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  • Sir_Krackalot

    Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of men?

    Not Sidney.

    • lake_wrangler

      Darkwing Duck?

  • reynard61

    What kind of bu…um…insect-ery is this?!

  • Cooper

    Sid doesn’t have any sense of self preservation, does he?

    • Me-me

      He does, but it only kicks in at the very last second.

      See also: About to get shot.

  • Dailenna

    Still set to 2012?

    • Haha I swear I do this every year! Thanks!

  • Schubacca

    oww.. you also did Darken? I loved that comic, can'[t remeber why but I lost track of that one some time ago, will definatly have to make time to go back and read that

    • Ah yes, guilty! It’s a complete story now, which is nice. A mere 600 pages long, too!

  • Hakka

    Sid sticking his head in the jaws made me think of the biologist in Prometheus “Hey look! An alien life form that ressembles some kind of snake and acts kind of aggressive at me, I MUST TOUCH IT” only in this case it’s “Ooooh, sharp fanged beetle looking mechanical creatures, I MUST ANALYZE IT” XD

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