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  • Eyefish

    What can possibly go wrong? ::D

  • wanderingdreamer

    So Rosie is about to become not only a world famous cookbook author but a scientist in the methods of demon circle using!

    • Swagner

      Or become one of several corpses.

  • Nomen

    Summon Willpower from Nora to control Gluttony?

    • Grantwhy

      My guess, Courage.

      and because (just because, it’s fun being an adult and being able to use that as a reason)


      “Stupid dog!”


      • Gemohandy

        Actually, I’m going to guess selflessness. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of gluttony, and is easily illustrated in the sentence “I do whatever I must to help Alexa.” Nora obviously has an abundance of the stuff, so she seems to be the best person to get help from . Obviously, selflessness will win using a heroic sacrifice.

  • JWLM

    Poor Nora. Does she realize how out-of-place she’s going to be in 1830 now? She’s going to have a rough time of it.

    • Qwertystop

      Assuming it puts everyone when they came from. Might drop everyone in one time (leading to plot hooks). I’d say the most likely in that case would be either:
      A: When Alexa’s from, as the newest grab.
      B: When the whole thing started, so the hotel can fit back into the timeline and not disappear.
      C: When all previous chapters took place, as there’s been a lot of other Deadlies released and they might attract each other.

      (assuming B and C aren’t the same)

      If it’s A (or B if B is after C), it’d be interesting to see if all the other Deadlies got released in the timeskip.

      • I would say since everything that occurred occurred (occurred), it should drop them all in a time where every abduction is in the past. In other words, back to the future.

        • Jeff

          Actually, it seems to me that they will each probably find themselves back in exactly the same moment that their initial abduction *would* have taken place.

          After all, just how many years do you think the National Bakeoff would have continued to be held at the hotel if the best entrants kept mysteriously disappearing? (And in Alexa’s case, she was standing right in the center of a kitchen full of witnesses who seem unlikely to have missed the ceiling reaching down and eating her.)

          • Sanjay Merchant

            We’ve got no indication that the National Bakeoff is always hosted at the Hotel Gula. Maybe the town won a bidding war and decided to use the historic Hotel Gula?

            And even if Gula IS always the host, it’s not like the in-spell version of the hotel is constrained by such petty concerns as linearity.

            Plus, no one was looking at Alexa when she vanished, they were all looking at Lucas and the ruin of his Fabulously Decorated Sawdust Cake.

  • Weird Oregonian

    Maybe she is summoning homesickness?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    She really is on her little cloud today

  • Del

    What does Nora have? — the Barber Battle Spirit?

  • Ted

    Determination! :D

  • Raikana Sakaro

    …I’m sorry, but when I saw that last panel, all I could think of was Kratos’ Angry Owl face from MGDMT. I just lost it. Completely.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    A circle of salt… interesting. Is that just what they had handy, or is it a deliberate reference to the whole “circle of salt as a barrier against evil” kind of thing?

  • Hallonbuske

    I have NO idea!

    Check at 03:00.

  • Frankie D.


  • Circle-ception!

  • cake

    Rosie is my favorite now.

  • Laurie

    Well, according to the rule, the opposing Virtue is Temperance, but we seem to be escaping destruction without the aid of the Virtues. Maybe we need somebody to help Greed choke itself.

  • Nonesuch

    I forget… Does Nora have any children?

    • She has a daughter.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Current crackpot theory is that said daughter is actually one of Alexa’s maternal great^n grandmothers.

  • Timni16

    I WANT to be Rosie!

  • Halo

    This chapter is my favorite! I love Rosie! And I love Alexa, and I love Nora, and Edie and Gladys, and Sam and IT’S JUST ALL SO WONDERFUL!

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