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  • Xup
  • There shall be condign VENGEANCE … errr … as soon as we figure out how to get out of here …”

  • Schubacca

    Allo, Was browsing through some other comics when your add banner caught my eye, grenade girl, and sacrasium, nice.

    Just finished running through the archive, can’t wait to see more

    • Haha awesome, glad the ad worked :) I shall provide more, hope you continue to enjoy!

  • =Tamar

    When a wizard says there’s something magical around, listen!

  • Zablargian

    Oh dear, I do hope Shard there’s a prop.

    • Aww yeah I was hoping someone would spot the cameo :)

    • Ilmari

      Well yes, “he” has a minor role in “Leon and Violet”, after all.