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  • Technology go POOF!

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      Flour bomb go BOOM!

  • hariman

    “The best way to survive an explosion is to not be in the explosion.”

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Ha! Obscure world building details in your FACE, Sykes!

  • Del

    MacGyver would be impressed.

  • Del

    Harry Barber would have had some matches on her.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      But Harry’s a smoker.

      • Del

        That’s another reason why Harry is hotter than Alexa.

        • Sunbird

          Take your shallow mind elsewhere.

          • Del

            Perhaps some background would help: I myself am an avid pipe smoker. I started reading Widdershins shortly after the first meeting of Harry and Sid…. A young lady pipe-smoker posted a link to our internet board, inviting us to follow the story. I have been a fan, ever since.

            Thus I have some special affection for Harry Barber among all of Kate’s pantheon of colorful characters. I am enjoying Alexa’s story but I am rather anxious to see it wind to an end, and I hope the next story will feature Harry and Sid again.

            So sue me. I’m a Harriet Barber fan.

            • Sunbird

              I’m also a Harriet Barber fan, that has nothing to do with my comment.

              You expressed your preference of Harriet to Alexa based solely on who is “hotter”, which is freakin’ shallow. If you had stated the above, instead of making it sound like you only saw value in them for their appearance, then you probably wouldn’t have been down voted, and I wouldn’t have called you shallow.

              • Vincent Mabary

                I don’t believe he ever commented on their appearance. He said, “That’s another reason why Harry is hotter than Alexa.” You seem to have made the assumption that he was choosing Harry over Alexa based on looks. That would give the impression that YOUR shallow thoughts were being projected onto HIS statement. I’m not going to suggest that his statement of who is hotter or not is necessarily germane to the previous comments. However, expressing a violent reaction to a perceived act of shallow commentary does nothing to further understanding or growth.

                • Del

                  Actually, Sunbird is right. I’m pretty shallow. And I waste a lot of my time on internet discussion boards.

                • =Tamar

                  The word “hotter” typically is used to refer to someone’s looks. However, in this instance, it also made a pun based on the action in the story. I choose to believe that the pun was the primary reason for the comment.

                • Sunbird

                  A violent reaction? lol… what? You cray.

              • ShakeJake

                A. the original comment only said they found her hotter. It was never stated that “hotness” was the reason they liked her more, nor did they even mention appearance, which isn’t the same thing as finding someone “hot”. In fact, the comment it was in reply to was mentioning her pipe smoking. Which is her habit, an action she often takes, and also her preferences, all of which are aspects of a person’s character. If expressing how one feels about a certain character’s appearance AND personality traits would make them “shallow” and “unwelcome”, then what exactly would be acceptable?

                B. Their comment was not made in a disruptive manner, nor was it attacking another’s rights to opinion, it wasn’t even subtracting from the conversation in any way, they were simply adding their opinion. There was no need to to tell them to take their right to express themselves elsewhere, /especially/ not using a condescending label. Doing so implies that it is, for some reason, unacceptable for one to post impressions or thoughts on this comic. The act of calling someone shallow-minded and telling to go elsewhere is not helpful or constructive to the comic or it’s community in the least. I’d think that Mrs. Kate would want more positive comments from people stating what they like about a character, or whom is their favorite and why. Certainly chasing them away isn’t a goo for the health of the internet community

                There is no real difference in “depth” or worth between that comment and the various conversations on “shipping” or fanon theory crafting. All should be welcome.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Errhm, Alexa, you do realise that most of this building seems to be made from wood, right ? :D

    • Jeff

      I don’t think that’s an overwhelming concern. Not to intrude on the alternate-magic-world with real-world science, but a flour ‘bomb’ is classed a ‘low explosive’ – ie, it may look and sound impressive, but in an open space like that hallway, it won’t have a lot of ‘brisance’ (shattering/breaking ability) nor will it convey a lot of heat to surrounding surfaces. Loose papers or fine lace curtains might be set alight, but not the wallpaper nor the furniture.

      Of course, if the flour has been magically enhanced…all bets are off!

      • Vincent Mabary

        Oooo…Aether-based Accelerant!

  • Rook

    High tech meets low tech.

  • reynard61

    Flour Power!

  • Vincent Mabary

    i hope (wonder) the POST vibration would generate enough static to ignite the flour on it’s own…of course they could have primed the device with some accelerants. Not trying to be a downer about a very fun experiment/party trick/possible workplace incident. Just have some experience with it’s utilization.

    • Raptor2213

      Cell phones can’t even ignite unleaded fuel. Best you could hope for is that the phone somehow shorted out when it was dropped and started something.

      • Killersquirrel66

        I assume that, being in a strong magical aura, the phone is going to spectacularly short-circuit, as seen at the start of the arc with the headphones. Should be enough to light the flour, assuming there’s enough air in there.

        • Yes, this seems right. I was also very confused about this until I realised OH RIGHT MAGIC. (It’s just a good thing her phone didn’t run out of batteries yet.)

  • You’d have a tough time doing that with a lit match, let alone a phone.

  • MechanicalFrog

    Joker Game? Anyone?

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