiting*

  • Burke

    And then Henry fell to his death, and he and Izzy certainly didn’t have lots of kids and adorable grandkids. Nope. The end.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Interesting. I’d always assumed that Luxuria’s pre-shapeshifting appearance was an abstraction, but it appears that’s actually what it looks like. I like that, in this form, it’s androgynous. Still, being a sketch or an artist’s model seems like an… odd choice.

    • Burke

      Think about it: from that rough sketch, Lux can become whatever you want most. That form is the very embodiment of potentiality, waiting for someone’s yearning to fill in the details.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I think what doesn’t quite sit right with me is that, at least to me, is that it feels a bit… leaning-on-the-fourth-wall-y for this particular webcomic. I realize that drawing is a Thing That Exists in-universe, so it isn’t really, but something about a character in a drawn medium whose design draws attention to the fact that it is drawn… just feels out of place to me. In something like, say, The Order of the Stick, I wouldn’t bat an eye at such a thing because Rich Burlew draws attention to the medium all the time as part of his particular brand of humor. But in Widdershins, Kate Ashwin hasn’t, to my recollection, so it feels oddly out of place when Luxuria’s design does so, even unintentionally.

        I dunno, like I said, drawings are just as much a thing in-universe as out, so it’s perfectly valid for Luxuria’s body to be a drawing to emphasize the “it can be whatever you want it to be” aspect, but just sort of… reads weirdly to me?

        • Ah well. Perhaps my brain is stuck in Artist Gear, but if I think of a blank slate, that’s it there.

          Though naturally, it won’t be sticking to one form.

          • Euodiachloris

            Got it immediately. And, it fits. :) It certainly beats having hir trying to pull a walking rock of potential sculpture. Or, a golemesque lump of wet clay.

            A walking woolbale of raw would be hilarious, though. xD

    • Lust is about wanting, not getting. It’s always the moment before realization, much like the potential in a rough draft.

  • Burke

    Hey, wait. Lux was inside her circle, inside his circle, on top of the Widdershins anchor… and they made a Deal. One Service, to wit: not harming one Lord Henry Barber. In exchange, the cessation of one binding ritual and the return of one piece of Lux’s power. Lux received payment in full, and immediately broke the Deal, after having given up the human form that allowed it to flaunt the rules that bind spirits.

    Lux is in a circle-within-a-circle, on top of an Anchor, and in full spirit form just broke the terms of a bargain. This is going to hit him so hard, I need to go make popcorn.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I really hope you’re right.

    • Stephen E Wilson Jr.

      Nope. He’s learn how to manipulate. “It’d be such a pity if I lost my grip.” Suggests an action but not actually agreeing to do anything. When dealing with an incarnation of a deadly sin get the agreement in writing & even then its probably better to not make a deal at all.

      • “Never sign a Liaden’s contract. If he won’t sign yours, walk away.”

      • svartalf

        There’s still consequences. Lust’s just too arrogant for it’s own good. That periapt he drained and left behind was branded by it’s essence…it will have echos, even if it can’t create the effect of being able to parade around as effectively someone else.

    • “flout”

  • GristleMcNerd

    That guy always seemed kinda sketchy.

    • Liz

      I dunno, I feel kind of drawn to him.

      • Web

        Eh, I could see myself penciling him into my sketchule.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Careful, it looks like he likes it rough.

          • Chris the Blue

            I wanna make a pun here, but I’m drawing a blank.

      • GristleMcNerd

        That pencil neck? Eh…

        • AJ

          *obligatory groan and shoe throwing*

          I’m going to need to go shoe shopping pretty soon….

          • Gone without a trace, are they?

          • Might be why they used peanuts, at Callahan’s. ;)

            • AJ

              Yeah, but that would make me the peanut gallery…

              I know! For every shoe I have to throw, a punner must donate a pair to a child in Africa!

              • Sanjay Merchant

                I dunno, your sole is in the right place, but it seems a shoddy deal to me.

                • Hey, if the shoe fits…

                • AJ

                  Two pairs for you!

                  When you’re finished, I’ll send along the obligatory groan. What do you guys do with those, anyway?

                  • Two pairs? Better play your cards right

  • David Argall

    Needs must? My understanding of the term would be something like “do what must be done”, not do what is convenient or fun. So what is he saying here? That disposing of Barber is somehow necessary?

    • Odo

      He (She? It?) is using the phrase ironically, I believe.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      “Sorry-Not sorry.” would’ve been anachronistic. :-P

    • AntTheFirst

      I think it’s saying that not dealing with Henry in a very ‘personal’ manner (whether to kill him or other) is what’s necessary. It doesn’t have the time to really enjoy itself, so it just drops him. It probably ‘is’ ironic as well, though.

      (And I would say It. It’s a spirit, and it’s kinda androgynous, so…)

      • Wyvern

        You’re both missing the context. The full sentence reads, “I hate to leave so suddenly, but, well… needs must.” In other words, what s/he “needs” to do is leave.

        • AntTheFirst

          Which is why it didn’t have more time. But I probably should have pointed the context before I started extrapolating…
          Oh, well.

    • DaveP

      The entire line (that Luxuria shortens) would be “Needs must, when the Devil drives”. Normally it refers to urgent necessities forcing one into unpleasant choices, but since he had just been trying to do a deal with all seven Deadly Sins I’ll leave final interpretation up to the reader.

    • No – in the previous panel he says he hates to leave so abruptly … but, needs must.

  • Mecha_bill

    The virtue that opposes Lust is traditionally Chastity. But Chastity includes the concept of romantic love, which Isabelle and Henry obviously share. Also, if we expand the definition of Lust to include seeking pleasure without regard to others, ie. selfishness, then we can see the opposite, self sacrifice, again shown by both Henry and Isabelle. The fact that all this is high emotion and takes place within a summoning circle on top of an anchor leads me to believe that a Virtue, probably Chastity, is going to appear and save Henry from falling to his death.

    • Well, we’ve seen one of their granddaughters summon a Virtue.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      “Tell me, Izzy, how was your wedding?”

      “Oh, it was amazing! The centuries-old personification of a Deadly Sin and my family’s personal archnemesis tried to murder Henry, but then we accidentally summoned the spirit of Chastity itself and it saved him and married us on the spot! Quite exciting, really.”

      • MoeLane

        “…We had a chocolate fountain.”

  • Henry and Izzy are either running a Xanatos Gambit or playing Xanatos Speed Chess.

  • Lucky Ms Holt parked the Sailfin in the anchor shaft just out of Mr Luxuria’s line of sight but in the perfect position to break Lord Barber’s fall.

  • Columbine

    I was sort of assuming Lust would be another animal, most of the Sins so far have been (with Gluttony and Greed as non-humanoid). I was wracking my brains for what could work. Human/humanoid is the best answer, I just can’t see Lust as an animal.

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