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  • aaaah cliffhanger!!!!!

  • Nin

    *bites fingernails*

    Am I misreading the font, or is Wrath’s name Ira?

    • GristleMcNerd

      That’s Latin for wrath, so it’d make sense :D

      • Nin

        Cool! Now that you mention it, I think I vaguely remember that coming up in a discussion about symbolism one time in a Literature class. Probably a Faulkner book.

      • SoItBegins

        Ira vehementi… Sephiroth!

    • You know, I always suspected This American Life was up to something eldritch

    • Del

      I grew up Catholic, and Latin has always been around. I often forget that most people are utterly devoid of knowledge of Latin.

      Ira is Latin for anger, wrath. We get the English words ire and irritate from this.

      Here’s our battle music: Dies Irae, by Verdi:

      • I did two years of Latin in school, but unfortunately all I recall from it is “Caecilius est in horto”. Thanks, Cambridge Latin Course!

      • Del

        “Dies Irae” means “Day of Wrath.” I should have mentioned this.

  • Frances Ahlborn

    He shot the gem, right? I mean that’s what I’m hoping, anyway, though I’m not sure what that would do to Envy…or if sufficiently damaging Envy would count as Wrath’s offering. THAT would be a twist!

    • Disloyal Subject

      …no matter from whence the blood flows, Wrath still wins? That sounds familiar.

      • Frances Ahlborn

        Sort of brings to mind how Sloth was paid. Got his payment, after all, it just happened to be the lady doing the offering, not the men she intended as currency. Although in this circumstance it’s another Deadly, so that would either complicate matters or illuminate some delightful personal politics. I guess it depends on their end goal overall…

  • Corsenna

    Arrgh, cliffhanger weekend! Question now is, was that the gunshot or Wrath’s chain(s) in the final panel?

  • Ben R

    Panels 5 and 6, you’ve got the wrong eye

    • Jarin

      When jealousy is in control, both eyes glow green. The gem is on the eyepatch near his left hand in panel 5, though.

  • I can totally imagine “Round 1: FIGHT!” appearing over the first panel. :D

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      “Test your might !” *tch tch tch tch*

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Did Envy return the Hadoken or not? :-P

  • Lewis

    Yay my copy of Piece of Cake arrived. Minor nitpick but shouldn’t Voss’ dialogue be in the brackets since Envy returned his English a few updates ago?

    • It should! I’ll change that when I get home, thanks!
      Edit: All fixed, phew.

    • Ganurath

      That could complicate things, given German grammar. I imagine the word “bound” is critical to Voss’s warning, but in German that word would get knocked to the end of the sentence, Yoda-style. Hopefully, “Er is zum es-” would be enough for Wolf to figure it out.

      • I don’t speak German, but I read “It’s bound to it” as a complete sentence, though, so there’s nothing omitted. I thought the emdash at the end was just denoting that he was being cut off abruptly after finishing it—that the period was cut off, not any words.

        What word are you thinking would have followed “it” in that sentence in English?

        • Ganurath

          Nothing, but “It’s bound to it!” takes a lot less time to say than “Er is zum es gebunden!”

          • AJ

            Well, I can get two syllables into “gebunden” in the same amount of time I would say “It’s bound to it!” really quickly. So, actual German speakers: Is “gebu-” enough, in context, to figure out the sentence?

            • Sanjay Merchant

              Perhaps in panel 6 he just says “gebunden”. And then starts to say “Er is zum-” in the next panel, which should be enough for a smart guy like Wolfe to put it together.

              • Reader

                Panel 6: “Der Stein!”
                Panel 7: “Es ist daran gebunden!”
                Pretty much what it says in English, with just a few more syllables. Even without the last word I’d imagine that
                Wolfe would get the idea. You can also drop the first ‘a’ in ‘daran’ and
                pronounce it ‘dran’ to make it just a bit shorter (that’s the way many
                people tend to talk anyway. I wouldn’t know it that was common back in the days).

                • CM

                  Has this been changed, too? What I read in panel 7 translates to “Der (Schmuck)stein ist sein Anker.”, where ‘its’, respectively ‘sein’, ought to be guessed from the context.

                  • Reader

                    Yeah, it was changed since I wrote this :D Now also with brackets. I feel slightly bad for Kate having to deal with all us pedantic Germannnns, haha :D Sorry Kate…

                    • AJ

                      It’s clearer to me, though, that Voss is trying to add more information!

  • Well, shooting Voss in the eye – the gem eye – would possibly drive Envy out … but at what cost to Voss?

    • DocHarleen

      The gem was on the eyepatch, not his eye. In panel 5, we can see it near his hip. And we know Wolfe is a crackshot, so I’m guessing Voss is about to get shot in the thigh.

      • Duke of URL

        Thank you for pointing that out. The coloring in this strip is so dark, it’s nigh impossible to spot details like that. I was wondering about an eye-shot, too.

    • =Tamar

      I think Envy has already left Voss, so that both Voss and Wolfe can be offerings.

      • =Tamar

        PS except that Wolfe isn’t wrathful, he’s concerned. Does the offering have to be in a state of wrath, or can it just be anyone inside the circle?

        • Mecha_Bill

          In all previous summonings, the offering was voluntary. Maybe Wrath is different?

          • =Tamar

            Sloth’s victim voluntarily there – neither the original one nor the eventual one.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            Well, the offering seems to be “something nearby that is aligned with the spirit’s interests” since Alexa’s facing down Gluttony satisfied Courage, and a precalculated blowing up of people several yards away from the circle would’ve counted for Wrath. Greed was the only one who wanted something directly given to him (either the Mark or the summoner’s life).

  • AJ

    Ah, Percussive Neurological Recalibration. I fear for the day people who are possessed cannot rely on you to be suddenly knocked out of trances and thus muddy the moral waters. “Is he still alive in there? Should we shoot him? Let’s knock him on the head to be sure.”

  • Morgothy

    Ah, great action page! Such a sense of the vicious movement involved when Envy punches Wolfe. Wolfe (and of course Envy) looks really desperate here, and I love the panel with Wrath gleefully overseeing the action. I momentarily thought Wolfe was going to shoot Voss in the face before I remembered the eyepatch was no longer there and he can in fact shoot him in a less face destroying (though terribly painful and still potentially deadly) area. It would be interesting actually, as others said, if what happens to Voss/Envy ends up triggering the freeing of wrath! Excellent twist really. I also enjoy the moral ambiguities involved with shooting Voss-Envy, given the circumstances.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Rule of thumb with guns and ethical dilemmas,
    When in doubt…
    … Take the shot.

    Right or wrong, does not matter, as there will always be much more excitement.

  • R. A. Meenan

    Panel Four- “C-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!”

  • Luckily for everyone involved, Wolfe has been established as a good shot.

  • To be shot in the leg is a small price to pay for all that’s gone down, right?

  • Frankie D.

    Ooo, new voting doodles!

  • So, does Envy speak English, or do spirits speak in some magical babelfish language that everyone understands?

  • This page is even better now that I just remembered that Wolfe is, in fact, an established crack shot. More fun from the backstory intro!

  • Timni16

    we all know wolfe has a perfect shot so it is going to work out fiinnneee

  • Sarah W


  • This guy

    The million dollar question:
    How would you feel about shooting your FRIEnemy in the face?

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